CNY gambling – stack of 100 x RM 1 notes


It has become a tradition that we have dinner at my grandma’s place on Chinese New Year eve before everyone play Judi Bola or situs poker online with rolet. Online poker real money got chance to win bonuses, best slots offers, progressive jackpots, free slots, payouts, customer support and much more. Of course, it also deals with the legal aspect of gambling on slot machines to ensure safe play and payment methods. We can also check  score 88 poker news and played casino at home. My uncles used to be the dealers when I was a kid but as that generation passed the dealer was me today. All my cousins come over to my grandma’s house to play and to spend some quality time together.

stack of money

It’s small stakes only, just to pass the time until about 11 pm before I get ready to let off the firecrackers and fireworks. Thus, I ended up with this stack of 100 x RM 1 bills. I exchanged RM 100 for this and it’s in mint condition and still has the band on it.

serial number

You can see the start of the serial number – ACJ7895101


…up to ACJ7895200 – exactly 100 pieces of RM 1 notes.

cny gambling

I also had a special jackpot giveaway where you can automatically win RM 20 from the dealer (that would be me) if you get “2012” e.g. three cards – two 2’s and a 10. It’s all for fun, just money changing hands.

I only realized I’m up by RM 13 when I went to exchange the notes for proper ones.

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16 thoughts on “CNY gambling – stack of 100 x RM 1 notes”

  1. What the blackjack rules you guys follow? Follow the casino one or as what we play outside like two aces is the strongest following by blackjack, 5 cards (what we call 5 dragons) and so on?

    • It’s the latter and I make up some rules too.

      Two aces pays triple, two of the same number also, and blackjack is double. Otherwise, it’s equal pay. 5 cards deals five times the amount but if you bust you pay 5 times too.

      Some of it is rules we make, I have to check with my cousins how they want to play each year coz I can’t remember it. Haha.

      I do have a bonus though – anyone with “2012” e.g. a 10 and two 2’s will automatically get an increasing amount of money from the dealer (me). Auto win just to spice things up. You play for fun with family anyway. 😀

  2. HB, no wonder you like to gamble. My late Great Grandfather use to ran a casino in Canton, China. When he moved to San Francisco he ran a ma jong palor in Chinatown. He was known as the Godfather of Chinatown at that time.

    • Haha! It’s just to pass time before the 12 midnight fireworks lightup. We play for fun, all my cousins are younger than me and my aunts also bets small stakes for fun.

      Being the dealer, I make up all sorts of funny rules where you can get an auto win and payout from me. It’s just to spice things up.

      Happy CNY! 🙂

  3. We used to gamble with 50 cents and then gradually to RM1 but now my cousins are betting RM10 and RM50. Times have changed. Every year my dad would be the snata claus giving chances to everyone to win.

    • Heh! Same here, being the dealer and having cousins all younger than me, you have to give chances to win…even with my aunts who are much older than me.

      RM 10 is okay but I don’t want to start a trend of RM 50 betting with my cousins. I don’t know why I always think they’re young when in reality some of them are just 1-2 years younger than me. It’s all in the spirit of fun, don’t know why the dealer hat passed to me, it used to be one of my uncles.

      Happy CNY Eiling! 😀

    • Haha! I didn’t win on purpose, I was citing random bonuses at the end.

      This was with my cousin and aunts and I’m the dealer. I don’t make it a point to win at family CNY eve gambling sessions. I just somehow inherited the dealer hat from my uncle. 🙂

    • Haha! My cousin could see my cards, he was sitting right beside me.

      I wasn’t familiar with the rules despite being the dealer and he told me I had already won double from everyone (had two of a kind).

      …and there I was thinking what a crappy set of hands I had (two 3’s). 🙂


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