Bistro 42, Bangsar Village II

bistro42 bangsar village

Bistro42 is a quaint little dining place in BVII that has a weird seating arrangement consisting of regular tables and chairs with a plush sofa (complete with comfortable pillows) flanking the side. It also has a quasi al fresco area outside the main restaurant:

bistro42 bvii

You get what I mean when I say “al fresco” right – it’s smack dab in the middle of a shopping mall so it’s not a real open air dining area. That means no smoking, no cooling nighttime breeze (unless you count the central air conditioning) or any other activities you’ll associate with the phrase al fresco.

bistro42 bangsar

However, Bistro 42 does have pretty good food. I’ve been there a couple of times and if the place looks slightly familiar to you, it’s because it used to be T Forty Two. It now comes with a revamped menu and I went there last night with Kim to check it out.

bistro42 kim

Anyway, the story behind dinner with Kim is quite interesting in itself. I met her in 2008 while on a vacation in Miri. There is a funny story somewhere in there but that’s a bit of an #insidejoke. Heh. That was over 3 years ago and she came over to KL sometime last year. I didn’t know that and while hunting for photos from when I got out of rehab, I stumbled upon one of us and put it up. Kim had just started reading blogs again, saw it, and we got in touch and made plans for dinner.

bistro42 bread

…and that, my friends is the totally irrelevant background as to how I had dinner with Kim in Bistro42 last night. smirk

bistro42 waygu beef cheek

Slow Roasted Wagyu Beef Cheek (RM 45.90)
I knew I was going to order this when I saw it on the menu, It’s served with carrots, mushrooms, tomatoes and mashed potatoes. It sounds pedestrian from the description but when the dish came out, it looked (and tasted) wonderful.

wagyu beef cheek slice

The wagyu beef cheek is superb! It’s melt-in-your-mouth tender. The beef cheek literally falls apart when you slice into it – you can even eat it with a spoon! The sauce it’s swimming in complements the juicy slab of beef cheek perfectly. Kim tasted this and says it totally kicked her dishes’ ass.

tiger prawn linguine

Grilled Tiger Prawn Linguine (RM 49.90)
This is in a reduction of lobster bisque and finished with a touch of cream. The size of the tiger prawn is pretty generous and I was amazed to see that Kim can actually peel the shell off the tiger prawn using nothing but a fork and knife:

shelling tiger prawn

peeling tiger prawn

No shit. I’ve never managed to master that.

bistro42 wine

Anyway, I found this pasta dish quite good actually. I like the lobster bisque reduction – it goes well with the seafood based linguine. It’s the perfect pasta sauce. My only complaint is that it only has one tiger prawn. Granted, it is rather large but still…

bistro42 food

Bistro42 has a small but satisfactory wine list. The bottles starts from RM 100 so expect your meal to be in the RM 250 – RM 300 range if you have wine with your dinner. Bistro42 also has a very interesting cocktail called Lemon Meringue Martini. It’s made with vodka, Limoncello, lemon juice, sugar and fresh milk. It’s like a dessert cocktail – check it out if you’re there.

Plan B with Christy


Christy is back for winter break! I met up with her for lunch at Plan B to catch up on things. I haven’t seen her since the last time she went back to Aussie so it was great to hook up again. I had a customized pasta last time I went to Plan B with Lainey bff so I decided on something a little easier on the stomach this time.

Ox tongue sandwich (RM 20)

ox tongue sandwich

This is a generous helping of ox tongue on an equally thick slice of bread.

ox tongue

The ox tongue is really good though and I love the mustard that came with it and the pickle on the side. I ate all the tongue in the sandwich, but I’m not a big fan of fries so I pretty much left it alone.

Eggs Royale (RM 16)

eggs royale

These are two poached eggs on muffins with slices of smoked salmon. I’m all for Plan B’s “all day breakfast” (there’s breakfast most of the day). I prefer the poached eggs on avocado and feta but Christy found this really good.

plan b telawi bangsar

Plan B has pretty decent food but the service can be hit and miss – I mean, if you’re going to open an establishment in Bangsar Telawi, staff that speaks good English is a bit of a prerequisite, I reckon.

Anyway, Christy shared this idea about life that has really piqued my interest. I shall try and implement it to the best of my capacity too. Heh! It would sure be fun.


