Macha & Co Banana Leaf Restaurant

Macha & Co Banana Leaf Restaurant

Macha & Co is the new place that just opened up in Kota Damansara a few weeks ago. I live across the street watched the renovations with interest. I was just talking about it with my better half last weekend. The restaurant serves banana leaf rice, which adds another halal option in addition to Sari Ratu Prima. I decided to pop in and see what they’re all about.

Macha and Co

I actually spilled all the fork, spoons and serviettes when I was eating here. The tables were a little close to each other and I was slightly clumsy and bumped into the next one, bringing the utensils crashing to the floor. The waiter had to clean everything and replace the tissues but he did it with good humor.

Banana Leaf Rice

This is the Banana Leaf Set Meal (RM 9.50). It’s the main dining option here and includes white or brown rice with 3 vegetables, 2 papadams, fried salted dried chilli, acar, rasam and curry/dhal. Banana leaf rice is usually a completely vegetarian meal by default. I like the peratal pumpkin and the deep fried bitter gourd.

Varuval Chicken

You can also order from a wide menu of tavams. I assume tavam means sides. They are various vegetable tavams, dry spiced tavams, curry tavams, seafood tavams. I went with the Varuval Chicken (RM 6.50) coz I like eating my rice with meat. It’s quite good. They also have more premium sides like Fresh Red Snapper Head (RM 68) and Black Pepper Peratal Crab (RM 22.50).


The wait staff here is very friendly. I ordered a Diet Coke and they added a line which said “Terbaik bro” (The best, bro) to the bill. I thought it was funny but a little dangerous to have this system. I read about servers calling customers fat, racist names or other misc slurs in the United States appearing on the news. I used to work as a waiter in Melbourne so I know the kind of humor the restaurant industry has and I don’t think it’s a good idea to make custom order lines (that’s what its actually for) visible on the receipt.


Macha & Co Banana Leaf Restaurant also serves other items like roti canai goreng but their signature menu is banana leaf rice. The lunch cost RM 20.90 inclusive of drinks. There’s not a lot of people here yet, probably due to a combination of factors – parking is a problem and this area is predominantly Chinese. It’s located in Dataran Sunway so there’s a lot of competition and the F&B turnover is quite insane…for instance, both Flaming Melt and Sabah Kampung Beef Noodles has closed since we went. It’s pretty good though, I’ll be back to try the other items!

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7 thoughts on “Macha & Co Banana Leaf Restaurant”

  1. I think there was one case in SG where a plus sized lady went to a restaurant and the cashier don’t know said verbally or typed it inside the receipt fat lady and the customer want to sue the cashier, so you are right to say it is not a good idea to put or print comments in the receipt

  2. Have not been to Kota Damansara for quite sometime. Didnt know that there is a Banana Leaf Rice shop there.

    Hmm RM9,50 seems a bit pricey but that area punya rental quite high. If food taste good that certainly worth a visit.

    I love fried bittergourd and the cili

  3. I like to eat banana leaf rice so I hope a similar eatery will be opened in Sri Petaling. Kota Damansara is too far away from where I live but it has so many new eateries that I am tempted to consider moving there. LOL!

  4. I love to eat Banana Leaf rice always but their pricey bills often scared me at other outlets. I must try this place and yell at you to come over since you live across there!
    Hey, I like your yellow T shirt. You look like Siam kia……

  5. I ate at this restaurant, very nice and friendly workers the have there, one person name’s syah very friendly, awesome joke guy and very good at making the customer happy, me and all my friends love to go there sometimes just to talk to him, but just last week i came back with friends, he is not working anymore, where he go?


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