Plan B with Christy


Christy is back for winter break! I met up with her for lunch at Plan B to catch up on things. I haven’t seen her since the last time she went back to Aussie so it was great to hook up again. I had a customized pasta last time I went to Plan B with Lainey bff so I decided on something a little easier on the stomach this time.

Ox tongue sandwich (RM 20)

ox tongue sandwich

This is a generous helping of ox tongue on an equally thick slice of bread.

ox tongue

The ox tongue is really good though and I love the mustard that came with it and the pickle on the side. I ate all the tongue in the sandwich, but I’m not a big fan of fries so I pretty much left it alone.

Eggs Royale (RM 16)

eggs royale

These are two poached eggs on muffins with slices of smoked salmon. I’m all for Plan B’s β€œall day breakfast” (there’s breakfast most of the day). I prefer the poached eggs on avocado and feta but Christy found this really good.

plan b telawi bangsar

Plan B has pretty decent food but the service can be hit and miss – I mean, if you’re going to open an establishment in Bangsar Telawi, staff that speaks good English is a bit of a prerequisite, I reckon.

Anyway, Christy shared this idea about life that has really piqued my interest. I shall try and implement it to the best of my capacity too. Heh! It would sure be fun.


We headed down for drinks at The Social after that. There was a rather interesting encounter with this Indian fortune teller who read Christy’s palm and did some parlor tricks. Anyway, the dude was doing his scam, noticed him when I got out of the loo and asked Christy if she was okay. After a bit, I decided to tell him to leave and after trading a few expletives, he finally did.

It’s strange though, there seem to be more and more interesting characters turning up in the Telawi area. I love the place though, it’s close to where I stay and you can just hang around and drink in the afternoon. I only like it on weekdays though, it’s a bit too packed during the weekends.


Oh, and look what Christy got me from Melbourne! πŸ™‚

She has convinced me that I need to go to Melbourne this year too. I haven’t been back in a long time and I do miss it. I suspect I’ll have to head to NZ before that though…family obligations.


Well, let’s cross that bridge when we come to it – July is coming up and it’s going to be a fun month for me! Let’s see how many trips I can squeeze into it. πŸ˜€

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34 thoughts on “Plan B with Christy”

  1. HB, smoked salmon benedict looked so good I got to make it for my weekend brunch with friends served with country hash brown potato. I like to serve with strawberry smoothies. Rest of the day go biking around the San Francisco bay area with friends maybe to Golden Gate across.

    • Yeah, come to think of it, I had poached eggs whenever I had the chance when I was in Aussie a couple of weeks ago. I loved the stuff when I was there.

      That sounds like a very healthy plan. πŸ™‚

    • I’m pretty sure it’s just an internal name for eggs benedict, although they also have eggs benedict on the menu.

      Perhaps it’s in the stuff that comes with it (salmon, bacon etc).

      Plan B is pretty good, love their breakfasts. πŸ™‚

    • Yeah, it’s basically eggs benedict – poached eggs on muffins with something else. πŸ™‚

      Ox tongue is actually pretty good! I love tongue, it has a very interesting texture to it.

      Goes very well with mustard, this one.

      It would be perfect if they fried the pickled gherkin too. πŸ™‚

    • No la, nothing like that bro. πŸ™‚

      Me and Jeanie broke up ages ago.

      It is a nice name for a place though – I also know a pub called The Office in Kuching (not sure if it’s still in operation).

      It never gets old when friends call up and ask you where you are and it’s “The Office”. πŸ˜‰

    • Hello bro!

      It just doesn’t appear – I think it’s a problem with some blogs coz there was this guy who was impersonating me and spamming everyone. 😑

  2. Yah looks pretty much like eggs benedict, and why is there so much scrollable space after the comment box – I always scroll down too far when wanting to leave a comment :X

  3. Dude, the hollandaise sauce is totally wrong. bad, bad, bad.

    And mate, why you have Proton advertisement on your page? bad dude, bad, Proton is just bad news in everyway.

    • Aaron, fuck me on proton or on the sauce?

      Seriously, Proton is a totally fucked car. I got one to prove it.

      As for the sauce, man, that is not holladaise sauce, looks like running chicken crap.

      I know my holladaise sauce, don’t you go fuck you without knowing what you are talking about.

    • Well, I can vouch for the sauce, it tastes pretty good over here.

      Anyway, the ads are rotating, I think Proton isn’t that bad though but then again I’ve never owned one.

      Which Proton do you own bro?

    • proton has got to ge the worst brand around. seriously. they break down as soon as you drive out of the show room, they never have parts, have to wait forever for the parts to come and now theya re saying they have stopped carrying parts, car is not even 5 years old.

      With a blown a seal, no parts, if you want to buy, you have to buy the whole gear box, which cost more than the car. Bloody rip off too, no way a gear box is worth more than a new car.

    • Oh that’s Christy! Got to know her when she was interning in Malaysia few years back.

      Yeah, Plan B is pretty chill actually, I like the food and location. πŸ™‚


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