The opiate of the masses

I used to chat on MSN while attending mass. I know, I know, heresy. :p I didn’t want to go (I’m not even Catholic) but I went for the sake of my ex-gf who was convinced she’ll spend at least another trillion years or so in purgatory if she misses even one evening mass. It was mind-numbingly boring, but with my Pocket PC and a GPRS connection, I managed to chat with people on Pocket MSN. It helped make those monotonous sessions where you just want to gouge your eyeballs out and run screaming from the place of worship into a more civilized and polite tapping on the screen.

I misplaced my Pocket PC but I haven’t lost those monotonous moments.

I’m glad I’ll be one of the first to get the Xpax Prepaid BB Curve 8520 – now I can IM to my heart’s content wherever I go with Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ (yes, I have an account – 7345320) and more!

It’ll sure make those dull moments (secular or otherwise) more bearable. ;)

Blackberry Prepaid!

Man, I see all these people with Blackberry devices (plural: Blackberries?) doing everything a notebook can at a fraction of its size and I have to be honest, I find myself looking enviously at their canggih-ness.

I used to be an early adopter, getting PDAs and Pocket PCs before it came into vogue, but I have a problem with losing devices and now I can’t afford to get a BB.

I hear Xpax is coming out with a pre-paid version though, no details yet, so let’s see how this goes.


Blackberry Curve 8520 Prepaid Plan by Xpax

I’ll be getting one from them soon (w00t!), so more information when I get my grubby hands on it! =D

I won an LCD TV from Sony Style!

sony bravia

I won a Sony LCD TV from Sony Style. It’s from this contest the good people at Sony entered for me when I purchased my dSLR. The lucky draw gift I snagged is the KLV-20S400A BRAVIA LCD TV. It retails for RM 1,799 and it’s a flat, compact LCD TV which you can also use as a monitor. Check out the specs here. It’s brand new (just picked it up last Sunday) and unopened and comes with the full Sony warranty.

sony letter

I need cold, hard cash more than a TV to get through the month (please refer to previous post) so I’m planning to sell it. I’ll let it go for RM 1,300 (RM 500 cheaper than retail) but before I list it on I’ll give anyone who reads my blog the opportunity to purchase it for RM 1,200.

sony win

Email me if you’re interested. I’ll even cut a deal with you for more discounts if you’re a blogger (Terms & Conditions apply of course ;)).

My new dSLR – Sony alpha 350 14.2 MP

sony alpha dslr

I went to 1U with Zoe yesterday to get a new digicam. I figured I would be better off getting a dSLR this time, despite the bulkiness. Correct that – it is because of the bulkiness. It would be really hard to lose a dSLR and the neck strap offers some level of protection against water hazards – I dropped a digicam into a waterfall last year.

I got the Sony a350 package with a double zoom lens kit – DT18-70mm F3.5-5.6 / DT55-200 mm F4-5.6. No, I don’t know what the numbers mean either. ;)

The salesperson also offered a Sony bag for RM 160 or a Sony bag + extra battery for RM 350, of which I took the latter. He then proceeded to go on about screen protectors:

Sales guy: The Sony alpha LCD can be easily scratched. You should probably get a screen protector for it.
HB: You’re trying to sell me more stuff right? Is this your third pitch now?
Sales guy: Er…well we can give you a discount…
Sales girl (interjecting): No, we’ll give it to you for free.
Sales guy: She’s such a nice person.
HB: Yes, she is. Thank you. :)

alpha zoe

It cost me about RM 3,800 for everything. I am officially broke for the entire month of January. The first shot of Zoe above is the first ever shot by the Sony alpha 350.

alpha zoe me

This is the second. Heh!

Props to Suanie for your generous offer to teman me when I was down.

Cheers Eiling for driving 45 minutes down to teman me.

zoe extra hot

Thanks Zoe for teman-ing me!

You three get an unlimited lifetime voucher redeemable 5 times, anytime, anywhere, anything (within reason – terms and conditions apply). ;)

P/S – Zoe, your heart will not stop beating unless you have a cardiac arrest. It’s really painful when that happens so you won’t be able to talk. The medulla oblongata ensures that our hearts (and breathing) is regulated automagically. ;)

Sony Ericsson W660i

black box

I lost my cell phone and digicam in Miri during a particularly excessive session of snorting, er…I mean, drinking. I have been procrastinating in the acquisition of a new cell phone coz I’ve been busy with work and I was also waiting for the Sony Ericsson X1 to come out. My previous one was a SE W580i and I’ve been asking Mary (who also owns a cell phone shop in addition to her Kokoberry outlet) to keep me posted about the arrival of the SE X1 Pocket PC phone.

y present

In the meantime, I figured I would use Faye’s backup Nokia cell phone and the 016 870 2069 supplementary line. I didn’t even have time to go to Digi to get my 016 888 2069 main line number back until earlier this week! The 870 supplementary line is meant for the person I call most frequently (which is usually my girlfriend but I don’t have one right now) since the main line to supplementary line calls are free under the Digi 1 Plan package.

se w660

However, Y turned up at my house after work and presented me with a box wrapped in black matte paper. I honestly had no idea what it contained or why she was giving me a present. I unwrapped The Black Box and was surprised that it contained a brand new Sony Ericsson W660i. I was more than a little touched by the gesture, it was really thoughtful of her. Thank you!

