3 interesting and unusual things I spotted in Sibu + a short mention

1. Taking it in stride

smart ass car

We both laughed out of surprise when we saw this. I was driving to breakfast and asked my better half for my camera so I could take a photo. It’s the most innovative way to display your car licence plate after being rear-ended in an accident.

Why, you just put it inside and life goes on. smirk

2. Confused car

confused car

This car has the symbols for:

  • No Food and Drinks
  • No Smoking
  • Photography Allowed
  • Headphones Only
  • Instant Messenger
  • WiFi Hotspot
  • Facebook Like
  • Playboy Bunny

I don’t know what kind of statement the driver is trying to make but it doesn’t make any sense to me. Heh.

3. Hard candy

mm snack mix salty

I always head to Ta Kiong when I’m home. It’s an import specialty supermarket that has things you wouldn’t think Sibu would have. They even stock stuff I haven’t seen in KL coz they import it themselves. I like the Pretzel M&M’s – the newer ones are crunchier, saltier and sweeter with “more pretzel taste”.

pretzel mm

I’ve never seen Pretzel M&M’s in KL before (this is imported directly from the US) so I got some and the new formula tastes good.

I also got a pack of M&M Snack Mix – it has Salty & Sweet contents like roasted peanuts, crunchy pretzels, chocolate chip cookies. Now, the biggest question is whether the stuff is inside the M&M’s or outside i.e. are they fillings or separate snacks. I know M&M has peanuts, pretzels, peanut butter etc as fillings but I didn’t know they make them in Chocolate Chip Cookie.

raspberry mint mm

I wouldn’t be surprised though as M&M’s have Raspberry and Mint fillings covered in dark chocolate.

We haven’t opened the bag yet, so it’ll be interesting to find out.

snickers 3x

I also got us some Snickers from the US…

twix pb snickers squared

…and my favorite Twix PB! This is Twix chocolate cookie bars with peanut butter milk chocolate! Twix was what I reached for when I had the munchies back when I was studying in Melbourne and it’s still one of my favorite candy bars. I like peanut butter in candy bars, there’s also Snickers peanut butter Squared at the bottom (but we got that in KL) which basically contains 2 squares instead of a bar in a package you can twist to close and save one for later!

Short mention:

How to Golf in One Night

Haha! The short film above shows the antics of a guy who has never golfed in his life trying to impress his girlfriend’s dad. His friends gave him some well-intended but ultimately disastrous advice for “The Judgement Day” (as it’s hilariously called). His first swing made the golf club fly from his grip and hit someone, much to the disapproval of his future father-in-law.

It has a truly heart-warming ending after he and his girlfriend’s father have “the perfect round”.

I’ve seen Heineken and CIMB Classic posters around town and it’s no surprise that the long term sponsor of premier sporting events in the global arena like the UEFA Champions League for football, the Heineken Cup for rugby, and the US Open for tennis is finally going into the golfing arena – by being the official beverage partner of the CIMB Classic 2013 at the Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club (GLGCC) from 24-27th October.

heineken cimb classic

The prestigious CIMB Classic is the first PGA tour in Asia and golf enthusiasts can finally get Heineken style premier hospitality from their public hospitality marquee at the CIMB Classic. Located above the food village, Heineken’s The Green Experience will be a place for fans to lounge in style as they enjoy a grandstand view of golf’s greatest in full swing while cooling down with a refreshing Heineken brew in hand.

That’s what I read and it really made me want to go and experience the exclusivity that describes! You also get to pour the perfect pint of ice cold Heineken and give your best shot at the various games while watching the world-class action on screens. It’s the ultimate in Heineken hospitality!

Find out more about Heineken’s exciting calendar of events at their Facebook page or Twitter.

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17 thoughts on “3 interesting and unusual things I spotted in Sibu + a short mention”

    • Yeah, we’ve been to the pasar malam but the ones here have a lot more variety! 🙂

      There’s one thing that pasar malams here *don’t* have though – smoked pig’s head (whole). Haha! I’ve always found that people from KL coming to Sibu find that unusual.

      (and also our paper wrapped chicken – literal live chickens wrapped in newspaper so they can’t move in the wet market)

      • I was darn surprised too when I sawcthe oink oink being sold like that there and the stalls opposite/next to it was of people from different religion.

        Lol..when stp said paper wrapped chicken I thought it was the ones like Leong Ya YTF restaurant :p

        • Yeah, Sibu is majority Chinese! 🙂

          Well, at least the town is, Dayaks form a huge majority too and they aren’t particular about pork.

    • Yeah, Ta Kiong imports it themselves! 🙂

      They have a lot of stuff you (especially candy) which you don’t see in KL. My favorite place to shop when I’m back home!

    • I just love the stuff they have! 🙂

      Of course, KL has a lot of interesting stuff too but Ta Kiong can hold it’s own coz they import their own stuff from US, Australia, EU!

    • Haha! Yeah, the car had lots of conflicting stickers! 🙂

      That’s just a place in Sibu that I love going to coz they import stuff by themselves so they stock things KL doesn’t even have (even places like BIG, Jaya Grocer etc).

  1. I love the m&m pretzels. One if their best versions. Ta Kiong sells a lot of chocolates much cheaper than the west! And lots of stuff you wouldn’t even see in KL! So far they are also the only one shop I know in Malaysia that sells US version kit kats! *proud Sarawakian!* hehe

    • Yup, Ta Kiong started as a small sundry shop in Sibu and now it’s a huge import force that expanded to The Spring in Kuching! 🙂

      They have really brought us a lot of imported stuff at reasonable prices since I was a kid. I love their cereals and candy bars growing up.

      The candy bars they stock is different from the ones in KL coz they import it themselves (the import sticker is at the back of each) and it’s priced cheaper too e.g. an imported Violet Crumble candy bar here in KL costs RM 12.90 (!!!).

      It’s a bar that’s like Crunchie (honeycomb center) but it’s so expensive that it’s hard to justify the price when I’m used to paying much lower when I was in Australia.

  2. I am surprised that a quiet town like Sibu sells many imported stuffs too.

    Your first photo was funny. Last month, I had similar encounter after an accident. The policemen flagged me down as my car plate looked funny! A cyclist broke it and I pasted a new temporary plate using computer print out with very kinky fonts.

    • Yeah, and there’s a reason behind it – Sibu has a huge community of people who have studied abroad in the US, Australia, UK. 🙂

      That’s the market Ta Kiong caters to, I supposed – there’s a lot of rich business tycoons who send their kids overseas and when they’re back they want a taste of the host country they studied in.

      This has been going on for generations, a surprising number of people in Sibu studies abroad coz we’re majority Chinese and there’s the issue of not being able to get into local universities coz of quota and also the fact that the parents want the best for their kids and saves to send them abroad.

      I have this mentality too! I’ll love to send the kids overseas to study!


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