Preparing fennel, cooking kale and an all-fruit Cape gooseberry, avocado, date and apricot wrap!


We got a nice bulb of fennel while grocery shopping during the weekend. It was primarily due to the placecard they had – it sounded good so I bought it. It’s not the cheapest thing at RM 31.90/kg and my love is so good that she knew the fennel I was holding would be around RM 6 before I went to the weighing machine.

fennel price

It turned out to be RM 6.76 but close enough for government work! smirk

I like this vegetable – I had to watch a YouTube video to know how to properly cut it (there’s a bit of root inside that requires a wedge cut with a sharp knife) and I gave it to Ling raw to see if she liked it for my next cooking experiment.

cleaning fennel

It tastes like liqorice, you know, the black candy that’s sold in a long string. It’s due to the strong aniseed flavor, which can be quite intense when eaten raw but goes away when you cook it.


The bunch of curly kale is a US import and quite expensive at RM 52.49/kg. The two stalks we got cost RM 20 and it felt pretty light to me. Kale and fennel are things we haven’t tried before so I wanted to cook it.

curly kale

It was done two ways – I already knew I wanted to steam mine but my dear stir fried hers with some shallots and oyster sauce and I must say, it tasted really good! This kale in this dish alone costs RM 10 though but well worth it.

stir fried kale

Back to the fennel, I wanted to add it into this new all-fruit wrap that I did for breakfast but I totally forgot about it. It was still an interesting experiment though.

fruit wrap

You will need:

  • Natural dates with branches
  • Avocado
  • Nutella
  • Apricots
  • Tortilla wraps
  • Cape gooseberry (known here as Physalis)

apricot avocado dates wrap

The interesting bit about this all-fruit wrap is that everything except for the Cape gooseberry can be split in half and has a seed inside – the avocado, the apricot, and the dates.


I like eating good dates – these are Tunisian ones still on the branches, semi-dry and premium ones sold under the “Black Amber” label.

dates on branches

I basically put the avocado (with bites taken out of it coz we were hungry) on first and then added the apricots and dates.

fresh apricots

All of these are split in half by hand and the pit thrown away. I just arranged the halves of the respective fruits on the tortilla wrap.


The Cape gooseberry is sprinkled down the middle for an acidic, citrus-y bite. I’ve seen a lot of high end Japanese bakeries use this as a decoration and the shroud (the leaf like things on the side) is *not edible*. I wonder what the people eating those pastries whole would feel like. Heh.

Physalis (which is what Cape gooseberry is marketed as here) is a nice berry though – it’s yellow and the larger it is, the sweeter it becomes.

cape gooseberry

I finished off the wrap by putting a bit of Nutella on top of the avocado (it tastes great together) before chilling it in the fridge for 5 minutes and wrapping it up.

The dates provides the saccharine sweetness, with the apricots bringing it’s own mild nectarine fructose into the mix, and the avocado gives off a smooth mouth-feel with the Cape gooseberries there for a sour bite.

avocado nutella wrap

I can’t say it’s a successful wrap coz there’s not enough “moisture” inside – I think adding yoghurt would do wonders for it. It’s still a nice experiment even though I totally forgot about the fennel.

I used all of it for a nice cottage pie, as well as my version of the kale – coming up in the next post! 🙂

Death by Chocolate Ultimate Breakfast Wrap

death by choc wrap

I made this sinfully delicious wrap for *breakfast* over the weekend. I just woke up and wanted to get something to eat. We went grocery shopping the night before and we always get a huge tub of ice cream before heading back. My dear picked this one:

death by chocolate

It’s appropriately called Death by Chocolate Premium Ice Cream. It’s described as “a chocolate lover’s delight featuring decadent chocolate ice cream, chocolate candy pieces and crunchy almonds”. It also has bits of chocolate brownies inside!

death by chocolate ingredients

To make the Death by Chocolate Ultimate Breakfast Wrap, you will need:

  • Wholegrain tortilla wraps
  • Death by Chocolate Premium Ice Cream (or any other ultra chocolate ice cream)
  • Soft cheese stick from a bakery
  • Muesli

The muesli is not just there to give it a healthy illusion – it actually tastes really yummy! It’s Dorset Cereals – 50% of the contents are fruit, nuts and seeds. I was eating the Super Cranberry, Cherry and & Almond – described as “an exquisite blend of cranberries, cherries and almonds with raisins, sultanas, sunflower seeds and toasted cereals”. It’s essential for the crunchy texture it provides!


