A very LEGO x Pandora Essence anniversary


We just had our latest anniversary and I surprised my better half by going to the official LEGO shop in Malaysia and getting something for her. I wanted to get the Emmet figure from The LEGO Movie but you can’t get it now. You have to get it in one of the official LEGO movie sets.

lord business evil lair

I got the Lord Business Evil Lair (RM 349.90) from the end scene in the movie coz it has all the LEGO characters that she likes. We plan to build it together with the kids…and GLUE IT ALL UP WHEN IT’S DONE!

That’s a joke from the movie, BTW. Haha.

LEGO Minifigures Pack

I also got the collectible LEGO Minifigures (RM 14.90 each) which are all the rage now. I picked three – one for my dear and one each for the kids and let them choose. The big one managed to get the one that she wanted (a spaceman with spacesuit) and the little one got a cowboy. My better half got a princess with a dog frog.

I didn’t get one for myself since the big one has two Player 1 LEGO minifigures (you don’t know what is inside until you open it) so I’ll select one as my own avatar. smirk

LEGO Store Malaysia

I also got an official LEGO ice cube maker (RM 30) which makes the red brick sized LEGO ice cubes. I thought my dear would appreciate it in her overnight oats endeavours – I suggested freezing bricks of LEGO milk or using it as a mould to make see-through raspberries suspended in clear gelatin LEGO bricks as a food decoration.

Lego Shop

My better half has always been very thoughtful with her gifts and I love that she keeps me in her heart and always thinks of me in everything she does. She got me a very nice pair of flip flops coz my favorite pair I bought from Club Med Bali has literally been worn to rags. She also got me lots of imported chocolates!

ling food

She always keeps me fed with her delicious home cooked food and writes thoughtful and loving cards for me too.

one i love

I’ve been keeping our story with Pandora charms and the last one I got her was a Princess heart with zirconium and gold crown. I also wanted to get her a new Pandora bangle style bracelet last month since her bracelet is so full now that it’s impossible to fit any more charms!

pandora princess charm

I had casually asked her what she thought about the Pandora Essence line (which is a new line meant for a more mature audience) and I remember her telling me that it’s nice but it’s a bit unfortunate that it’s not compatible with the regular line.

pandora essence collection

Well, since her Pandora bracelet has already been filled to capacity (we’ve been together for almost two years) I thought I’ll bring her out and surprise her with a visit to Pandora to get her fitted with the new Pandora Essence bracelet!

love essence charm

I also got one Pandora Essence charm to go with the bracelet – these charms are not interchangeable with the regular line but it’s nice coz it won’t move around – there’s an inner coating of some kind which prevents it from shifting. The first charm I got to start is aptly called Love.

pandora essence

Pandora Essence has many different charms named after characteristics e.g. Caring, Determination etc and I thought it’ll be nice for her to wear a new bracelet while I get her old one cleaned since I can get that done free of charge (due to my almost monthly patronage of Pandora). I plan to build our stories on Pandora Essence for the time being and get *another* regular Pandora bracelet for her after it’s filled…

LEGO purchases

…so we can continue creating more new stories in the future on a brand new bracelet! <3

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17 thoughts on “A very LEGO x Pandora Essence anniversary”

  1. That is so very sweet and thoughtful of you. The heart charm looks awesome! Ya, I did read in her blog that she’s into this LEGO thingy now. Bet you all would have a lot of fun putting that set together – it sure looks good on the box. And it’s so nice of her to keep you well-fed – the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach, so they say. Guess she knows that very well. Hehehehehe!!!!

    Happy anniversary, both. Cheers!!!

    • Thanks buddy! 🙂

      Yeah, we watched the LEGO movie and were surprised by it – it was really good. The kids loved it too! I’ve played with LEGOs as a kid and it’s very advanced now, lots of cross branding too with Star Wars, The Simpsons etc.

      Haha! Indeed, she’s the best cook in my life and I’m lucky to have her.

  2. Such a lovely post and I like all the sweet things you did for her and the kids.. Ok, gotta be straight forward, I’m not a fan of LEGO, the only LEGO thingy I could think of right now is the LEGO Duplo games I’ve downloaded in my phone for my boy.. He loves LEGO Duplo games, so I’ve downloaded some, to keep in my phone, to keep him quiet when the tablet is out of battery. But I like two things you mentioned about LEGO in this post – the LEGO Minifigures princess with a dog (didn’t know LEGO has a princess character) and that ice cube maker.. These are the two stuffs I like 🙂

    I’ve seen, heard and read so much about Pandora and their charms and all.. My colleague has a bracelet full of charms, she even bought a “locker” (or something like that) to “lock” or “fasten” the charms to avoid them from moving too much.. They’re not cheap.. She told me her bracelet cost close to RM1k, inclusive of the charms..

