Sang Har Mee @ Restaurant Green View, SS2

Green View Sang Har Mee

I was craving for some sang har mee (生虾面) over the weekend and decided to pop back to an old favorite to eat it. Restaurant Green View has been serving their famous sang har mee (big head prawn noodles) near SS2 (technically Jalan 19) for quite a long time, using the same big head prawns we use in our big head prawn noodles in Sibu but served Cantonese style with crispy noodles.

Big Head Prawn

The price of sang har mee is based on the weight of the prawn. It’s a seasonal, fluctuating price but it has increased over the years to a staggering RM 200/kg. There were three (3) other couples there, all eating sang har mee and we put in an order for 2 pax. Each person is allocated one (1) big head prawn so this is a double portion.

Big Head Prawn Noodles

Behold! The big head prawns were medium sized that day, one slightly bigger than the other. The appeal of big head prawns is due to the roe in the large head of the prawn – it seeps out when it’s cooked, blending into the gravy to turn it into a rich and prawny treat.

Freshwater Big Head Prawn

I like how they cooked the freshwater big head prawns just right so it’s still juicy. The prawns are HUGE too – the meat is equivalent to a slipper lobster or Moreton Bay Bug and the size of the prawn is bigger than my hand!

Sang Har Mee

The only downside is that they use a different serving platter for the 2 pax sang har mee, which is a bit too shallow, so the gravy goes into the crispy noodles and renders it slightly soggy. We should have ordered 1 plate of sang har mee for 1 pax EACH so the serving bowl is slightly curved up and the crispy noodles will remain crispy.

Prawn Roe Gravy

On the plus side, this gives us a lot of the big head prawn roe-infused gravy, but if you like crispy noodles, be sure to make two individual orders instead of one order for two. The price is the same anyway, since it’s calculated by weight.

Sang Har Noodles

This plate of giant freshwater prawn noodles cost us RM 118! It has 590 grams of big head prawns at RM 200 per kg but it’s worth it coz the sang har mee tasted delicious!

Cut Fruits

They also serve a complimentary plate of cut fruits for dessert (papaya and watermelon on a bed of ice) if you order the sang har mee.

Green View Restaurant

The total bill inclusive of drinks was RM 137.55 for the both of us, which is about the same price we’ll pay if we ate at a café so it’s not too bad. I love sang har mee and even though the price has gone up almost exponentially over the years, Green View Restaurant still cooks up a decent plate of big head prawn noodles.

Restaurant Green View

Restaurant Green View
8, Jalan 19/3,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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20 thoughts on “Sang Har Mee @ Restaurant Green View, SS2”

    • Yup, it tasted delicious! 🙂

      We wanted to go to another place to try their sang har mee again (in a different style). Oh, I would have thought you’ll have found it expensive coz you were always complaining about the price of the RM 30+ bowls of big head prawn noodles in Sibu. This works out to about RM 60 per plate (person) which is double that. Haha. It’s good cooked this way though.

    • Yeah, it was delicious, a wonderful treat! 🙂

      I love sang har mee coz I love big head prawn noodles (all types). The platter they use for the 2 pax/portion sang har mee is flat so the gravy goes into the crispy noodles, making them slightly soggy if you don’t eat it quickly while the 1 pax/portion bowl doesn’t have that problem due to the steep raised edges so the crispy noodles are on top. You’ll love the bigger plate if you like a lot of gravy.

    • Yup, they’ve been around for a very long time! 🙂

      I remember back in the days, it wasn’t so expensive – when I first came to KL in 2008, it was only RM 20-25 per pax/serving. It has steadily increased since then, I think in 2010 or so it was RM 150 / kg for the prawns and now it has been raised till RM 200 / kg now. They have a whole roasted suckling pig at RM 198 which would be cheaper than their sang har mee. I hear the quality has declined over the years but it still tasted pretty good to me.

    • Yup, it’s supposed to be one of the best in Petaling Jaya. 🙂

      The prawns can be a lot bigger if it’s in season (they can reach very large sizes and develop orange claws, and then blue claws). There’s also another famous sang har mee place in Imbi (Keong Kee) and it closed down when the owner retired. However, his son opened up Kit Kee in Subang Jaya and that was where we were planning to go to but it was closed on a Sunday! That’s in Jalan SS 14/2 and beside the restaurant that was just robbed.

    • Yeah, the sang har mee here is different. 🙂

      Hmm…I’ll say they’re good in their own way, KL style sang har mee is good, but I like our own Glory Cafe’s version too.

    • Yeah, it’s good stuff! 🙂

      We wanted to check out another place in Subang Jaya too (ex Imbi’s son) but it wasn’t open – maybe this weekend.

    • Yeah, it’s fairly big sized! 🙂

      We have slightly larger ones with claws in Sarawak but those are seasonal. The flesh can be tough if the prawn is too big too.

    • Yeah, but the prices have increased steadily! 🙂

      I remember back when I came to KL it was quite affordable to eat here, maybe RM 20 per pax or so. It’s now about RM 60 per pax.

  1. have not been to this place but have heard of it. My ex-colleague told me that there is a very good Sang Har Mee restaurant near Masjid Jamek LRT . Have yet to go and try out.

    Aiyak,,,should have tried making this Sang Har Mee the other day. Had some of those Big Head Prawns from Tawau

    • There’s also one quite near us! 🙂

      The famous Imbi stall that closed down had a son who opened his own place and they serve sang har mee and har lok mee (a different take on sang har mee). I haven’t tried the one in Masjid Jamek LRT too. Yeah you can make your own if you have big head prawns, actually now a lot of the supply is from Indonesia.

  2. Wow, look at that “lor zhap” (lor gravy), I like! I’ve only eaten sang har meen at one place – Cravings.. RM29.90 (or is it RM39.90?) per plate.. Hokomo (better than nothing) la, taste ok..

    • The gravy is a bit too much for the bowl! 🙂

      It made the noodles extra soggy. You don’t have this problem if you order the 1 pax version, which comes in a deeper bowl so the gravy doesn’t touch the noodles. I haven’t tried the ones in Cravings, but there’s quite a few around Kota Damansara too for around that price range (RM 30) but it’s for the smaller prawns.

      There’s one in Bentong that’s RM 60 per pax but I didn’t order coz I was with a vegan on a durian trip. I’ll go with my better half next time.


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