I also thought that putting a soft cheese stick (we got it from a bakery) would make this a more substantial meal since we’re going to share it. I was right since it was so good I think she ate more than her fair share. smirk

I scooped out *almost a pint* of the Death by Chocolate ice cream into a tortilla wrap and sprinkled muesli on it before adding on the cheese stick. I couldn’t actually wrap it so we ate it like a soft taco.

death by chocolate us

I had one bite and she had one bite and we started taking bigger and bigger bites and before long it was all gone. It’s coz we used so much ice cream in the wrap, it’s the exact opposite of the healthy Greek yoghurt sandwich I made. This one is absolutely delicious – so much so that it was devoured more than eaten. Haha!

death by choc

I gave her more though coz I know she really liked it. <3

Pork & Prawn Salsa Burritos with Century Egg + Cheddar Cheese

surf turf fajitas

I’ll call it Surf and Turf Burritos except it doesn’t exactly qualify as such. Heh. I made this for our anniversary – it’s a bit of an eccentric mix between East and West, and it sounds like fusion gone completely wrong but for some reason it works! 🙂

pork prawn century fajitas

You will need:

  • Plain flour tortillas
  • Prawns (shrimp – and lots of it)
  • Pork (minced)
  • Newman’s Own Medium Chunky Salsa
  • Duck century egg
  • Aged cheddar cheese
  • Iceberg lettuce

minced pork

We got the Jamie Oliver Pink Himalayan Salt and Tellicherry Black Pepper on sale. It was something like RM 7.99 each from Meatworks, which makes it a pretty good deal. I used it to season the pork and prawns.

jamie oliver tellicherry pepper

I actually wanted to make crispy tacos for our anniversary but went with fajitas (burritos to be more concise, it doesn’t have grilled meat and it’s wrapped) instead – our brand of choice is Mexican Discovery Plain Flour Tortillas.

newmans own salsa

I first pan fried the minced pork with a bit of olive oil and added ½ of a 1.5 kg bag of defrosted peeled prawns into the mix before adding in the salt and pepper.

salsa reduction

The salsa was added into the mix at this point instead of during the wrapping process. I figured the prawns and pork could do with a bit of taste. I simmered the concoction on low heat until it reduced to just a bit of sauce.

pan heating tortillas

Next, I diced duck century eggs (there are chicken and quail versions nowadays too but I like tradition) and cheddar cheese into bite-sized chunks…

iceberg lettuce

…and went all ninja on the iceberg lettuce. smirk

pork prawn fajitas

The tortilla wraps were heated for a few seconds on a frying pan (that’s why we used Mexican Discovery, it has a higher moisture content and can be subjected to this) before being used as a base to wrap all the ingredients.

wrapping burritos

I scooped in the hot pork and prawns salsa mix before adding sliced iceberg lettuce, century eggs and cheddar cheese. The entire tortilla is wrapped up burrito style.

The trick to doing this well is to not over-fill the tortilla wraps.

berkeley farms moose tracks

My love came with dessert – a double slice of cake, which we ate with a 1.5 pint tub of Berkeley Farms Moose Track ice cream. The ice cream is loaded with peanut butter cups (kinda like Reese’s Pieces) and fudge and I originally thought this Californian ice cream was pretty crappy but changed my mind after eating it a second time.

It’s a good desert to finish everything off!

ling hb fajitas

I think it has become somewhat of a tradition for me to cook during our anniversary and I’m glad I managed to do it this time too. I’m lucky to have you dear! *hugs*

century egg fajitas

The pork and prawn fajitas may sound a bit weird but it goes well together. Try out the duck century egg and cheese combo – they both have that umami taste to it, and I’ve finished the rest of the tortilla wraps with that and a bit of lettuce and honey glazed ham. 🙂

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