Honeymoon Dessert in Hong Kong

honeymoon dessert

Honeymoon Dessert is a vast enterprise in Hong Kong with franchises all over the country specializing in one thing only – desserts! It’s like 7-Eleven over there, you can’t walk a couple of blocks without seeing a branch. Seriously!

honeymoon dessert hong kong

We went to check out the very popular Honeymoon Dessert at the World Trade Centre in Causeway Bay. I’ve heard good things about their signature mango pudding desserts and would love to see how it measures up to my personal benchmark – Mango Tango in Bangkok.

honeymoon dessert mango sago

Mango Sago (HKD 26)
This is what the waitress recommended. It’s their flagship dessert and it’s pretty basic – fresh mango cubes with sago. It’s about RM 10, which is surprisingly cheap. The price for a drink at one of Honeymoon Dessert’s competitors – Hui Lau Shan Healthy Dessert runs for about the same price.

honeymoon dessert mango sago pudding

Honeymoon Dessert does a pretty good rendition of the Mango Sago dessert – it tastes light yet creamy with a tart and sweet mango overtone but it can’t beat the mango desserts from Bangkok.

honeymoon dessert mango sago black sesame

Mango Sago with Black Sesame Ice Cream (HKD 36)
Jeanie had this for her dessert. Well, it’s not technically dessert since we dropped by Honeymoon Dessert right before dinner. Heh. I really liked her order. The black sesame ice cream adds a whole new dimension to the humble mango sago dessert.

honeymoon dessert mango sago black sesame ice cream

You can taste the rich notes of the melted black sesame ice cream and the crunch of the sesame adds to the texture of the dessert. The whole is much better than the sum of its parts. The mango comes served as an entire diced half fruit too. Highly recommended.

honeymoon dessert egg pudding

Honeymoon Egg Pudding (HKD 5)
There was a promotion going on where you can get an egg pudding for just HKD 5 (RM 2) if your order exceeds HKD 50 and we went for it. It comes served in a real egg shell, which makes a lot of sense considering the dessert shop would use a lot of fresh eggs. It’s a traditional egg pudding with caramel on top. It’s creamy, warm and sweet. Delicious!

honeymoon dessert hk

Honeymoon Dessert lives up to its hype…kinda. It’s comes across as a bit overrated but that stems from expectations being pushed to an unreasonable (and unreachable) standard. With hindsight, it’s not a bad place to relax and order from the plethora of desserts options – be sure to drop by when you’re in Hong Kong and see what the fuss is all about.

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11 thoughts on “Honeymoon Dessert in Hong Kong

  1. HB, I like it very much for black sesame ice cream for you can’t find it in states. It seem nice with a date to this place but friends are fine too.

    • Yeah I think desserts places like these usually caters for that clientele.

      Black sesame ice cream is awesome! I love it to bits too. :)

      Yeah, a bit hard to get coz I think it’s based on a tong shui flavor but don’t quote me on that. :D

    • Yeah it’s pretty good stuff eh?

      It’s a huge franchise in Hong Kong…so we decided to visit and see what it has to offer.

      Yup, unlike other places, their desserts are not very sweet eh? Good for those without an excessive sweet tooth. :D

    • Yeah have been to the local one inspired by Honeymoon Desserts too.

      It’s pretty much similar on the surface, but personally prefer Hong Kong’s to KL’s and Bangkok above all others. :D

  2. i think i tried the similar type of honeymoon type of pudding in korea.. but not sure if it is the same.. The mango looks delicious.. N i tried mango sago in Qingdao recently, the shop is run by hongkies.. :)

    • Hmm…I think it could be. I read that Honeymoon Desserts have franchises in East Asia.

      Not Malaysia though…but Korea sounds plausible.

      Sounds like a great place there mate. I wish I could go again. :D

    • Haha. Yeah I love those too, except I like my cendol and ang tow peng without the red beans.

      The mango desserts are really good! I first had my taste in Bangkok and still think Mango Tango is the best. :D

  3. HB, I must admit that many of HK Dessert places are so similar to each other because not only they sell desserts but they do like Wonton Noodles and Dim Sum. Like Hang Fa Lau and The Sweet Dynasty for example.

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