7 photos of stuff I did in Singapore

1. Hung out with my mom

food singapore

She’s doing another course of chemotherapy and we’re here for her. My dad flew in too and we’ll usually walk to Hola and eat there. Cheap and decent food. The caterers (old skool Tiffin carriers) come weekday nights.

My mom eats separately; she still can’t stand a lot of food, not even the smell of it. That’s her hiding in the room coz she’s so nauseous from the chemo.

2. Went to church

bedok methodist church

Took a cab to Bedok Methodist Church. Service is familiar but the praise and worship had an unusual twist – women dressed in traditional Chinese garb were dancing and twirling long silk ribbons. How I wish I managed to take a photo…

Got an EZ-Link card so I could use the MRT, bus and pay for food and groceries at places which accepts it.

3. The Gospel of Pool

church pool

Poster stuck beside the pool table at church. Words fail me. Sometimes a cue is just a cue. smirk

Mom got temporarily better and asked me to get her a Mocha soy ice blended drink. I bought it and she had a sip and promptly got sick again.

4. Salted egg yolk mooncakes

mini mooncakes

Dad got this from Sibu. It’s really quite good, there’s an entire salted egg yolk inside that’s almost the size of the puff pastry.

I ate all of them. Heh.

5. Grocery shopping

singapore grocery shopping

Got soy milk for my niece. She’s allergic to nuts, gluten, and most other things. This is the brand that we know doesn’t have any additives or traces of abovementioned. Also got reacquainted with the same brand of cigarettes I smoked last time I was here.

Middle of the night scare from my niece’s talking chair.

6. Timbre @ The Substation

timbre pizza buffulo wings

Lovely watering hole at 45, Armenian Street with live bands playing every day of the week. You can text song requests in for them to perform. Fiona recommended the Timbre Buffalo Wings – love the hot sauce and nuts topping but a tad overcooked for me. They do good pizzas too – got a half and half with Goodfellas and 53A. They’re both names of bands playing there.

Here’s a cover of Oasis’ Stand by Me.

7. Left my keys with Fiona

timbre substation singapore

Had a couple of drinks and hung out at Timbre. I put my sister’s condo keys and tag card in her bag earlier that night (tend to chuck my stuff in her tote due to lack of pocket space, thanks Fiona) and forgot to get it back from her. I only realized after I got back and couldn’t go in. Went back to her place to get it.

It’s a good thing we live near each other. Heh.

Posted: 4:08 pm Singapore time

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35 thoughts on “7 photos of stuff I did in Singapore”

    • Heh! It’s Bedok Methodist Church, somewhere in North Bedok.

      They even have silk twirling dancers during praise and worship in full Chinese uniform. 🙂

      It’s all good though, doctrine wise, seems solid enough.

      Thanks Elliz! Appreciate the support and well wishes! 🙂

  1. Where did your dad get those mooncakes from? Chung’s? Used to buy from them…but last year’s weren’t that great – not the whole egg yolk anymore. I love pubs with live music – too bad no decently good ones in Sibu. 🙁

    • My dad got it from Famous Bakery. He really likes that place. 🙂

      They do custom bread orders for my niece when she comes to Sibu too (no traces of nuts, gluten etc). That’s the only bread she eats over here.

      The mooncakes are really nice too! My dad brought it over. RM 13 for 6 pieces so that’s RM 2 each. It’s really good, the entire salted egg yolk, flaky pastry and it tastes orgasmic!

      Well, yeah, we seem to get all the B grade bands in Sibu. 😡

      Cheers Arthur! 🙂

  2. Damn, and I had a dream about praise & worship last week. What, a pool table in the Church community hall! That’s beyond speechlessness; I don’t know what to say about it.

    Sorry to hear about your niece’s allergy; it’s no easy task managing the allergy and eliminating the forbidden items.

    Hope that your Mom gets a clean bill of health soon. From the pictures that you’ve posted, your Mom’s looking better and better. =)

    • Well, I guess the pool table is there to attract the younger generation. It’s not unlike a Catch 22 situation.

      Church needs new blood to replace the older congregation and new blood will only come if there’s something interesting and relevant to them. This is where most churches, especially ones with deep war chests go wrong – usually financial scandals etc.

      It happens to megachurches too, people sin, it doesn’t excuse their behavior but I take heart in the Scripture when it says that all sins are similar in the eyes of God.

      There’s a similar secular quote that goes ” Don’t judge me just coz I sin differently from you”. 🙂

      Anyway, we’re used to Kara’s allergies, we work around them, when she’s in Sibu (my hometown) a bakery even makes custom bread so it doesn’t contain traces of nuts or gluten.

      Yeah, I forced, I mean asked her to smile for the camera. Heh. She’s still very, very sick from the chemo (going for a new round) but we’re optimistic.

      Thanks Ciana! 🙂

    • Heh! I asked my mom to smile for the camera, otherwise she looks quite miserable. We’re trying to keep her spirits up though.

      Thanks for the kind comments and well wishes Constance! 🙂

    • Cheers bro! She’s been eating ramen at 2 am (which she threw up), porridge is now her staple with occasional snacks.

      She likes nuts and preserved fruits.

      Thanks Vincent! Appreciate all the kind support and well wishes! 🙂

    • Heh! Yeah, asked her to smile for the camera, she’s really sick and nauseous all the while.

      She’s going on a new course of chemo, but we’re optimistic this time it’ll get better.

