Death by Chocolate Ultimate Breakfast Wrap

death by choc wrap

I made this sinfully delicious wrap for *breakfast* over the weekend. I just woke up and wanted to get something to eat. We went grocery shopping the night before and we always get a huge tub of ice cream before heading back. My dear picked this one:

death by chocolate

It’s appropriately called Death by Chocolate Premium Ice Cream. It’s described as “a chocolate lover’s delight featuring decadent chocolate ice cream, chocolate candy pieces and crunchy almonds”. It also has bits of chocolate brownies inside!

death by chocolate ingredients

To make the Death by Chocolate Ultimate Breakfast Wrap, you will need:

  • Wholegrain tortilla wraps
  • Death by Chocolate Premium Ice Cream (or any other ultra chocolate ice cream)
  • Soft cheese stick from a bakery
  • Muesli

The muesli is not just there to give it a healthy illusion – it actually tastes really yummy! It’s Dorset Cereals – 50% of the contents are fruit, nuts and seeds. I was eating the Super Cranberry, Cherry and & Almond – described as “an exquisite blend of cranberries, cherries and almonds with raisins, sultanas, sunflower seeds and toasted cereals”. It’s essential for the crunchy texture it provides!


I also thought that putting a soft cheese stick (we got it from a bakery) would make this a more substantial meal since we’re going to share it. I was right since it was so good I think she ate more than her fair share. smirk

I scooped out *almost a pint* of the Death by Chocolate ice cream into a tortilla wrap and sprinkled muesli on it before adding on the cheese stick. I couldn’t actually wrap it so we ate it like a soft taco.

death by chocolate us

I had one bite and she had one bite and we started taking bigger and bigger bites and before long it was all gone. It’s coz we used so much ice cream in the wrap, it’s the exact opposite of the healthy Greek yoghurt sandwich I made. This one is absolutely delicious – so much so that it was devoured more than eaten. Haha!

death by choc

I gave her more though coz I know she really liked it. <3

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35 thoughts on “Death by Chocolate Ultimate Breakfast Wrap”

    • It’s just nice if you wake up late! 🙂

      I really liked the balance – the sinfulness of the chocolate ice cream with the texture of the muesli.

      I’ve taken to eating Nutella wraps with muesli too!

    • Haha! It’s to add a bit of carbs since the tortilla wraps don’t provide much! 🙂

      The muesli is a great addition though – the texture of fruit, nuts and seeds it provides is something so awesome I’ve been eating it with Nutella in wraps for breakfast since.

  1. Hmmm..dear, i remember I have to stop you from scooping more and more ice cream for the wrap. Yea, almost half of the pint were gone..hahah.It was so sinful and delicious that you have to gave more to me…Hugs

    • Haha! Yup, I wanted to put as much ice cream as I could inside! 🙂

      It was more than half a pint – the ice cream tub is 1.75 quarts (1.55 liters) so that’s 3.2 US pints of ice cream inside and I scooped more than 1/3 out for an awesome breakfast ice cream wrap!

      I love you dear, I’ll always give more to you even though that’s my breakfast – which is why I added the cheese stick for me. *hugs*

    • Haha! Yup, I thought it looked nice poking out of the wrap. 🙂

      It’s actually for me – my dear had breakfast dy but I haven’t since I was doing some work so I only had breakfast at around 2-3 pm in the afternoon!

      That’s why I added the carbs coz I know I was hungry and I know my dear will like the wrap too. 😀

  2. You are such a creative chef! You could easily throw everything together and Bingo! A new HB dish!
    I am a hard core Ice Cream addict and frequents the Baskin Robbins or Just Like It outlets. I know your recipe Death by Chocolate Ultimate Breakfast Wrap is very Godly delicious and once eaten I will ascend to heavens!

