Waffle Platter (RM 48) at MISS with Kapiti ice cream

I have been abstaining from eating candy, chocolates and ice cream for weeks. I haven’t even touched added sugars in a long time – it’s always unsweetened coffee or Chinese tea when I eat out. This is an allocated Cheat Meal (TM) for being so good for so long. Haha. There’s toast, waffles, nuts, sauces, chocolate, fruits (strangest addition was grape tomatoes) in a huge platter. I had already eaten one savory meal prior to this (at the start of the video) so it was a challenge trying to finish this with just 2 pax. I think it’s meant for 4-6 people. Still, we tried! Turn on CC for English subtitles!

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3 thoughts on “Waffle Platter (RM 48) at MISS with Kapiti ice cream”

  1. Holy crap that is a lot of food! Now I am heading back to Malaysia for 4 weeks, so I have to see if you are going to be around so we could partake in some feasting!


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