We headed down for drinks at The Social after that. There was a rather interesting encounter with this Indian fortune teller who read Christy’s palm and did some parlor tricks. Anyway, the dude was doing his scam, noticed him when I got out of the loo and asked Christy if she was okay. After a bit, I decided to tell him to leave and after trading a few expletives, he finally did.

It’s strange though, there seem to be more and more interesting characters turning up in the Telawi area. I love the place though, it’s close to where I stay and you can just hang around and drink in the afternoon. I only like it on weekdays though, it’s a bit too packed during the weekends.


Oh, and look what Christy got me from Melbourne! :)

She has convinced me that I need to go to Melbourne this year too. I haven’t been back in a long time and I do miss it. I suspect I’ll have to head to NZ before that though…family obligations.


Well, let’s cross that bridge when we come to it – July is coming up and it’s going to be a fun month for me! Let’s see how many trips I can squeeze into it. :D

I kena mugged at Bangsar

I was in the process of hailing a cab in Bangsar when three motorcycles stopped abruptly in front of me and five people alighted. I knew I was in trouble coz they were wearing full faced helmets but before I could do anything, one of them punched me in the stomach and pulled out a knife.

I knew I was fucked – five people, three armed with edged weapons and me, totally unarmed and alone. One of them demanded my cell phone and wallet and tried to physically get it from my pocket. I could see they were kinda nervous – I think they’re still newbies to the whole mugging scene. ;)

That, and the area is actually pretty well lit and it’s along a main road. I knew it would be a really bad idea to set a precedence by allowing him to get into my pants (no pun intended) since I’m likely to lose everything if that happens so I brushed his hands away. He didn’t really like that so he grabbed me by the collar and pointed his knife and me while shouting miscellaneous threats detrimental to my general well being.

I quickly got my cell phone out and passed it to him, and got my wallet out and threw it on the ground before walking (at a very rapid pace, which some people might describe as more as “running“) to the shops behind me.

I didn’t want them to get my dSLR – which they probably didn’t see as they didn’t surround me – they came from the front and the bag was slung around my back. Thus, by throwing the wallet on the ground, I can make a hasty retreat in the opposite direction.

Oh well, at least I wasn’t stabbed or beaten up before being relieved of my belongings. I think that’s a combination of good luck, amateur muggers, and being at a relatively well lit street. It was an opportunistic crime, me thinks – I was alone and thus an easy target. I was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.

I hailed two other cabs after that who won’t take me home when I told them I’ve just been robbed and can only pay them after I go up to my condo and come back down. I just kept mum the third time and only after reaching the condo did I tell the cabbie that I had to go up to get the money to pay him. He was quite unhappy about all that, but I told him to trust me and I give him RM 10 extra.

Thank God for cash reserves at home. I actually have to thank Zoe for that, coz she was indirectly was responsible for said cash reserves. I spilled her soup all over some RM 50 notes and laid them out to dry on the breakfast bar.

I lodged a police report at the station after that and went back home and realized that my power has been disconnected due to outstanding issues with the previous tenant (which I thought had been resolved and the bill paid!). It’s like Murphy’s Law, anything that could go wrong will. The HTC hasn’t been charged since I got it, and the battery died when I used it to go to Google Maps via EDGE.

I woke up this morning and went to Maybank first thing to get a new ATM card. I only had a couple of hundred in the house and I needed to pay TNB so I could get power reconnected. I need to have power to get some work done over the weekend in time for Monday and I needed the Internet for research.

I went back home and realized that I couldn’t call anyone at work to tell them I have to take emergency leave – all the contacts are in my cell phone! I couldn’t get online to type in the company’s website to get the number or MSN my coworkers coz my house does not have power (and thus no WiFi). I knew I had the business card of the boss somewhere from the interview so I searched for that and called him to tell him that I was mugged and needed to take a day off to resolve everything.

I should have drove to the office instead, it would have been much faster, but I was so stressed out at the thought of getting lost in PJ and KL that the thought never occurred to me!

Good things:
I still have my RM 3,800 Sony alpha 350
I still have the RM 3k + HTC Pocket PC which isn’t even mine

Bad things:
I lost my MyKad, driving license, credit card, debit card cum ATM card the first two of which will take AGES to replace.
I lost ALL the contacts in my cell phone and I haven’t backed it up for a long time.
I had to take Friday off so I could get all my stuff sorted out. The worst thing was, all the contacts for work was in my cell phone so I didn’t have the office number.
I got lost all over PJ and KL since I didn’t have a cell phone and couldn’t call to ask for directions.
I even got so lost I had to resort to paying a taxi RM 14 to guide me back home by driving in front of me!