      Thanks for the well wishes bro! 🙂

  3. I eat at Hola to sometime before I depart to downtown using the MRT. They renovated it, it wasn’t like that early last year. Next time you go, you should go try out Grasso Coffee a block away in the same row of shops.

    Get well soon aunty and try Grasso Coffee.

    • Yeah, I use that MRT to get around too. Heh.

      Yup, I’ve been there, actually, been to most of the shops around there coz my sis lives nearby so it’s the closest place for food. 🙂

      Thanks for the well wishes mate!

    • Thanks Andrew!

      Yeah, we’re keeping her spirits up, that’s the other dangerous thing, she’s on a new round of chemo and it’s really taking a lot out of her, puking in the toilet almost every hour, even at night.

      I had to get her to smile for the camera, she sleeps most of the time.

      Cheers for the well wishes bro! We’re all going to spend more time with her and just be supportive and ready. 🙂

  4. That’s Insights, they play on Mondays! I was there on Monday night too! 😀
    What time were you there? Were you the one who requested Radiohead on the screen? I would have loved to say hi. Don’t kill me Fiona hehe say hi to the both of you. ^^

    • Yup, wow you can recognize the band name! 🙂

      I had to consult the photos I took for that. Heh. I was there Monday night, but late though. I went with Fiona at…er, about 9:30 pm? Or 10 pm?

      I can’t really remember but we stayed till the band played both sets.

      Haha! You mean Radiohead’s Creep? I was hoping they’ll sing that! I heard that cover first time I met Fiona in Singapore too. Anyway, nope, I requested for MCR – The Black Parade and the screen also shows my dedication to everyone – Carpe Diem.

      We were sitting in the far, far corner right beside the band (stage left). It’ll have been great to meet you too!

      Cheers Lynette! 🙂

  5. Are you still in Singapore? Would you like to go for drinks tomorrow?
    I added you on Facebook, but I’m not sure which one you use. I found two accounts. I’ve left you a message there with my number.
    There’s a good band playing tomorrow night at Timbre @ Gillman. Timbre has several outlets and although they don’t allow reservations on Friday, I can ask for a table. 😀
    Fiona is welcome of course, and it’ll be just me and a friend so a table for 4 unless you have others in mind?
    I hope I don’t sound like a deranged stalker lol I read your blog and it’ll be a pleasure to meet you two. :-))

    P.S. My friend is a flight attendant too, she’s with Emirates and she’s seldom in home.

      • Nice! It must be fun, I know a friend who’s in Emirates too but she’s based in Dubai! 🙂

        Thanks Lynette, unfortunately, I back in Malaysia but I got your msg and will get in touch next time I’m in Singapore!

        It’ll be nice to hang out at Timbre @ Gillman – I haven’t been there before. See ya soon, and no worries, sounds good to me – table for 4 is perfect, I’ll ask Fiona next time I’m there.

        Cheers! 🙂

    • Hello Lynette! 🙂

      We’ll love to but unfortunately I’m back in Malaysia. I’ll still go back to Singapore often though, my mom is getting her chemo treatments there and the entire family has been heading there to support here. We’re hoping this round of chemo would do the treat, it’s really savage, the effects. The procedure isn’t fun at all and she gets horrible bruises from the injections. 😡

      Anyway, I use both Facebook accounts – Poh Huai Bin and the sixthseal.com Facebook page.

      I got your number, sure, we’ll go out for drinks and chill at Timbre next time I’m there. 🙂

      I really like the place, great live band. I haven’t been to the other ones though, this is Timbre @ The Substation.

      A reservation would be nice on the weekend! It’ll be a pleasure to meet you too Lynette, I’ll buzz you when I’m in Singapore again. Cheers! 🙂

      • Too bad you can’t make it. I got your Facebook message. I’ll love to chill next time you come to Singapore. 😀
        I’m sorry to hear about your mom.

        • No worries! 🙂

          I’ll be heading to Singapore again soon and I’ll buzz you then. It’ll be fun to have a couple of drinks together, I’ll ask Fiona to join us too.

          I love the live bands at Timbre!

          Thanks for the well wishes Lynette!

    • Yeah, it is really good. My dad got it from Sibu though, at the bakery where they do custom bread for my niece.

      It’s a small town and this bakery will accept requests like this e.g. no traces of nuts and gluten free and make it for you for a bit extra. 🙂

      Cheers! My mom is on another course of chemo now, she’s still very sick, the first few days are the worse, it’s the treatment itself that causes a lot of the symptoms. 😡

      Thanks for the kind comments and well wishes Daph! 😀

    • Heh! We were grocery shopping and my dad bought this one and I was wondering why this brand and not the others?

      He said it’s the one that they’ve tried and tested before and didn’t give her any problems (my niece needs to be on a gluten free diet and is allergic to nuts). They just stuck with it after the first few experiments, if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it, so they exclusively bought V Soy for her.

      I like it too, it’s not too bad for a soy drink. Cheers Missy! 🙂

    • Thanks mate! 🙂

      Yup, she looks *much* younger than her actual age, a genetic trait I inherited too. Heh.

      Cheers for all the well wishes! 😀

    • Haha! Yeah, that’s part of her arsenal.

      Yup, she looks better after the first few days of chemo and when the next course runs again, she gets very sick again.

      We’re hopeful this round will do the trick.

      Thanks for the well wishes Eiling! 🙂


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