Hyderabadi dum biryani @ Fierce Curry House, Bangsar

Hyderabadi Biryani

Fierce Curry House has consistently won awards for best Indian in the past few years. They have seriously good (and authentic) Hyderabadi dum biryani and I’ve been craving for a proper biryani meal so I popped over after my Invisalign appointment at Imperial Dental Bangsar. Fierce Curry House is just a 5-minute drive from the Telawi area.

Fierce Curry House

I’ve been here a couple of times, usually by myself, since my better half doesn’t like Indian food. I suggested eating biryani over the weekend and she wasn’t keen on it at all so this is something that I enjoy alone. I normally get my “biryani” fix at random mamaks around my place but I wanted something genuine this time. The “biryani” served at nasi kandar places is just pilaf – a completely different dish.

Fierce Bangsar

My first exposure to Hyderabadi dum biryani is (surprisingly) in Sibu. We have a place that serves up good chicken dum biryani and I often went when I was in primary school. My late mom liked it too so that’s probably where I picked up eating biryani from. Hyderabadi dum biryani is kinda like nasi briyani gam Johor – the protein (chicken, mutton, etc) is cooked together with the rice. There’s also an insanely good Hyderabadi dum biryani in Kuching made with camel meat!

Specialty Hyderabadi Dum Biryani

Fierce Curry House has a wide selection of Hyderabadi dum biryani. You can have Lobster Dum Biryani (RM 240), Crab Dum Biryani (RM 140) and Scallop Dum Biryani (RM 80). Vegetarians can also opt for Mock Meat Dum Biryani (RM 25), cheese fans would be at home with the Paneer Dum Biryani (RM 25) and fish lovers would be happy to hear about the Cod Dum Biryani (RM 80).


However, all those meals need a 24-hour turnaround. Fierce Curry House only makes two types of biryani which is available every day – Chicken Dum Biryani (RM 17) and Mutton Dum Biryani (RM 19). It’s their flagship and you’ll see waiters carrying stacks of the dough-wrapped biryani metal containers out of the kitchen. I’ve tried both and the mutton version is a lot better. Their chicken is boneless thigh so it can be dry at times. I have a higher standard since the biryani place I go to when I was young served whole bone-in thighs. smirk


You’ll be presented with complimentary papadum when you’re seated.

Papadum Dip

It’s paired with a deceptively spicy dip. The bright and pleasant green looks like mint but it’s actually chillies. Very hot ones. I also enjoyed the tiny shot of soup called rasam which they provide as an amuse-bouche – it’s mouth-wateringly sour, with lots of vegetables and tamarind inside. Perfect to whet your appetite.

Watermelon Lassi

I ordered a Watermelon Lassi (RM 7). It’s the lesser known cousin of the Mango Lassi and it’s fresh – the lassis here are made with freshly squeezed juice. Fierce Curry House has a wide range of lassis, I can recommend the Salted Lassi and the Masala Lassi if you want to try something different.

Dough Sealed Biryani

The biryani container comes sealed with dough around the metal lid. This locks the moisture in during the cooking process.

Dough Seal

You have to peel off the dough before you can dig into the biryani.

Biryani Rice

I went for the Mutton Dum Biryani (RM 19) which is served with Mixed Raita, Vegetable Achar and Gravy. There are pieces of mutton inside the wonderfully spiced biryani rice. The long grained Basmati rice is cooked to perfection – it’s fluffy and you can see the individual grains. It’s delicious! I liked the raita too, the cool yoghurt goes very well with the rich and salty biryani rice.

Mutton Biryani

I highly recommend Fierce Curry House if you’re craving for an authentic Hyderabadi dum biryani. The entire meal just cost RM 26. It’s a very reasonable lunch meal for the quality of food. It’s always packed though so you might have to come at off-peak hours and parking can be a pain in this area. There is a sister outlet in Publika called Fiercer by Fierce Curry House but I feel like the original outlet is still the best. Service is outstanding too, which is a rarity except in high-end Indian restaurants.

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23 thoughts on “Hyderabadi dum biryani @ Fierce Curry House, Bangsar”

    • Yeah, the Publika one isn’t as nice.

      I went to Fiercer Curry House and somehow the food wasn’t as good. Staff wasn’t as friendly as this bunch too. I prefer the original outlet still, but since parking is troublesome, I just go whenever I do my Invisalign.

  1. Insanely delicious biryani.

    Not many good place selling nice biryani in Kuching. So far I love the one from Ammah Curry and Kwali. Tok Janggut in Kuching? Been there once, I forgot how it tasted like. So long ago.

    • Nice! I haven’t been to those two.

