My Partner’s Birthday: Hakuto Jelly, Japanese Snacks and Valrhona Feuilletine Cake!

Happy Birthday

My better half just celebrated her birthday yesterday on the 13th of April. I got her a huge box of presents and we had sushi and birthday cake before going out shopping for Japanese snacks. She told me she wanted to get Japan imports for her birthday and we spent a few hundred dollars on that alone. However, I also packed her a gift using back the box she gave me on my birthday (which I originally gave to her).

Birthday Yee Ling

Happy birthday dear!

Birthday Card

I found a hilarious birthday card that goes “Old Already Lor“. smirk


It was from Typo in KLCC. I always get her serious cards so I thought I’ll go the funny route this time.

Liquid Soap

I also got her liquid hand soap since she has been using the same one for over a year.

Bath Body Works

I got two different ones from Bath & Body Works.

Handmade Soap

There was a booth outside selling fancy handmade soap and I thought they smelled really nice. The promoter told me you can also hang the soap-on-a-rope in a car so it acts like an air freshener so I got one sliced like a mango for her. She likes things like these.

Hakuto Jelly Shop

I also went to Isetan to get Hakuto jelly (白桃ゼリー). This is a dessert they make with hakuto peaches from Okayama and the mineral rich spring water there. We’ve seen this before but my better half didn’t want to get it coz it was quite expensive. Hakuto jelly is costly due to the price of the peaches which are used to make it.

Hakuto Peach Jelly

The smallest box of two goes for RM 85 while a box of 4 goes for RM 170. You can also get a 3 piece box for RM 127.50.

Sakura Mochi

I also managed to get sakura mocha. Haha! We ate this exact same thing in Hokkaido and it was very good. The ones here are imported from Japan and made using sakura cherry blossom flowers and leaves too but my dear didn’t like them as much. She much preferred the ones we had in Sapporo.

Shopping Basket

Oh, I got so many things that I took the shopping basket from Isetan to my car. I didn’t even realize I inadvertently took it out until I almost got to my car. Oops!

Birthday Present

I got home and packed all the birthday gifts into the box – the mason jar she likes, a jar of Reese’s peanut butter and chocolate spread, matcha chooclates etc.

Birthday Gift

The box!

Birthday Candles

I had gotten a row of candles that goes “Happy Birthday” for RM 13 too. I thought it’ll go well with the cake.

Bisque Cake

The cake is from Bisque. I had ordered it a week before and this one is called The Michelangelo. The base price is RM 218 but you can customize it as you wish and the final bill will be sent to you. I added a lot of fondant writing.

Valrhona Birthday Cake

The cake is really good! It’s made with feuilletine, Valrhona Jivara chocolate and hazelnut paste as the base so there’s a crunchy textural element. The top is vanilla bean cake with chocolate pearls and there’s also Valrhona Dulcey blonde mousse mixed into the layers. I like how they put gold leaf together with the chocolate pearls.

Feuilletine Cake

It tastes like Ferrero Rocher as the base, with the same texture sensation. The fluffy and light vanilla bean cake is a nice pairing since the base is really sweet. The blonde chocolate mousse makes it very rich and easy to eat. It’s one of the nicest birthday cakes I’ve had and we all enjoyed it, including the kids. I even had some for supper.

Hakuto Jelly

She unwrapped the presents (the Shimizu Hakuto Jelly was wrapped really nicely) and we headed out to Okashi World with the kids to buy Japanese snacks. They have a promotion where you can buy up to RM 200 on your birthday and get 50% discount so we took advantage of that. I ended up spending RM 380+ there but it was worth it coz she really liked the Japanese imports and the kids loved the candy too.

Japanese Snacks

It was a great birthday that we spent together with the kids at home. Happy birthday dear! I look forward to making more great memories with you. Love you always! <3

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33 thoughts on “My Partner’s Birthday: Hakuto Jelly, Japanese Snacks and Valrhona Feuilletine Cake!”

    • Thanks mate! 🙂

      Haha! I thought the birthday card was very funny too, that was the reason I got it. I’m glad she liked it too.

  1. Happy Belated Birthday to Yee Ling! You are so sweet, thoughtful and meticulous to get everything that she likes for her. The birthday card is so funny and the candles for the cake is really nice. I can imagine that the cake is super delicious. Did you all manage to finish the cake in one day?

    • Thanks Mun! 🙂

      Yeah, the cake was really good! I really liked it too. We didn’t finish it in one day (brought some over for her mom also) but I almost finished it in the first day. Haha.

