10 weird and wonderful things from last month

1. Kiwano (Horned Melon)


This is a RM 15 fruit we found at the grocery. The kiwano is also called a horned melon. It’s about the size of a kiwi – quite expensive for its size – and you’re supposed to eat it like one. I’ve never seen it in any other import specialty grocers so we got one to share.

horned melon

The kiwano fruit has lots of segments inside with seeds coated with jelly-like fruit and it tastes like cucumbers!

kiwano seeds

One of the most interesting fruits I’ve had to pleasure to eat – it’s like a refreshing *explosion* of clean, thirst quenching flavors in your mouth!

2. Huge 5kg Nutella

nutella 5kg

I eat a lot of Nutella and when I saw this in Langkawi (was there a couple of weeks ago and bought quite a bit of duty free goods) I couldn’t resist buying it. It’s 5,000 grams worth of Nutella in a huge plastic iconic container for just RM 145!

nutella traveler edition

However, we decided we couldn’t lug that beast back and settled for the Traveler’s Edition of Nutella – which is made in Italy and not Australia!

3. Klonut


Yup, it’s a clone of the cronut. We actually had it way back in July at Dessert Storm. There was a RM 7 promo with three flavors – Peanut Butter and Caramel Klonut, Kaya & Coconut Klonut and Boysenberry Jam and Chocolate Klonut.

dessert storm

It’s pretty good but it’s not the beautiful offspring of a croissant and a donut. The recipe for the pastry is slightly different here.

4. Chocolate coated Oreos

oreo travelers edition

This is a travel exclusive that we opened up last month. It’s only sold in airports (and such places) and it’s basically an Oreo covered in chocolate!

chocolate covered oreos

It’s made in Spain and delicious! I wish I had this when I did my own battered and deep fried Mars and other candy bars.

5. Snickers Ice Cream

snickers ice cream

Got a pint of Snickers Ice Cream (from France) and finished it on the same day while watching movies at home. A pint isn’t really enough for us, and thus over the weekend…

6. 31% off hand packed Baskin Robbins ice cream

br 31

I got two pints during the weekend coz we eat a lot of ice cream. My better half chose Chocolate Mousse Royale and I chose Sweet & Salty. I don’t know what happened but the batch that day didn’t have *any* salty pretzel pieces (which is why I like the flavor).

baskin robbins

There’s only caramel in the ice cream – probably coz the outlet topped the newly opened box with some leftovers (which was also contaminated with the neighbouring Blueberry Pabba Cotta). I should have asked the servers to just get me the ones from the new box instead of that but they were too busy – the 31% discount days always seems to be a hectic mess for the staff.

7. Cognac filled chocolate sticks

chocolate cognac

I bought this during our trip to Langkawi. I thought it was rather expensive at RM 34.50 for 15 chocolate sticks. This GOLDKENN product is certainly priced higher than the usual Anthon Berg bottle-shaped liquor chocolates…

cognac sticks

…but it tastes absolutely fabulous! The cocoa dusted chocolate sticks were filled with tangible cognac and it’s well worth the RM 2+ per bite price…and that’s duty free prices! 🙂

8. Absolut Hibiskus

absolut unique

I also got this really awesome and cool looking Absolut Unique display plaque. I’ve seen the Absolut Unique bottles around for a while now – each time I travel, I saw quite a lot of different bottles with different serial numbers…and now I have a unique mounted one!

absolut hibiskus

I also got a bottle of Absolut Hibiskus – it’s the first floral flavored vodka and it was launched in conjunction with Merdeka (Independence Day). The hibiscus is our national flower, geddit? 😀

It tastes good – am planning to make some cocktails with these, aptly with edible flowers (which you’re going to hear and see a lot more of).

9. Self-heating soup can

hot soup

We had this for dinner last night! I got this earlier this year during one of our grocery shopping trips. I think there was a promotion for RM 14 for two cans. Each “can” of soup is the same size and shape as a regular soda can!

self heating soup

The interesting bit about this is the self-heating part – there’s chemicals at the bottom of the can which heats the can when pressed and activated. You have to shake it for 30 seconds and steam actually comes out of the unopened can (along with a distasteful chemical smell).

heating soup

There’s a strip of indicator on the side which *changes color* according to temperature and you just open the can like a regular soft drink and drink it when it cools down. I thought it’s quite cool, just like the MRE (Meal, Ready to Eat – a military food rations kit) I got when I was in the Boy’s Brigade. Haha!

10. Pig teats

pig teats

Yup, those are exactly what it looks like! It just came in a package for a super awesome secret cooking project that I did over the weekend!

pig nipples

It’s going to be…er, revealed next week! 😀

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28 thoughts on “10 weird and wonderful things from last month”

  1. Never heard or seen one Kiwano before, very informative post about that, thanks for sharing. I’ve spotted a 7-nut-granola from tesco too, i love it, just bought 2 packets just now :p

    • Yup, it’s also called a horned melon! 🙂

      I really liked it – it’s about the size of a kiwi and you can eat it with a spoon coz there’s segmented sections inside but I ate it just like that (without the skin of course). It tastes like cucumbers and kiwi!

      Haha! Yeah, I eat a lot of muesli.

  2. Heh I have a one litre bottle of nutella at home. I can’t live without nutella! I wanted to bring a jar to the office so that I can just sprinkle sea salt into it and eat it out of the jar when stressed out!

