Durian Degustation – 5 great late season durians!

1. D160 / Teka / Green Bamboo

durian teka

This is a rather distinctive durian that is easily identifiable from the “longkang” (drain) running down the middle of the fruit. It was purchased for RM 15 / kg and the fruits are normally medium sized. This particular durian weighs 2.1 kg – about the average for this cultivar, making it over RM 30.

green bamboo durian

There are only 10 seeds in the durian, which translates to about RM 3 per seed. The seeds are tooth shaped – these come from Pahang and there are regional differences when planted in different locations.

teka durian

The Teka in the market now are delicious sweet to bittersweet specimens, but rather expensive – the original listed price is RM 18 / kg. It does have a very high flesh to seed ratio though.

2. Udang Merah / Red Prawn / Ang Heh

ang heh pahang

Look at the unique shape of the durian! It’s a star-shaped durian with 5 sides like a durian I came across not too long ago. These are not the original Balik Papan, Penang Red Prawn durians but cultivars that has been transplanted in…Pahang.

pahang udang merah

It’s where we get most of our durians here. The flesh is orange to reddish, the distinctive color that gives the durian it’s name.

red prawn pahang

I got it at a great time – RM 11 / kg and it’s absolutely fabulous with tiny seeds. These Pahang Ang Heh really tastes good but the drops are irregular so it’s hard to come by.

red prawn pahang durians

I’ve only had it three times this season.

3. Mas Selangor

mas selangor durian

This is a popular durian – sweet and creamy. The 1.6 kg fruit we chose is sold at RM 14 / kg. There’s only five (5) seeds inside so that works out to about RM 4.50 per seed.

mas selangor

It’s not a durian with a very complex flavor profile.

durian mas selangor

I reckon the Mas Selangor breed is more for the times when you just want a classic, fleshy, sweet durian. 🙂

4. D163 / Holo / Hor Lor

holo durian

This is named after a gourd – the words “hor lor” actually means water gourd. It’s a Northern durian but the ones we get are from Pahang. It’s listed as RM 15 / kg but managed to get it at RM 14 / kg. It’s also a medium sized fruit, got a 2kg + durian for RM 33.

horlor durian

Holo is great for those people who likes a dry, bittersweet, creamy and sticky durian with medium seeds that coats the palate and tongue like nothing else. Highly recommended.

5. Kan Yao (D158)

durian kan yao

This is an absolute bargain at RM 6 / kg. I had a 2.1 kg fruit for just RM 12. The Kan Yao we get here is also from Pahang and it’s bitter to bittersweet, just the way I like it.

kanyao durian

The seeds are large but with the low price it’s a good buy, and the season has just about ended so if you see any, I’ll go for it. 😀

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27 thoughts on “Durian Degustation – 5 great late season durians!”

    • Haha! That would be quite a feat but but I do love my durians. 🙂

      I had a couple of late season D88 and D101 but those are nothing to write home about. I’m not particularly fond of D88 but they had quite a fall that day. RM 15 / kg.

      Mas Selangor is surprisingly good though – haven’t had it in a while, coz it’s just sweet but I reckon it’ll be perfect for durians deserts. 😀

  1. I love to eat durian too..
    one tip.. eat those with less strong first then follow by the BEST…
    last time I eat the musang king first then eat those normal duriam..
    it was tasteless…
    Nowadays I just go to JJ to get my durians.. after 8pm and you got 50% discount.. LOL
    durian nowadays are so expensive 🙁

    • Yup that’s what I always do! 🙂

      Great tip for people new to durians though. Always eat from mild to strong flavor profile. Cheers mate!

      Yeah, I’ve seen those in hypermarkets – RM 20 for a few pieces of XO durian. My friend bought some the other day and since we couldn’t bring it to hotels – we ate it there. I found it less fresh than the ones that are freshly opened though. It’s been slightly refrigerated. 😡

    • It’s can be an acquired taste – though it’s usually a case of whether you love or hate it. 🙂

      I’ve loved durians since my first taste as a kid.

      It’s great stuff, Nicole! 😀

    • Hello Michele! 🙂

      I might have – been swimming more nowadays. Heh.

      Some people who sees me says I have but others who hasn’t seen me for close to a year says I’ve *gained* weight.

  2. No wonder. I’ve noticed that you’re a little thinner now, HB. =D

    You’re definitely a bigger durian fan than me. I like to eat durians too, but only on occasions. There are reasons behind my decision, but one of it includes Big Fat, who demands that I share the portion with him.

    • Heh! I don’t think so, it’s just that my weight fluctuates a bit. 🙂

      I’m sick now – am down with a nasty bout of the flu so maybe that explains why I’ll be a bit thinner. Haven’t been sick in a while so it’s hitting me real hard.

      Haha! Well. I won’t demand you share your portion, let’s go eat durians! 😀

    • I hardly see “pedigree” durians being sold in Sarawak too! 🙂

      It’s mostly kampong durians and if you’re lucky, you get some really great ones.

      Cheers Jess! 😀

  3. I just can’t stop looking at your durian post. It really makes me drooling now. The season is so over now and I’m looking forward for the coming durian season in June! Yummeh!

    • Hello Nick! 🙂

      It’s durian season all year over here. Haha!

      Well, you can get them the entire year but cheapest and best would be around June.

      Cheers mate!

  4. I had my first Teka durian in Dec. It was a huge durian, nearly 2.5kg. I didn’t regret paying for it because the flesh was really thick and came with a tiny seed. I was so satisfied. Good thing that the seller insisted that I try Teka as he ran out of Musang King.

    Btw, where do you usually get your durian?

    • Yup, Teka durians are large durians – usually about 2 kg+, I haven’t seen any under 2 kg yet. It’s the characteristics of the durian that makes it so huge. The Teka that we get can have small seeds too, but after seeing the really small seeds of breeds like Jantung, I’ll call them medium to large. Haha!

      I’m a bit wary of Musang King coz every seller pushes it and I don’t like it as much – too much hype, not enough performance.

      Black Thorn is surprisingly good though – it retails for RM 30 / kg, much more expensive than Musang King (usually around RM 24 / kg). Relatively new cultivar from Penang.

      I usually get it from the SS2 area – there are some great shops there and some shops who just wants your money. 😡

    • Hello Charmaine! 🙂

      Haha! Far from it, I’m not an expert – I think most people wouldn’t be until many, many years. 🙂

      Durian buffet eh? Go for the more expensive RM 15 ones – at least you’ll get “pedigree” durians like XO etc.


    • Alas! Sorry to hear that buddy!

      Oh well, it’s durian season whole year round anyway.

      It’s another six months till the start of the new season! 😀

    • Haha! I’m actually *not* skinny! 🙂

      You can see my fat when I swim, it’s just distributed along my width and my face (usually).

      I don’t know about the durian thing – I can eat A LOT of durians and not get fat. I don’t know why, it’s just like I can drink a lot of milk (fresh) and not get fat too but if I eat a lot of sugar, I’ll get fat. I don’t metabolize sugar well.

  5. wahhhh i love durians too. Please call me whenever you feel like feasting on durians again! My mom loves it too and I’ve always like those with an orangey flesh.

    • Crap! I just went, I forgot to call you!

      It’s a new cultivar called Black Thorn. I’ll go again, it’s in season right about now. Let me know when you want to go.

      Black Thorn is perfect for you! Orange flesh! 😀

  6. Where is the place that you had your durians fit the pictures of durians look smashing at their stand.
    Care to share eer… GPS location if possible.


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