  2. Happy birthday, Yee Ling. Awesome looking cake. No lah…where got old? If she is old, I’m ancient…a dinosaur. LOL!!! Love those interesting Japanese stuff! Sure would love to try some.

    • Thanks mate! 🙂

      Haha! It was a joke card. I found it in a KL bookstore, locally made card for RM 15 and I thought it was quite funny. Yup, there’s a cool Japanese import place here which sells stuff a lot cheaper than Ta Kiong (which I realize is getting more expensive and has less stuff nowadays).

  3. Happy Birthday to Ling 🙂
    I saw 2 things that really attracted me: the mango slice and the pink bottle of Pringles.. What flavour is that? I always just go for sour cream+onion.. And oohh, I also like those milkis soda, taste like Vitagen+Sprite..

    • Thanks for that! 🙂

      Yup, the mango slice is a handmade soap. It smells good. The Pringles is a Japanese import which they call “Party Popcorn Chicken Kaarage”. It’s very good, but quite expensive since it’s imported from Japan. I think it was around RM 20.

  4. Happy birthday to you Yee Ling. It is best to get presents that she likes and uses them..and the kids got the share of the japanese stuff too sharing the birthday joy.

    • Thanks Agnes! 🙂

      Yup, I brought the kids to the Japanese shop too! We got something each and everyone got a drink. I got a cider drink which I didn’t realize was alcoholic and even gave some to the kids to drink (!!! – would have gotten arrested in the US for that). I only realized when I drank it myself that it has alcohol inside. Luckily the kids didn’t drink much and they said “Yuck” so I drank it to see what was wrong.

  5. You are such a wonderful man and knows how to make her happiest on her birthday. You always put in much thoughts and went great miles to bring her surprises. If you had to go to the moon to get her cake, you will do it with NASA’s help too!!!
    Now look at the presents you bought her which made us envy la. They all looked yummy and yummy from snacks, drinks to the Bisque special designer’s birthday cake!

    • Thanks mate! 🙂

      Yeah, I really liked the Bisque cake, it was delicious. One of the best cakes I’ve ever had in my life. Definitely the best birthday cake. The Japanese imports were nice too, we’re planning to go on another trip to Japan and the kids love Gudetama so we’ve been getting a lot of Japanese stuff lately.

  6. Thank you for all the thoughtful gifts you have gotten for me and the kids. We love the snacks and almost finishing most of it. The cake was a lovely one..the kids were amazed by the edible gold leaf.Hahah. I have not finish the cake but will bring some to my parents house tonight to eat.

    • Glad you liked it dear! <3

      Yup, I thought the cake was quite good too. I like the feuilletine bottom. The kids also liked the chocolate sign. Haha. That's good dear. I'm glad that you liked the birthday experience. Hope that we can make more beautiful memories in the future.

    • Thanks mate! 🙂

      Yeah, the cake was actually really good! To be honest I was completely surprised, it was a new online bakery and I just wanted to try it and it turned out really well. Great cakes and they don’t put preservatives or use store made stuff too, but downside is you have to eat the cake within a couple of days (no preservatives) but it’s not actually a downside coz it tastes quite good.

    • Thanks Merryn! 🙂

      I found out about the bakery from Facebook. I didn’t know if it was good or not, just wanted to try it and it worked out well coz the cakes are delicious (or at least this one was). It doesn’t have any preservative too.

    • Thanks Shirley! 🙂

      It was a great time getting interesting Japanese snacks from the import shop. Good thing they had 50% off for the first RM 200 though but it wasn’t enough, we got several hundred dollars worth of snacks from there.

  7. Belated Happy Birthday to Yee Ling 🙂
    RM200+ for a birthday cake definitely the most expensive I’ve seen 😛 All your presents to her are so thoughtful and “practical”, thumbs up for the best hubby in the world, Yee Ling is so “hang fok”!

  8. It was indeed a splendid birthday celebration for your loved one. Cake, gifts, snacks, bath and body gift sets, mug, cards and all your lovely thoughts have made the happiest and the luckiest woman in the world.

    • Hi Jayne! 🙂

      Good to hear from you. I got it in Suria KLCC. There’s a candy shop called Candylicious there, I believe it’s on the Concourse level. They have interesting US imports, including Reese’s peanut butter and chocolate spread. They also carry other US brands which I haven’t seen anywhere else but here (not even in BIG etc) coz they bring it in themselves. Hope that helps.


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