Our weekend trip to Gold Coast Morib Resort!

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I decided to take my better half and the kids on a trip last weekend. I was about to go to A-Farmosa in Melaka (gave the little ones a choice of that and Lost World of Tambun in Ipoh) before my dear told me about this place.

morib water park

Thus, we packed our bags and went to the water park that’s the flagship of Gold Coast Morib Resort!


We got two adult tags for the water park which were valid for two (2) days as part of our check in package. I also got an additional bed (RM 60) which is a camping air bed that the big one slept on. It came with toiletries and +1 breakfast but no extra water park ticket.

waterpark tags

The water park tickets cost RM 20 for each child below the age of 12. I also rented a float for RM 10. There’s two really nice water slides (similar to each other) that me and my dear went on. It was a bit scary so the kids didn’t want to go on it. I got a big bruise from it though:


It’s coz I slid down by using the iron bar on top to speed myself up. Do not try to go down this head-first, you’ll likely be injured.

morib water slide

I did go on the other water rides head-first though. There’s a flat, wide water slide, three small and taller straight water slides side-by-side and a high and winding water slide with multiple twists which we all went on – sometimes in groups of *three* (me, my dear and the smallest one).

morib goldcoast

Dinner that night was at Golden Sea Restaurant – just a couple of minutes down the road. The food was good, we had steamed prawns (RM 25), Marmite chicken and lala fried rice vermicelli. I had a stomach bug though so I couldn’t finish dinner but we tapao-ed the rest back and everyone (including the kids) finished the leftovers!

steamed prawns

A word of warning – it’s almost impossible to get a table for the buffet breakfast at Gold Coast Morib Resort!

breakfast buffet

The water park doesn’t really check the tags so we didn’t have to buy another set for the kids the next day. That theoretically saved me RM 40 but unfortunately, I put a RM 50 note in my pocket as well as the hotel key card. It stayed right where it was the first day (which was a good thing since I had hundreds in there) but on the second day, I *lost* everything!

goldcoast morib resort

It wasn’t due to the slides, I went on them both days but the deep pool! I was pretending to be a dolphin while I dove up and down with the big one hanging on to me. I also tripped before entering the pool so that might have opened up the Velcro.

goldcoast morib beach

I couldn’t find both so I had to replace the key card and then we all went into the Jacuzzi and had ice cream while waiting for the check-out time.



  • No limitation to people in room (we didn’t need the extra bed but got it for comfort)
  • Breakfast is free for kids
  • Water park doesn’t check tags and encourages you to keep yours so you can use it the next day
  • Good food is available just a short drive away
  • You can get good paos from Tanjung Sepat on the way back

tanjung sepat pao


  • The room isn’t clean – there’s even a discarded snack wrapper on the balcony
  • The resort can be noisy at night
  • Service is bad – no one answered the in-house phone and I had to call their external line to get toiletries
  • The resort isn’t well maintained – the hair-dryer in our room was broken and the maintenance guys had to fix it on the spot
  • There’s no swimming pool so you have to pay for the water park for that

family trip morib

Nevertheless, I had a lot of fun with my dear and the kids! It was a good weekend and we’re looking forward to the next one! 🙂

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29 thoughts on “Our weekend trip to Gold Coast Morib Resort!”

    • Yeah, I’m putting on quite a bit of weight! 🙂

      It’s a good thing, it means I’m happy and eating good food regularly! Haha!

    • It’s not that bad, it’s seriously not painful at all! 🙂

      No one believes me, but the cut on my hand (from slipping) hurts more! It really depends on where you’re wounded – the cut on my hand hit some nerves.

    • Yeah, the little ones loved the water park! 🙂

      It’s a nice place for families with kids but it’s soooo packed you can’t get a table even at off-peak hours during breakfast. They didn’t design the place with max accommodation (like most other hotel/resorts) but they’re expanding from the looks of the construction.

    • It’s quite small compared to Sunway Lagoon! 🙂

      It’s also very packed but it’s big enough for kids to have fun and it has 8 slides in total – different heights and widths so it rates from scary to ones that kids can play on.

