Happy Birthday Mom! :)

happy birthday mom

I have a really funny story about this. We don’t actually know if the 1st of January is her birthday. You know how people back in the days don’t actually register their babies until maybe a couple of days later and gets a pink birth certificate (date of birth – estimated) instead of a white one (confirmed by a doctor)?

That’s the case with my mom and I Whatsapped my sister two days ago to get my mom’s number to call her.

She’s in Singapore but we’ll all be together in Sibu in a bit.

I’ll have to take more photos with my family when we reunite again!

First post for 2013 – may you have peace, joy and everything you want in this year and many more to come mom! :D

Happy 27th Birthday!

“More, has been found out, and I must warn you fairly that a reckoning is due” – The Strange Case of Charles Dexter Ward, H.P. Lovecraft


I had my 27th birthday at RH Hotel. Joyce had helped me in reserving a table for the Great Weekend Buffet at Oriental Bistro.

This weekend’s spread had an Italian theme:


Mixed Vegetable with Garlic Butter
Sausage with Onion
Prawn Skewer
Potato Au Gratin
Baked Spicy Fish
Lamb with Rosemary Sauce
Oat Meat Chicken
Beef Goulash
Aglio Olio
Chicken Broth Soup

…as well as local and Oriental fare like mee mamak and Teochew Duck.


There was also squid in nice cocktail glasses…


…and small saucers with hors d’ oeuvres.


They also kindly brought a cake, which is pretty useful, considering I neglected to furnish one. ;) I’m not sure about the customs regarding birthdays and cakes actually. Does the host provide the cake? Or the guests? Food for thought…

cutting cake

The drawing of the three…


L-R: Faye, Huai Bin (me), Katherine, Chiew Keing, Colin, Joyce, Amy


Four of us also headed over to Hijau Lounge


…for a bit of an after party.


There was a live band called Samsara playing at the venue, belting out titles like Sweet Child of Mine, I Will Survive and other miscellaneous covers.


L-R: Chiew Keing, Katherine, Huai Bin (me), Faye

I had a lot of cocktails and several bottles of wine (in addition to the bottles of red and white wine during dinner) and I must admit, I felt a tinge of regret when I woke up the next day. ;)


It was also the first time in my life that I was on the receiving end of a bouquet of flowers. This was delivered to my workplace on Saturday morning, and it caused quite a commotion and more than a few jokes. :)


Faye had given me a card with RM 400 in RM 100 dollar notes folded into hearts pasted on the inside. I promptly accused her of not trying hard enough to think of a present to get me. ;)


Joyce, Colin, Katherine, Chiew Keing, and Amy got this bottle of Osana BiOmega Omega-3 capsules which would probably do my poor liver and kidneys a whole world of good.

happy birthday

Happy 27th Birthday!

Happy Birthday Dad!

A very happy birthday and many happy returns of the day to the man. Take
it easy Dad!

Birthday Haiku

Father the binder

Order from discordia


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