8 delicious (and strange) food at Phuket Town Night Market

1. Sunny side up quail eggs

fried quail eggs

This is a whole lotta cholesterol in a package but it’s delicious! Perfectly fried quail eggs sold in a packet containing nine (9) sunny side up eggs with a toothpick. You can opt for a dash of pepper and soy sauce and it’s absolutely delicious! The feeling of slipping 9 eggs into your mouth for just THB 20 (about RM 2) is awesome! :)

quail eggs

You can opt for the soft boiled version with a packet of soy sauce too – just crack all the eggs into the bowl and enjoy!

2. Pork floss (jerky) with sticky rice

pork floss rice

This is also THB 20 and consists of two types – a tough jerky type pork floss and strips of marinated BBQ pork. I went for the latter and was very satisfied with the bed of fiber rich sticky rice!

thai pork satay

Watch out for the famous Thai satay too – it’s a piece of marinated BBQ pork on a stick for THB 10 and it’s the most tender and juicy pork you’ll ever eat!

3. Bananas dipped in chocolate

chocolate banana

There are several versions of this THB 20 dessert on a stick. The plain version is just a peeled banana on a skewer that has been dipped in chocolate. There’s also sliced and re-skewered bananas, which is the one I got – it’s been sprinkled with hundreds and thousands colored sprinkles and absolutely tasty in the hot muggy night market.

4. Deep fried insects

deep fried insects

The night market also has deep fried insects and quite a wide variety of them too. The lady will ask you to “contribute” to the photography tip jar if you take a photo without purchasing anything. I didn’t coz I didn’t like her tone. ;) I just had the same ones in Bangkok. I ate deep fried grasshoppers and other insects just two weeks ago.

5. Salt grilled fish

salt grilled fish

This is a Thailand speciality and it’s an entire fish that has been liberally packed with coarse salt and then grilled over a charcoal fire. It’s surprisingly cheap for an entire fish and you’re meant to eat the inside of the fish e.g. the salt covered outer skin is discarded.

6. Thailand orange juice

thai orange juice

You MUST try this when you’re in Thailand – it’s the local orange, squeezed into a bottle and it’s fabulous! I had the ice blended version for THB 40 and it came in a thong like plastic bag. Thirst quenching stuff – walking around the night market in the hot weather armed with this makes it a more pleasant trip!

7. Agar fruits with mung bean filling

agar fruits

This is an interesting snack – it is a mung bean dessert that’s been shaped to look like various fruits and then coated with agar agar (a Jello like substance). I was surprised when I popped one into my mouth coz I thought it was fruit! It goes for THB 40 for a packet containing every type of “fruit” they have – from grapes to guava.

8. Tiny pineapples

mini pineapple

OMG! This is the best find I had in the Phuket Town Night Market. The mini pineapples are much smaller than your fist and intensely *sweet and juicy*!

tiny pineapple

I bought one (it’s sold by weight – mine was about THB 25) and they cut it into four segments for your enjoyment. I can’t believe there’s such tiny, yet fully formed pineapples out there! It’s marvelous! :)

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42 thoughts on “8 delicious (and strange) food at Phuket Town Night Market”

    • Yup, they’re beautiful eh? :)

      I wonder how they fried the small quail eggs so perfectly.

      Both me and my buddy Marco ate a platter of those quail eggs. Lovely stuff. You wouldn’t even realize you’ve eaten 9 eggs until it’s all gone.

      The orange juice is superbly refreshing too! They sell it in a huge bottle and also ice blended, I prefer the latter. :D

    • I heard they sell it over here on certain occasions too! :)

      It might be a religious festival thing or something to that effect. It’s good stuff and I’ve never seen it in Sibu. They do it so well it looks *exactly* like a fruit. I love the little peppers too, and the texture is amazing, it actually tastes good!

      Biting into the firm agar agar coating gives way to the mung bean filling. Lovely stuff. I liked all of the items we ate at Phuket Night Market – especially the delicious marinated pork Thai style satay (it’s a chunk of meat).

    • Haha! Yeah, but you wouldn’t realize it at first! :)

      The sunny side up quail eggs are sold in a tray of 9 eggs and all are perfectly done so both me and my mate got a tray each (about RM 2) and started eating them. We were so hungry that it was gone in a few seconds!

      There is a lot of cholesterol in quail eggs (heard it’s similar for chicken eggs) but then again, it’s an occasional indulgence so it’s alright.

      It’s best when served hot!