    • It’s a charm chain protector! 🙂

      That’s what they call the thing that fastens around the end of the bracelet – the Pandora shop assistant told me about that, it’s a less than RM 300 investment for keeping your charms on the bracelet – so even the bracelet accidentally opens, the charms won’t drop down coz it’s blocked by the chain.

      Yeah, Pandora isn’t cheap at all – there’s 14 charms in total on the bracelet, ranging from RM 169 to RM 395 (and above). I only got a couple of the basic ones, the ones with gold can go up to RM 500 – RM 3,000 for a single charm! I think the most expensive one on the bracelet is around RM 500+ and including the charm protector and bracelet, everything should be around RM 4,000+ (coz that’s when I got the Pandora Club membership).

      It depends on what charms and bracelet you get, it can even cost more than RM 12,000 for just a 2-3 charms with a bracelet since some Pandora charms are priced in the thousands!

      It’s good fun though, I didn’t buy it all at once, it’s over a period of time during our close to two years together, so it’s all good.

      Oh, you’re right, it’s a frog! The story is about The Princess and the Frog.

  3. That is super sweet.

    Love Lego but not buying those collectors item as most likely will be dismantled by son.

    Anniversary. Starting of a new chapter with a new pandora charm is just so appropriate. May your love will blossom forever

    • Thanks Kathy! 🙂

      Oh no worries! You can always put it back if your son dismantles it. It’s very easy to fit together (the minifigures have 3-6 moving parts).

      I like how LEGO now has a lot of collaborations – there’s a The Simpsons set that I thought looked nice (coz I’m a huge fan of the cartoon) and there’s even a MINECRAFT series in LEGO that’s faithful to the game!

      Indeed! Cheers for the well wishes!

    • Thanks mate! 🙂

      Nice, it’s quite fun to collect actually, I got very interested in Pandora also even though I’m not the one wearing it. Haha.

      LEGO too, I saw one for MINECRAFT that’s just like the game and also one from The Simpsons.

  4. Oh no..you can’t glue them. They are the master builders..ahhaha. I really love the Lego minifigures you have gotten for us,dear. The lego movie set is awesome and can’t wait to unbox Emmet and others. Love the new collection – Pandora Essence! It’s very different from the regular line. The bracelet and charms are more refined since the size is smaller compared to the normal charms. Thanks dear for always thinking the best for me.

    Ohh…I cook less nowadays and food quality has deteriorated since then.Haha. No worries, will be better once I get more space.

    • Haha! We already have the glue in the box set dear! 🙂

      It’s part of the evil business lair. We can unbox it together with the kids and fix it soon. That would be a fun thing to do together since this set is quite complex, not as simple as the smaller ones.

      Best of all, we can fit it together with others in the LEGO movie series and create a whole set based on several of the box sets and recreate scenes from the movie. I thought the unicorn is very funny and cute. I already thought of the LEGO ice block maker and another interesting thing is a night light that’s shaped like a large LEGO that you can activate just by touching it. I think it’ll be nice in the bedroom so that you can just press it instead of turning on the phone when you want to look for something in the dark.

      Good to hear that you like it dear, I thought it’ll be nice to start with Pandora Essence too since I quite like the new charms out in that line too – everything is named on a characteristic. It would be nice to fit one that tells our personalities.

      No dear, your cooking is awesome as always and I’m happy and lucky to have you. <3

    • Thanks Mela! 🙂

      Yeah, it’s making LEGO very popular now! The kids love it too!

      They’re really into the minifigures and it’s nice to get something that they can actually build and play together. I played with LEGOs as a kid and it really builds up creativity.

  5. oh wow, how sweet are you two!!! happy belated anniversary! apologies for the lateness— ironically, work has been keeping me from reading any blogs lately. charmbracelets are the true essence of love!! ;D

    more power to you both!

    • No worries! 🙂

      Yeah, I myself got really interested in Pandora too! I’m a member of Pandora Club (surprisingly) and I get their latest brochures and collections (as well as spam texts during promotions – some of them are really good though e.g. the one that was held at the Curve recently – they had a charm worth RM 269 for a purchase above RM 699 I think it was).

      Thanks for the well wishes Mel!

  6. Happy Anniversary! You two are such a lovely couple, so sweet, caring and thoughful to each other. Has it really been two years? I remember reading your posts when you two first got together. May there be many, many more anniversaries for both of you!

    • Thanks Mun! 🙂

      Yup, it’s almost two years dy, we’ll be going to Japan to celebrate our second anniversary together! I’m planning to visit a Michelin star ryokan to stay for the night while we’re there, it has its own private onsen in the room!

      Cheers for all the support and kind wishes!


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