  1. The beach is not worth calling a beach and the stench oh mai gawd… but Ethan enjoyed the waterpark nevertheless the last time we were there. Can see the girls enjoyed themselves too and that matters most right? 🙂

    • I agree, we didn’t go to the beach! 🙂

      Sepang Gold Coast is *not* a beach suitable for swimming for the reasons you mentioned and also coz of the amount of waste on the sands and waterline.

      Yup, the kids loved the water park! I liked it too, especially the two long slides!

  2. HB, one thing about kids sometime they have own taste in food than grown up. Mostly their teeth and mouths are small. They like food more cut up and easy to chew. Nice to them (sisters inlaws) enjoyed themselves.

    • Yup, kids are used to eating certain things and they’ll just eat that! 🙂

      I’m like that as a kid too so I understand. The bigger one is like me as a kid, she doesn’t eat vegetables. I think that’s alright with the nutrients we get from other things now – I didn’t eat vegetables until I was in my mid-20’s and I’m fine.

  3. Albeit the unpleasant smells..noise n cleanliness of the room, overall we all still had a great time there,dear. The water park is fun although not worth of the entrance fee but considering it is inclusive in the room price and we can utilize until the day we check out, that matters most hahah. Thanks dear for an awesome weekend trip. Hugs…

    • Yeah, I had a great time with you and the kids dear! 🙂

      It’s always fun to travel together, even on a day trip like to the park in the city where there’s lot of animals where the kids went riding on a pony. I still have the cute photos. Haha!

      Indeed, it’s a good place to go to since the kids like water and it’ll be nice to go back again. No worries dear, we can always go next time to another place! <3

  4. Looks fun, HB! You and Ling have been taking care of the kids quite a bit lately…practice and preparation? *wink*

    At first I thought you came down to Gold Coast Brisbane for the weekend! 😛

    • Haha! Yeah, I think that just about sums it up! 🙂

      Oops! You’re right, I accidentally put the photos into the “goldcoast” directory, which is a photo directory I have to *AUSTRALIA* not Malaysia! I should have put it into the “sepang” directory.

      I just went to Gold Coast last year and Melbourne earlier this year! I hope we can drop by next year and we can meet up for dinner!

    • Yup, they had a lot of fun and that’s all that matters! 🙂

      We did too, as well! The bruise isn’t that bad, it just looks painful but it’s not. Thanks for the well wishes though!

      I cut my hand when I slipped and that hurts more coz it hit a nerve in my hand.

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence buddy! 🙂

      Haha! The cooking stuff I can’t do for the kids coz they’re quite picky eaters. I was too when I was a kid – I didn’t even eat vegetables until I was in my mid 20’s!

    • Yeah, but the kids had fun and we all had fun too! 🙂

      I was just puzzled as to why I had to call their 03 external line coz no one picked up the in-house reception line. That’s inexcusable.

      It’s a fun place to go for families with kids who likes water!

  5. how much does it cost to have an extra bed? Did they limit number of extra bed you can request?
    if we didn’t stay overnite, but just go to the theme park, is there a changing area that you can take bath after playing?

    • Hello YS! 🙂

      The extra bed is RM 60. It’s an air-bed, the type that you pump up like an air cushion and not particularly comfortable…however, the kids loved it though. There should be no limit to extra beds but the room space isn’t very big since they have an in-room Jacuzzi/spa.

      Yeah, you can just go without staying at the resort, they have day passes too and changing rooms (lockers are chargable though).

      Hope that helps.

  6. Hello 🙂 I’ve planned to visit there, your input about the place helps me to understand the place. I would like to ask if do they would limit the amount of people in room? I’d prefer to have the studio suite room instead of the 2 bedroom apartment. It’s 5 of us in a family by the way. Thank you 🙂

    • Hello Mimi! 🙂

      The resort does not limit the number of people in the room (at least they didn’t last year when we went) – we saw rooms *packed* full of large families of more than 6 so your family of 5 in a studio suite should be alright.

      I wrote about that in the Pros btw, it’s in the post – I mentioned we just got the extra bed for comfort and they don’t enforce the max occupancy.

      Have fun with your family!

  7. Hi..!! Appreciate if you could tell more about the ‘golden sea restaurant… how close is it to the resort? walking distance or few minutes drive down the road?


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