    • Haha! I’m not so good la, I just love to prepare stuff like this, 😉

      Yup, we like ice cream and we eat a lot of it! We make it a point to get a tub whenever we’re out grocery shopping. We all have our favorites – mine would be Ben & Jerry Cookie Dough, although I’ll eat anything from Mars (also a favorite) to Starbucks ice cream.

      I like trying new ice cream tubs, usually get them from Jaya Grocer or BIG (which also carries Baskin Robbins but it’s fresher to buy at an outlet).

    • Yeah, that’s more than a US pint in there! 🙂

      If we had bought a more premium brand of ice cream, that would have been the *entire* tub and over RM 30 gone in a single breakfast wrap. Haha!

      It’s nice to wake up with a sugar rush though, the gf already had breakfast but I hadn’t so was sitting there watching her eat while I built up an appetite! 😀

    • It’s awesome Chingy! 🙂

      The best part, surprisingly was the muesli!

      If you get a good brand of muesli (which I define as a nice ratio of fruits, seeds and nuts to cereal) then it’ll add a lot of texture and taste to it.

      I’ve taken to spreading Nutella on the tortilla wraps we have at home and sprinkling muesli over that for breakfast till our next grocery shopping trip for ice cream (weekly).

      Try it out, it’s quite good! 😀

    • Yeah, you could eat it for tea too! 🙂

      I was just doing stuff so she had breakfast first while I waited until late afternoon and by then I was sooo hungry I know I needed to make a gigantic wrap with lots of ice cream, muesli and even added in a soft cheese stick for carbs.

      It’s good stuff though, the amount of ice cream in that small wrap (comparatively) makes it a challenge to eat it before it melts!

  3. HB, your cooking skill is getting so creative. Right the rage is crispy bacon on top of chocolate ice cream it so yummy.

    • Ah! I had bacon in the fridge too! 🙂

      Yeah, I reckon that would have been good – got the idea of this from your comment about deep fried ice cream wraps in Taiwan. Cheers!

  4. It’s true love when you gave her more than her fair share of food, haha 🙂

    Glad to see everything is going so well between you and Ling! And I always look forward to your quirky food posts, they are amazing. I floated the idea of the pineapple and yoghurt sandwich to my partner and it was met with an “EWWW NO” response but I am determined to try it with him someday!

    • Haha! Yeah, I reckon that’s true!

      Thanks Jyannis!

      Yup, we’re all good here. I just made a home cooked chicken dinner with her too, we did different parts of the dish and it was delicious! Just posted it up.

      I’m sure if your partner is hungry enough…make sure to have a light dinner the day before. 😉

      All the best! 😀

  5. My, isn’t that heavy for breakfast? I am definitely looking forward to your next post, kind of inspires me on how I should eat certain things. =O

    I’d usually have the ice cream after my exercise sessions; it’s like a placebo effect on the system.

    • Nope, coz it’s a bit like brunch! 🙂

      I had it at about 3 pm in the afternoon coz I was doing stuff beforehand and couldn’t eat a proper breakfast.

      We have ice cream each weekend! A tub of it!

      (although I usually finish it myself)

      Thanks for the kind comments! 😀

  6. i had BR ice cream for breakfast once when I was staying in Cititel MV.. and my tummy was crying for the rest of the day. Maybe i can try your way with wholegrain tortilla wraps or cheesestick with ice cream and i’ll see how it goes.

    thanks for sharing wo 🙂

    • Oh, what’s wrong after you ate the ice cream? Stomach ache or hungry? 🙂

      I can pretty much eat whatever I want and still be okay. Even spoiled food from pasar ramadan that makes my dear sick but I’m fine. Haha!

      No worries, I think it’ll taste better in a wrap with muesli – more of a meal that way.

    • Nice! 🙂

      It’ll make a great sahur – don’t think it’ll last very long though coz it doesn’t have a lot of carbs, even with the breadstick.

      I usually eat two wraps with Nutella and muesli with coffee for breakfast and I’m alright till noon. 😀


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