McDonald’s Burger Syok and McFlurry Mangga

McDonalds Burger Syok

No, this is not a sponsored post. I’m not here to tell you about Lat or ask you to go eat Burger Syok. I’m not even going to mention the promotional period. I’ve always felt that paid or invited food reviews are inherently dishonest so all the cafes and restaurants I’ve reviewed are done at my own expense with no invitations. I don’t even eat McDonald’s that much nowadays although I used to enjoy writing about their new products (mostly due to a lack of content ideas haha).

McDonalds Syok

This entire thing came about when my better half told me to get her the new Hello Kitty toy from McDonald’s. It comes with their Happy Meal and I dropped by after work to get her one. Since I was already there, I thought I’ll order a meal to eat and I saw the multitude promotional materials for I Love Burger Syok Ayam. The front of McDonald’s was covered with Lat cartoons.

Burger Syok Ayam

I’m one of those unpatriotic Malaysians who has no interest whatsoever with Lat cartoons. I never related to them. I went to New Zealand to do high school at 15 but even before then, in Chinese majority Sibu, no one read or even knew about Lat. I always thought it was a low quality local wannabe cartoonist when I was younger. I’ve not read anything to suggest otherwise or bothered to change my opinion since.

Burger Syok

Burger Syok is RM 11.95 on its own. Since I had a drink, fries and another burger from the Happy Meal, I didn’t bother getting the set. It tastes surprisingly good! I was fully prepared to dislike it since I’m into healthy eating lately. However, the spicy Thousand Island sauce combined with the fatty chicken thigh (with skin) drew me in. It’s not worth a special trip to get but if you’re in the area, you could do a lot worse for dinner.

McFlurry Mangga

There was also another related promotion going on called Mangga Mangga. Mangga is the local Malay word for mango and it features two different executions – Sundae Mangga (RM 3.95) and McFlurry Mangga (RM 4.95). I went for the latter and it came in a horrible radioactive orange sludge. It tastes like bad artificial mango. I don’t know why someone would go through the trouble of making this when we have perfectly good fresh mangos, and worse, we know what fresh mango tastes like. Avoid like the plague.

McDonalds Me

I like the sound of the Burger Syok though. It’s a burger exclusive to Malaysia and made for local tastes. That sounds pretty awesome. Furthermore, it’s made with a skin-on piece of chicken thigh! Skin on! Shit like that would never fly in another civilised country. Only heathens eat chicken skin, especially soggy ones like this. The fact that this burger is rocking a slimy chicken skin kinda appeals to me. It tastes decent too and I would eat it again, just not anytime soon. I was mostly here for the Hello Kitty toy though.

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6 thoughts on “McDonald’s Burger Syok and McFlurry Mangga”

  1. I’ve not eaten McD for quite some time. I only go there for their sundae with the latest being the Hershey’s sundae. My boys love that. I did not even try their Rio burger during the Olympics. Maybe I’ll try this Syok one though πŸ˜€

    Btw, I am actually a fan of Lat when I was younger as my uncles used to have lots of his comic book scattered around for me to read πŸ™‚

  2. I love Lat but I can’t remember the last time I stepped into McD’s – for one thing ,the sole outlet in Sibu is located where parking can be such a pain. Never been to this one, the last one at Sarawak House/Premier Hotel/King’s Trioplex building – I did drop by a few times.

  3. I used to read Lat. Not a big fan bur I do catch on his cartoon strips when I were young.

    I am not crazy with McD’s toy collection so if I do dine there, we go there for its food (and playground fof the kids). There is one drive-thru outlet just 2 minutes away from my place so we kind of a frequent there. Haha.

  4. HB, sure glad you into more healthy eating now . Guess no more deep fried hamburgers like in the past. Healthy food have more cleaner taste than junk food.


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