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Well, most of you know that I just got into a new relationship. I’ve been keeping it under wraps for a while since my girlfriend, in her infinite wisdom, doesn’t like publicity. I just recently revealed who it was during a trip to Melbourne about a week ago.

limited edition candy ripe

It was our first overseas trip together and it’s kinda how we got together. I like showering her with gifts – little ones that says “I love you” and lets her know that she’s always in my heart whenever and wherever I go.


I do travel quite a bit – I went to Bali straight after that and we spent several days physically apart. It’s all good though, with communications the way it is nowadays, it’s always easy to keep in touch. We’re the digital generation – with data roaming and WiFi connections, using Facebook or Whatsapp to message each other is easy.


It’s always important to stay in touch – data has always made a lot of difference for us. I can send photos of what I’m doing to my girlfriend. I snapped a photo of something that means a lot to us (it’s an inside reference to our relationship) the moment I got off at Ngurah Rai Airport in Denpasar.

whatsapp images

Little things like this can make a lot of difference in a relationship. It shows that you’re constantly thinking of her. <3 I honestly would be hard-pressed to name disadvantages in the gift of data in a relationship…unless you’re cheating on your other half and is somewhere you’re not supposed to be – say, KL instead of overseas – and your GPS location settings on Facebook shows that. smirk

It’s all good, all the way for me.


We actually got together thanks to Facebook and Whatsapp. It’s what made this relationship *possible* – how I noticed her and started chatting with her and finally made my feelings known to her. It was a big step coz I thought it would have alienated her but luckily it seemed that we were meant to be.

Data is what brought us together and I’m thankful for that coz I’m lucky to have Ling in my life. 🙂


Anyway, that’s my story. There’s another interesting around that’s doing the rounds on the net. I’m sure you’ve seen the Don’t Lose It All videos circulating around but in case you’re one of the few who hasn’t, you can view the previous short videos on that link.

There are 3 episodes in the rather interesting love triangle of Amy, Nick and Joe. The most riveting part about this is that the audience (which is you and me) gets to choose the plot via voting!

I won’t give out any spoilers here so go watch the videos if you haven’t already.

xpax wong fu

The final episode is, as usual, chosen by votes – it was a close one between Nick & Amy and Amy & Joe…and guess who won? Fans of Nick & Amy rejoice!

Here’s the final episode of the epic story as voted by you! It’s interactive, interesting and quite frankly, better than a lot of the other locally produced fare on air nowadays. Don’t ruin the ending if you haven’t watched the first 3 episodes – watch from the start!

It’s an interactive extravaganza like no other, with the finale aptly done! Check out the final episode at Don’t Lose It All! 🙂

P/S – The storyline is a little like mine – couldn’t have done it without data. Haha! You can dial *128# to pick a data pack on Xpax and load up to stay in touch 24/7 with your loved one!

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28 thoughts on “My love, my life, my universe”

  1. you and ling should be on sugar-free food/beverage if not both of you will be diabetics soon ;P

    the relationship is already sweet enough! no more adding sugar in her cooking and your drinks ok! lolol

  2. That’s how the boyfie and I started too! And it’s LDR all the way since we got together. Many people ask us HOW CAN IT BE???

    It’s all about trust and compromising. And of course whatsapp and FaceTime play a crucial part in our relationship! And oh Facebook too!

    • Heh! Yeah, it’s possible, I was in a LDR for years too! 🙂

      Yup, like you said, trust and compromise and communication – it’s so easy with data now compared to last time.

      All the best!

    • I hope things get better for you Eli!

      Cheer up, there’s always hope. Don’t let hope die coz without it we have nothing.

      My thoughts are with you! 🙂

    • It feels good when it’s an awesome one, crappy when you’re stuck in a bad one.

      I’m in an awesome one, and for that, I’m grateful!

      Cheers bro! 🙂

    • Yeah, am going to make an effort to make every day a “pak toh” day. 🙂

      We made a promise to each other to not let the romance die down.

      Cheers and have an awesome week buddy!

    • HAHAHA

      There wasn’t an option for that configuration. Either Amy & Nick or Amy & Joe were the voting options.

      Good one buddy! 🙂

    • Haha! We promised each other we’ll make every day like the first. 🙂

      I want to keep the romance up and do little things that makes her happy.

      It’ll be good for the both of us. Cheers mate!

    • Thanks buddy! 🙂

      You can too, someone will come along. I didn’t believe it too, but my love came along when I wasn’t looking.

  3. I am all into data and I’ll die without it. My hubs on the other hand is not a data guy. He doesn’t FB, Whatsapp, Tweet, blog or anything and you know what? For that I’m grateful as I cant bear the thought of him being as social as ME! Haha!

    • Indeed! 🙂

      That’s the beauty of having data communications in the palm of our hand nowadays.

      I remember the days when we used to have to wait for a friend’s phone call at home on fixed lines coz mobile phones weren’t invented yet (or wasn’t available except for the huge sets anyway, and that only when I was 12).

      We’ve gone far indeed.

  4. I saw the ad on youtube but I didn’t click to see the endings, the idea for the starting scenes of the wedding is obviously from Twilight.. which I hoped the creators for the ad could’ve been more creative instead =.=

    It’s really sweet, the exchange between you and Ling, you two have good chemistry.. I like! =D

    • I’ve never watched Twilight, don’t like the series. 🙂

      Well, I have watched bits and pieces when it’s on but don’t know what the fuss is about. It was just on when we were at Philea – the first movie in the Twilight series.

      Thanks Grace! Yup, we’re good together, we love each other and that’s the important thing.

    • Thanks mate! 🙂

      Yeah, my sister reads those books too. I remember an English teacher was fond of them when I was in primary school too.

      I read some as a kid, but they kinda all read the same to me.

  5. BLESSS!!! :’D It’s lovely to be reading such heartfelt things from a man.

    Isn’t being in love just the absolute BEST FEELING?

    More power to you both!!


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