    • I went to Phuket last year too! :)

      I was at Club Med Phuket then, which is in the Karon area. This time I stayed at Laguna Outriggers Phuket Beach Resort in Cherngtalay. I just came back a few days ago.

      Phuket Town itself is quite far, we rented a cab for the day for THB 2,000 (about RM 200) for the 4 of us, which is about RM 50 each. It’s worth it to do that as the 40 minute drive from our resort at Laguna to Phuket Town would cost THB 700 one way minimum (THB 1,400 return).

      This way we get to choose where we wanted to go, including the shooting range I shot skeet at in the previous post.

      Phuket Town Night Market is only open during weekends though.

  1. Hmm…the fried quail eggs looks good.
    I agreed that the Salt grilled fish is delicious and surprisingly cheap! During my BKK trip, I bought it from back alley stalls…only RM5 for medium size fish. Ahh…too bad I did not try that cute mini pineapple. Agar fruits with mung bean filling is Thai snack…difficult to get it here in M’sia :-(
    Did you come across pomegranate juice? Not bad actually ;-)

    • Interesting! I didn’t know that the agar fruits with mung bean filling is a Thai snack! :)

      Thanks for the clarification Mel!

      I heard it can be found in Klang Valley too, but you’re right, it’s very difficult to find and apparently only available at certain times in a year. Is it a religious thing?

      Yeah, we saw a lot of the salt grilled fish in Bangkok two weeks ago too! We had the pomegranate juice before and my dear didn’t like it, it’s very intensely sourish. I did see it around though.

      Ah, I thought the mini pineapples are really cute too! I didn’t know pineapples can be so tiny! It’s also sweet and juicy to boot! It’s amazing! :D

  2. I saw the eggs before, but I did not try it. If the qty is lesser or I have a bigger group, I might have give it a try. The orange juice is awesome. It is available throughout Thailand.

    • It’s surprisingly easy to finish though! :)

      I love eggs and it’s meant to be eaten in one go. Haha!

      They even sell 9 soft boiled quail eggs in a cup for you to crack in and mix with a packet of soy sauce and slurp it all up.

      Indeed! I’ve seen it in Bangkok too, it’s great orange juice eh? :D

    • Yup, the strange thing is that Thais do not eat the outer salt covered skin of the fish! :)

      The sunny side up quail eggs and tiny pineapples are awesome! I found them in sequence – two of my best finds at the night market.

      The tiny pineapples are mini dwarf pineapples and it’s absolutely adorable! The people selling them were friendly too, mine weighted more but they gave it to me at a cheaper price and told me which ones are sweet. :D

  3. Oh poor pineapple! U did not let it grow into an adult, just like the baby duck you ate!! U cruel, cruel person :P Just kidding.. U truly are very adventurous in food. I love to look at the quail eggs :D

    • Haha! Yup, gotta love the balut – both the Philippines and Cambodian versions (poon tia koon)! :)

      I love trying new things – got an adventurous palate and a curiosity about exotic food.

      The quail eggs are beautiful eh?

      I thought they did it really well but I didn’t see a mold or anything that suggests it’s done like an egg banjo in our Ramly burger stalls.

  4. I really drooled at all the photos except the insects. I am glad that you seem to like Phuket. My family’s strong connections with that island has a long history and you can see my outdated post here – http://twilightzone518.blogspot.com/2009/09/no98-krabi-road-phuket.html … You might like to visit the ancestral home on your next trip. I have only visited Phuket ONCE but will visit again someday as I heard there was a temple’s shrine named after my grandfather too. I need to check it out.

    The Thais are creative in their food presentations as they have yearly competitions that make the farmers and chefs to create new ideas. Long ago the quail’s eggs were not so cute like what you have eaten. No wonder you habiskan 9!!!!! OMG!

    The mung bean desserts were already sold when I was a toddler living in Songkhla. They were toys for me to play as kids. What a sweet memories to see them again here.

    • Interesting! Thanks for sharing bro! :)

      Yeah, the island is steeped with history. I’ve only been there 3 times (the latest being last year and a couple of days ago) and that place looks like an awesome off the beaten track location.

      I’ll definitely check it out next time I go.

      Ah! Food competitions! No wonder the presentation of even the street food was so awesome!

      It was sold in a packet of 9 quail eggs so I ate it all. I was tempted to get another pack and so was my buddy!