se w660 gift

Anyway, apparently she had talked to Mary and asked her to recommend a Sony Ericsson cell phone (which I use exclusively) with a simple camera function as a backup for my digicam. Y got me the SE W660i since I always lose/drop/destroy my cell phones and she figured she’ll kill me if she gave me a SE X1 and I lost it, so she went with the SE W660i just in case I lose it again. Heh!

se w660i

It cost RM 590 for the SE W660i with a 512 MB M2 memory card, which was cheaper than all the other outlets out there. Thanks, Mary for giving her a special price! :)

P/S – You know who Y is, Mary, and for reasons that cannot be mentioned on the blog, she must not be named either on the blog or in person. You know why. ;)

P/P/S – If any of my future girlfriends-to-be read this, please do not give me a cell phone as a present. It’s a jinx on the relationship. The two girlfriends I had who gave me cell phones as presents are both ex-girlfriends now. Both within a month. Seriously. It’s bad mojo. Just don’t. ;)

Sony Ericsson K700i review – my new phone

se k700i

I finally have a new cell phone after my old trusty; the Ericsson
T-28s finally kicked the bucket and went to cell phone heaven. I’ve
been waiting around for the right model to come out, going without
mobile phone service (the horror!) for days, before my tardiness was
rewarded. My girlfriend gave me a Sony Ericsson K700i as an early
Christmas gift!

se k700i box

I’ve used this cell phone for about a week now, to familiarize
myself with it for a review. The contents of the Sony Ericsson K700i
box consists of the charger, the hands free cum FM radio ear buds and
the mobile phone itself. There are also manuals, a CD and other
miscellaneous stuff at the bottom.

se k700i pc suite

The CD contains the PC Suite software (sync software) and several
other software like an Image Editor, MMS Home Studio, Sound Editor,
Mobile Networking Wizard (the K700i also functions as a modem) etc.

se k700i contents

Here’s a photo of the full contents of the Sony Ericsson K700i box.

se k700i phone

This is what the cell phone looks like. There’s a peel off scratch
guard on the screen that shows several features of the phone – 65K TFT
screen, VGA camera and video recorder, Bluetooth, 41 MB of inbuilt
memory, 4x digital zoom etc. I love how the Quickshare text on the
bottom of the phone changes the color hues as you turn it around.

se k700i back

The Sony Ericsson K700i is billed as a “dual front” phone – a
marketing buzzword that essentially means one side looks like a digital
camera and the other looks like a phone. This is the back of the cell
phone, the one that looks like a digital camera.

se k700i cam

Here’s a close up of the digital camera bit. It’s very nifty –
there’s the sleek lens module, a nice shiny mirror that’s used for
self-portraits, a bright LED light for night/dark conditions.

se k700i side buttons

There’s a quick start button on the left side of the cell phone to
go to the digicam/video recorder feature. There’s also up and down
toggles for various functions, depending on the context. It’s a zoom
in/zoom out feature in the camera, a volume control while on calls, and
an up/down button while text messaging (SMS).

se k700i online

The other side of the phone has an “Online” button which makes the
phone go into connectivity mode. It has various modes of communication
– GPRS, Bluetooth, IrDA, etc.

se k700i irda

The top of the phone contains the IrDA (Infrared) port, which I use to sync with my notebook. It works with a Palm as well.

se k700i keypad

Here’s the keypad of the K700i. It has nice, (relatively) large
buttons so there are no problems with using the keypad. There is also a
joystick which is not so easy to use…or maybe I’m just having trouble
getting used to it.

se k700i tft

The screen is a generous 176 x 220 pixel TFT display capable of 65K
colors. I was surprised by the richness of the screen when I first used
the cell phone. It has really rich and vibrant colors with a fast
refresh rate.

se k700i startup

The Sony Ericsson K700i boots up with the Sony Ericsson logo and the keypads also illuminates with a purple hue.

se k700i setup

It boots into a setup wizard the first time it’s on, which is easy to complete.

se k700i main

In no time at all, the cell phone is up and working. There are
several build in themes to choose from, all animated! The animated
display is very nifty…

se k700i glow

I switched to a futuristic design as my personalized main screen.
The light blocks flicks in a rhythmic manner and I’m keeping this one
for the sheer Nifty Factor (TM).

se k700i apps

The main menu shows all the applications that are on the Sony
Ericsson K700i…there are several features on this phone – MMS, EMS,
SMS (any S basically), MPEG-4 playback, MP3 playback, radio (FM), Java
applications etc.

se k700i card

Heck, there’s even a place to input business card details which I’ve
successfully beamed (using IR) to my Palm, since supports various
formats, including the Palm vCard specification.

se k700i light

The most nifty feature in the SE K700i is the light that comes on at the back of the camera. It’s very bright and allows photo taking in dark conditions.

Here is a photo taken with the Sony Ericsson K700i:

se k700i photo

It has been downsized from 640 x 480 to 400 x 300.
Click on the image for the original photo.

Download: Movie clip taken by K700i []

This is a short clip taken by the Sony Ericsson K700i. It’s in .3gp format and can be viewed with Quicktime.

I love the Sony Ericsson K700i. It has the right balance between features and size. Thanks Louisa! :)

The only problem is that people complain that I’m shouting at them
on the phone. I have to explain that my old cell phone has a really bad
mike so I had to talk really loudly. I’m still getting used to the much
more sensitive one on the SE K700i. I’m slowly learning not to “shout”.

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