      Come to think of it I haven’t been to Kuching in a long time. I used to stay in Chong Lin Park (where Tok Janggut is) so that’s why I eat there often. Haha. It’s just opposite my apartment on the 3rd floor. They’re the only place to serve camel meat that I know of. Good stuff.

  2. Fuiyoh, Fierce curry house, haha.. I like the green dip. Here, I usually eat this dip with cheese naan. It’s mint+yogurt dip. But you said yours was chilly dip, wah, looks very hot+spicy wor..

    • Yeah, it’s usually mint yoghurt sauce!

      I don’t know why it’s chilli here, but it’s good too. Just very, very spicy. I like the rasam (sour soup) that they serve on the house too. Very appetizing. This is a more “authentic” nasi briyani than the ones that have just the rice (sometimes it’s just pilaf) with other meats not cooked together e.g. ayam madu.

    • I quite like this place!

      The briyani tasted authentic enough and I really prefer this style where the protein is cooked together with the rice. They have a really good fish biryani on Friday too but sometimes the fish can be a bit tough. Personally I think the mutton is the best. Price wise, this is nowhere near as bad compared to the big mamaks e.g. Kayu Nasi Kandar.

  3. Haha. Your better half can gang with mine lah. I am also deprived of good Indian food because my hubby doesn’t like it. The only time I get to eat all these is if they are served in the buffet spread but then again, it wont be the same 🙁

    • Haha! Yeah, my dear doesn’t like Indian food.

      However, she will eat roti canai etc just not overly spiced stuff like this. I go about once every two months whenever I have to do my Invisalign. I also pop over to a nasi kandar place near where I live if I’m craving for biryani but it doesn’t taste the same. This is still best.

  4. I have eaten the mutton biryani at their Publlka branch. Now that you say this one is better I think maybe I should try it but then I read that it is difficult to find parking and it is always full time. Any special time to go there when it is not so crowded? Before the lunch crowd? or would the place be fully reserved?

    • Yup, the food here is a lot better than Publika.

      That’s what me and my ex coworkers think anyway. The Publika branch doesn’t taste as good for some reason, not sure if it’s the kitchen. The staff at the Bangsar original outlet is a lot friendlier too, they’re awesome, plus the rasam they give out for free is nice.

      I would recommend going at 1:30 pm or later on weekdays but avoid Friday. They’re also open at night.

  5. surprisingly, it seems like quite a number of us might have first fallen in love with biryani in our hometowns … i remember having biryani back in malacca more than two decades ago too … a really lip-smacking version, very flavoursome, firm but moist, served in huge takeaway packets wrapped in plastic and newspaper, with large chicken leg slices buried amid the rice! guess what i’m craving for today’s lunch, haha 😀

    • Yeah, I can fondly remember the nice Indian owner keeping a drumstick for me on Fridays coz that’s when I pop over with my mom.

      He has thighs and breasts too and I learned to love the former when he ran out one time but never enjoyed breast meat in biryani. I still don’t, it’s too dry for briyani, IMHO. They didn’t have fancy stuff like fish either, they just did the chicken and mutton really well. Nice memories, eh?

  6. Suggest that you try the briyani at Curry Leaf. Originally based in seremban but they have another outlet in damansara uptown.


  7. I think their name FIERCE is spicy enough to lure me there as I really appreciate good Indian food like how you have shared. I am picky about the mamak shops here as some cooked them lousy. Gosh!
    The Lobster dum Biryani is so pricey!

    • Yeah, I know right!

      There are some places that just cooks “biryani” with a couple of raisins and a few spices and call that biryani. I prefer the protein to be cooked together Hyderabadi style too, the biryani with ayam madu that’s popular in KL is okay but not as good.

    • Biryani is a type of Indian rice dish.

      They put a lot of spices inside, including saffron (for the higher end ones anyway) so the taste is outstanding. Hyderabadi style is when the protein (chicken or mutton usually) is cooked together with the rice and spices, it’s the “better” version (to me) than the ones where the protein is cooked separately and in a different sauce or curry. Thanks for dropping by.

    • Yup, it’s the best biryani in town! 🙂

      For me anyway. I prefer Hyderabadi style instead of biryani/pilaf with a side like ayam madu. I feel the former is more authentic. You might want to drop by on Friday if you like fish, I personally feel mutton is best but YMMV. Hope you like it!

  8. Just not my day. Went to ling’s blog just now…had me drooling. come here also drooling liao.

    Been to Fierce Bangsar a few times. Had the Briyani before but I still like their Banana Leaf set the most.

    Come to think of it, long time have not been here. Hmm….must pay it a visit some time soon.


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