      I found the agar mung bean desserts the most interesting – it takes a lot of effort to turn it into the fruits, complete with shape and color! :D

  5. HB, thanks for sharing your trip to see the night market. You the eyes for all who lived else where unable to there.

    • Cheers Vickie! :)

      Yeah, the Phuket Town Night Market might be more appropriately called a Weekend Market.

      I hear it’s only open during the weekends, which was why the 4 of us rented a cab to go shooting, eat, see sunsets at the southernmost tip and head to the night market.

      It’s huge – the portion I showed is just a small part of the food stalls, there are clothing and knockoff bags, electronics and other stuff too.

    • Hello Cheryl! :)

      I hear it’s only open during weekends – we went on Saturday night so I can say for sure that it’s open during Saturday nights.

      It’s a huge night market that has everything a night market in SEA has – knockoff handbags, souvenirs and food!

      It would be closer to Patong beach than Cherngtalay, where we were staying. Patong is closer to Club Med Phuket (though not by much). You definitely need transportation to get around, the best bet is to round up a couple of friends and split the taxi fare for a full day/half day hire.

      We got ours for THB 2,000 which is cheap when divided by the 4 of us coz a return trip would cost THB 1,400 for a single person, so we decided to book the cab by time.

      Just to give you an idea of how much to pay. Do make sure that the price is agreed upon and to be safe, use a smartphone to type the number and say it’s Thailand Baht. Don’t go for the add-ons the taxi driver will try to sell you for commission. I just went for the Phuket Shooting Range (previous post) coz I wanted to.

      The place is properly known as the Phuket Weekend Market and is located just outside Phuket Town.

      Hope that helps and enjoy your trip Cheryl! :D

  6. Whaaaaat? Photography tip jar? I understand that life is tough as a street food vendor but that is just ridiculous.

    Anyway, I am curious what makes the orange juice so awesome? I mean I can’t imagine how different can orange juice be from the ones we have locally.

    • Yeah, it’s incredible eh? I never saw that even in Bangkok. :x

      I guess it’s just the nature of Phuket being a tourist destination. I would have gotten a large beetle (the one that looks like a cockroach) if she didn’t tell me about the photography tip jar. I didn’t like her tone so I went off.

      Hmm…it’s hard to explain. I guess it’s like the mango sticky rice they have over there and the mango sticky rice we have over here. I have honestly never had a mango sticky rice as good as the ones I’ve had in Thailand.

      It’s just something they do well. The local orange juice is well known and sold in chilled bottles for THB 60-80 for a large bottle. This is a chain that does ice blended ones too. The oranges are sweeter than the ones here.

      We have it in Bintangor, Sarawak too, but it’s not as good. :D

  7. Is soooooo wanna go back now….. that satay was the best. and as for the juice andeggs, i think i can still taste it actually if i concentrate.

    • Yeah, I remember that pork satay very well! :)

      You bought the first round and I found that it was so awesome that I got another round. It’s just a slab of marinated meat but they do it so well and it’s different from the long skewer that we have here.

      Much more satisfying, that slab!

  8. Oh no…you have another insects feast again,dear..hahahha.It seems that this round the creatures are bigger ehh..**winks**

    • Haha! Yeah and there’s a bigger beetle too! :)

      I didn’t get it but at least now I know have to peel off the wings before eating it so it doesn’t get stuck on my mouth!

    • It’s my favorite too! :)

      It’s okay, cholesterol at our age…er, at your age anyway, is okay. I’m old dy, so I probably should be eating so much but it tastes good, so I don’t really care. :D

    • The baby pineapples are awesome though! :)

      I’ve never had such sweet pineapples in my life and they’re so tiny!

      The pork floss is great too – best eaten with the ubiquitous glutenous rice in Thailand.

    • Indeed! :)

      The fried insects are good stuff, just remember to pluck off the wings and legs before eating it. I didn’t know and the grasshopper legs cut into my tongue.

    • Sorry buddy!

      I’ve been going through some stuff lately but all good now – going to update regularly, lots of stuff to catch up on! :)

  9. Hey bro

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    • Yup, I’m still smoking.

      I don’t quite like e-cigarettes though, doesn’t taste anything like the real thing.

      I mean, I’ll steal a couple of puffs from someone when on a long haul flight or in theaters (or generally countries that doesn’t allow public smoking much) but it’s no replacement for a real cancer stick.

      I’ll do a review though, it certainly warrants it, I’ll buy one for my next long haul flight. :)

    • Thanks Mei! :)

      Yeah, I reckon the best thing are the baby pineapples and the pork floss with glutenous rice. The latter I’ve only seen it eaten that way in Thailand!

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