Pig blood curd

pork blood

I was pleased to find pork blood during lunch and I went back again yesterday to get some more of it. There’s good pig blood curd and bad ones and it’s all in the making of this delicacy. There’s a lot of criteria which we go through to pronounce a piece of pig blood curd “good” – texture, taste and mouth-feel.

This one has a firm texture with a hint of iron that tells your brain it’s eating blood and it doesn’t completely dissolve once you chomp down on it. I don’t like excessively mushy pork blood and this one is soft and smooth yet retains a certain firmness – perfect!

I found out that pig blood curd originates from blood rice pudding (a similar preparation to blood pudding/black pudding in the UK) and was initially made with duck! There’s an article in Wikipedia that states that early Chinese villagers turned to chicken as a source of blood due to the high price of duck but it was unable to coagulate so they used pigs instead.

That’s not true as we’ve had awesome chicken blood curd in Thailand – which reminds me, I haven’t blogged about the meal, I was just talking to my better half about the street food stall the other day. smirk

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13 thoughts on “Pig blood curd”

  1. Oooooooo…I like!!!! I hear the barbers would eat once a month as they believe it helps cleanse their system of those little bits of hair that they might have inhaled or swallowed and they would stick to the sides…and they need this to flush them all out.

  2. One word – DELICIOUS !! Not many people eat/can accept pig blood curd, I call it “chue huet” (pig blood – direct translation) here.. Many many yonks ago, when I went back to Penang (my grandparents were still around then), I would indulge in curry mee with pork blood and also kuey teow thn’g with duck blood.. Here in KL, it’s hard to find them anymore.. But sometimes I see pig blood in “chap farn” eateries, that’s all..

  3. Never tried this before but I’m darn curious about trying blood curds or blood sausages since Anthony Bourdain is always eating something like that in his shows. Hahaha.

  4. looks… guess i am not into it. haha. any health benefits? i just for the sake of flavour.

    I did try the scottish version, the fried pig blood. not sure what’s the name already, “haggis” or something.

  5. My spouse loves eating pig blood curd. I tried it once but did not like it because it tastes very “siang” to me. In taiwan, they have duck blood curd too.

    But I have eaten black pudding in UK (made from pig blood and oatmeal) and like it. I guess I like it because of the oatmeal.


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