    • Awesome! 🙂

      I would love a 1 litre one too! I really regretted not getting that huge 5 litre Nutella when I had a chance in Langkawi.

      It sure would be quite the conversation piece! It’s HUGE – my palm is visible on lower left as a comparison.

      It’s just toooooo heavy and big to lug back home though.

      Me too! I love the stuff, but I’ve never eaten it with sea salt!

      Thanks for the recommendation, I shall try it! 😀

  3. Hey HB…i love all until i scrolled down to the last one…eeekkk… So geli.. Pig nipple!? Oh gosh… First time coming across this …. What r u going to do with the nipples?.. O me o my!!

    • It was something that came in the bag! 🙂

      I asked for pig skin and the good people at Sanbanto didn’t know how to sell that so they just gave it to me.

      It’s from the belly of the pig, thus the teats!

      I’m going to make pig noodles! Not pork noodles, pig noodles e.g. noodles made from pig skin! 😀

  4. Hmmmm…sure would like to try some of those interesting stuff like the Snickers ice cream but some…not all. Eyewwwww!!!! I’d pass on those pig’s teats. Look like men’s nipples… LOL!!! 5 kg Nutella??? *faints*

      • Yeah, I’m puzzled too!

        It’s very weird, some comments are held for moderation for no reason and some spam gets in when there’s a banned keyword like Viagra or online casino.

    • The Snickers ice cream (and Mars) is good! 🙂

      It’s also cheap for the pint format (500 ml for RM 19.90) while other US pints (472 ml – 473 ml) brands are sold for RM 28 (Ben & Jerry’s) or around the RM 25 price point (Starbucks, most other brands).

      We usually eat more than that so we get the 1.65 ml tubs!

      Haha! Yeah it does look like men’s nipples eh?

      I wanted pig skin and it’s good to know it came from the belly, where the good part is!

  5. I’ve not seen Kiwano (Horned Melon) before. But it looks like puffer fish. hehe….
    I like anything that has chocolate. 😉
    Hurmm…the last pic… like somethg I’ll come across in Fear Factor episode :-p

    • Yeah, it’s the first time we saw it too! 🙂

      It’s at Presto, the grocery shop at Citta Mall. There’s a few groceries here with interesting things – Jaya Grocer and Ben’s Independent Grocer being among them.

      Oh yeah, I also got some Anthon Berg chocolates from Langkawi (bottle shaped chocs with liqueur inside) – don’t usually get them coz it’s quite common and there’s quite a lot around but these are limited edition cocktail versions – they have Mojitos, Cosmopolitans, Strawberry Daiquiris etc.

      Interesting fillings for a change! 😀

    • It tastes a little like cucumbers too! 🙂

      It’s a very refreshing fruit – much more so than any other I’ve come across. Truly thirst quenching!

      The seeds are edible – you don’t even feel them at all coz the jelly coating them just makes it slide down your throat like passion fruit juice. It’s milder tasting though.

      Hmm…the blog subscribe feature should be under “Follow Me” on the sidebar – the RSS symbol.

      Gotta do a blog redesign, it’s a bit too messy. Thanks Kathy! 😀

    • Haha! Some of them are hard to get – only seen the 5 kg Nutella in Langkawi! 🙂

      The Absolut Hibiskus is out though, made a cocktail with edible flowers (now we’re using it on a lot of our dishes coz it’s so awesome) and it tasted good.

      Chocolates are all from Langkawi duty free, including the liqueur ones! We bought quite a lot home.

      The Oreos Travel Edition and Nutella Travelers Edition are only available at duty free shops and airports.

      Haha! The item in #10 made a really interesting dish over the weekend! 😀

    • Yup, that’s our indulgence dear! 🙂

      It’s something that we both like and enjoy, choosing the ice cream, getting the pints back home etc. I still have my Sweet & Salty which has no pretzel pieces!

      Only a bit left though…

      Always a good weekend with you dear! <3

  6. Your blog is always full of new surprises and I like that! Most of the items you posted are really surprises esp the Self Heating Soup can! I have only seen the self heating coffee. Now I am considering to bring the self heating soup cans to climb Mount Emei this Winter. I have to search for them here!

    Are your Pig Teats real? They gave me goosebumps by just looking at them.

    • I got that self-heating soup can ages ago! 🙂

      We only opened it during the weekend – it has been sitting there for months! However, it has a long shelf life (until 2014).

      The interesting thing is that the chemical strip changes color and it works based on some kinetic based energy (have to shake the can after piercing the bottom – presumably to mix two chemicals together) to heat the can.

      The soup is nothing to write home about though – even Campbell soup will be better.

      However, it’s really interesting to see the chemical reaction and the steam coming out and the temperature strip changing color.

      Yup, those are real pig teats – didn’t ask for them, it was in the bag when I got pig skin, which I now know is from the belly!

  7. Hi, may i know how can i get the Absolut Unique display plaque? is it for sale? or it’s a gift item?

    would like to know more. thanks.

    • Hi Alvin! 🙂

      The Absolut Unique display plaque is a gift for media – it was sent to me via courier and it’s a limited edition numbered item so it’s not for sale to the public. Cheers!

    • Hello Chee Song,

      I can’t recall the name of the store but it’s in the Langkawi duty free strip – there’s just 3-4 shops selling chocolates and liquor and they’re all on the same street (side by side in most cases) so if you’re in Langkawi you can just pop into one of them and ask. I believe most duty free shops carry it.


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