Thanks Suanie! Appreciate you giving me directions to TNB and letting me into the office to use Google Maps.

I just got my SIM card back from DiGi Center in SS2. I need everyone who knows me to text 016 888 2069 with your name so I can repopulate my contacts list. I just got a replacement SIM card. It’s a good thing I have a HTC Touch passed to me by a friend so I can use that for the time being while I hold off on purchasing a cell phone until next month.

I am really broke this month, and I can’t buy a new phone until next month at least.

Anyway, thanks for all your concern, I’m fine and I still consider myself lucky coz I got away with the dSLR and the Pocket PC. I do not relish the thought of losing RM 7k + in gear.

Count the little blessings. :)

Chili's @ bsc (Bangsar Shopping Center)

Chili’s @ bsc

This is the Chili’s (the Tex-Mex chain) at Bangsar Shopping Center.
This post is exactly one week late, went there last Sunday to celebrate
my first paycheck and was rather busy until now, though the Project
Manager did say to give me a break this week. ;) We went there at had
to wait a while before a table was available. It was quite full even at
early dinner time.


Parking Chili’s Customers Only – Other cars will be crushed and melted. Sign at the waiting area.

Anyway, we were seated within 15 minutes and ordered.


Triple Play. A combo of our three favorite starters. Generous
portions of our Chicken Crispers(r), Wings Over Buffalo(r) and
Southwestern Eggrolls with sauces for dipping.


Presidente Margarita. Chili’s distinctive hand-shaken Margarita made
w/Sauza(r) Conmemorativo Tequila, Cointreau(r) & Presidente(r)

What is a visit to Chili’s without their flagship drink? ;) I also had some cocktail which name eludes me right now.


Big Mouth Burgers – Old Timer. This one put us on the map … Our
original … mustard, shredded lettuce, tomato, pickle & onion. I
had it with chili and extra cheese.


This is some fajita which I can’t remember.


This is some soup of the day – forgot what.


This is something from the grill which eludes me.


This is some steak but the exact name escapes me.


There you have it. Margaritas and drinks on an empty stomach could
interact with other medications you may be taking which will result in
a poor ability to retain and recall certain events that transpired
during the night. I know I met Prem, one of the Project Managers at XM
at the bar area when I went to the toilet though.


Bangsar Pasar Malam (Night Market) @ Jalan Telawi


A couple of us headed down to Bangsar pasar malam last night to get
some fresh produce. It’s only open on Sundays from what I heard from
Richard, unlike Sibu pasar malams which are open every day of the week.
Anyway, we had dinner at the place right in front of the pasar malam
before heading in. I saw this perfect roti tissue while walking in, so
I ordered that but unfortunately, there seems to be two roti canai
stalls because my roti tisu was quite dismal:

One of the less aesthetically pleasing roti tisu’s around.

Anyway, I didn’t finish that one, don’t really see the appeal in
roti tisu since it’s just a roti canai. Shaped like a hat. I got
another roti pisang to eat, that was great, I like eating roti pisang
without the curries, coz it’s sweet by itself.

Roti pisang (with bananas inside).

Well, after that we walked around the pasar malam to get some
vegetables and other stuff for cooking. Here are the photos of the
Bangsar pasar malam at Jalan Telawi photo shoot:





Fresh vegetables!

Bangsar mamak @ Jalan Telawi


This is the mamak center at Jalan Telawi 2 in Bangsar. We ate there last night.


Here’s a scene of the place – Medan Selera.


We ate at Yacob Tom Yam. Great variety of fried rice.


The large perforated thing is roti tisu (tissue). The guy said it
unfortunately deflated while walking down from the front stalls (we
were at the back). minishorts
[] has a better photo. Did I get the permalink right? I
can’t tell with IE 5. I don’t know what the other roti is, but it came
with beef liver. Note the giant watermelon juice in front of Alice.


I had Nasi Goreng Pataya (fried rice with stuff, wrapped in fried egg).


and went for a Giant mango juice which I couldn’t finish. Damn thing must be close to 1 liter.

Anyway, I just got back from work, I might update again later if I’m
not too tired, only had 4 hours of fitful sleep last night and woke up
at 6:15 am. Otherwise, I’ll update tomorrow during my lunch break.

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