22 photos from Yih Wen and Kian Mun’s wedding

Wedding Vows

Yih Wen and Kian Mun had their wedding vows done yesterday morning.

Lighting Firecrackers

I was there to help set off the firecrackers. Haha. These are the large 39,999 Chinese firecrackers roll.

Dad Wen HB

I went with my dad early in the morning and took a photo with the bride. Yih Wen is my cousin, my uncle’s daughter.

Mee Sua

I had the traditional mee sua (longevity noodles) with chicken soup.


I was told to light it up just before the groom’s delegation came.

Groom Delegation

Here there are!

Wedding Gatekeepers

These are all my cousins. They are the gatekeepers keeping the groom out until ang pows (red packets) has been distributed and questions answered in a satisfactory manner.

Bride Dad

My uncle, the bride’s dad, led Yih Wen down from her room…

On Bended Knee

…and the groom went down on bended knee to present the bride with flowers.

Exchange Rings

There was the exchange of rings… A great choice if you are looking for something more striking in an engagement ring are the coloured diamonds as they just look amazing and stand out so are much more noticeable.

Ring Bride

…for both parties.


The bride and groom then attempted to kiss for a full minute.

Tea Service

The customary tea service was done by Noble.

Bride Parents

The bride and groom basically bow three times to people in their lives (these are the parents of the bride) while serving them tea.

Chinese Tea Ceremony

It’s a Chinese custom.


My dad, being the brother of the father is pictured here.

Group Photo

We all took a group photo together…

Bride Leaves

…and the bride left for the groom’s place.

Bride Leaving

Since the groom is from Ipoh, there’s no house to go to – they went to his hotel room instead.

Driving Off

It’s a symbolic gesture to mean the daughter has officially left the care of the parents.

Car Ceremony

The car is backed out and in three (3) times…

Yih Wen Kian Mun

…and they’re off! Congrats Yih Wen and Kian Mun! 🙂

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5 thoughts on “22 photos from Yih Wen and Kian Mun’s wedding”

  1. Congrats to the newly-weds. Gee!!! So many people and I do not even know one of them. Oh yes, except you and your dad, of course…and that handsome cousin of yours. He’s married too, isn’t he?

  2. What a lovely wedding ceremony and I love that car’s really red ribbons with laces and lanterns! So traditional and good. This is the first time I heard of a wedding in Malaysia with a long fire crackers! I only thought it was being carried out in all China. You have become a good gun powder specialists! Muahahaha

    I wish the bridal couple everlasting happiness and good health!

  3. it’s great to get-together again with cousins especially on wedding days/b’day celebration! it somehow makes me feel kinda ‘old’ but happy with lotsa catching up and seeing the cousin’s/cousin’s kids grew up. I didn’t know that mee sua is eaten on wedding day too. Last time, I had bak kut teh on my cousin wedding day!


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