Sidewalk Cafe review


Sidewalk is an eating establishment located at the BDC / Green Heights area which is similar in concept to Oregano [], the other eating establishment it is frequently compared to.

sidewalk exterior

Sidewalk Café has a large al fresco dining area with a seating capacity of 40 diners as well as a small interior which seats 10 people.

sidewalk ambience

The décor at Sidewalk Café is charming and the ambience given off is very much one of warmth.

sidewalk open kitchen

Sidewalk also subscribes to the open kitchen school of thought…

sidewalk bar

…and has a fully stocked bar to boot.

sidewalk special

This is the SideWalk Special (RM 5.80) which I ordered.

sidewalk greenheight

I also had a Green Heights Breeze (RM 5.80) which are two of the flagship drinks.

sidewalk lamb leg provencal

Grilled Lamb Leg Provencal (RM 19.80) with tomato herb sauce.

sidewalk lamb leg provencal flash

My dining companion had this one, and I had a few bites. It tastes great!

sidewalk codfish

Pan-fried Cod Fish (RM 32.80).

sidewalk codfish flash

I went for the “pan fried cod fish with tomato caulis, apple balsamic, and basil oil infuse”. It was alright.

Sidewalk Café is a cozy eating establishment. It comes highly recommended from me.

P/S – This is the 100th food review post.

Food Junction @ Midvalley Megamall – Western Food

mm food junction

Food Junction is the food court located at MidValley Megamall which
I’ve been frequenting due to the close proximity to the hotel I’m
staying at (it’s just next door).

mm western food

There is a Western Food section on the entrance of the food court – there are several themed food eateries at the place.

mm western counter

The Western Food category has displays of their menu repertoire in a
visual format, which I found to be very useful in gauging which of the
dishes is likely to be good.

mm western display 1

This is the first row of the food dishes that this section offers…

mm western display 2

The second row is also filled with cooked dishes on the second tier, with condiments on the bottom one…

mm western display 3

The third row has both tiers filled with food.

mm spag seafood

This is the Seafood and Spaghetti with Cream Sauce (RM 15.90) that my CTO ordered…it looks creamy and nice, and has several prime seafood items on the dish too.

mm baked seafood

I went for the Baked Seafood (RM 19.90) which was
recommended as one of their specialties. I was not disappointed…it
was spicy, with tones of garlic and the toppings were piled on – more
prime seafood: prawns, large mussels, smaller mussels, squid…the

La Bodega, Bangsar

la bodega

La Bodega in Bangsar is supposedly the first authentic Spanish tapas
bar in Malaysia. I went there on my final night in KL to celebrate my
RRMA win. The ambience in Bangsar was as lively as usual, despite it
being a Sunday night.


La Bodega tapas y vinos is a bistro restaurant that serves their flagship tapas as well as other Spanish cuisine.

la bodega bar

The interior is nicely designed, with bar style seating arrangements around the bar, and tables on the side.

la bodega wall

The walls of La Bodega are covered with B&W pictures, showing
life, as it were. I liked it a lot. There’s also something very
interesting, if you look up…

la bodega wine top

The top of La Bodega in Bangsar is custom fitted with a wine rack!
There are literally bottles of wine hanging on top of you. Nice!

la bodega order

We placed our orders and I got a bottle of champagne to celebrate,
but they were out, and the attendant recommended Torres Grand Coronas
Cabernet Sauvignon, which was okay with me, coz I like red wine.

la bodega food

We ordered from the hot tapas and raciones menu as well as from the
paella menu. The photo above shows the various tapas that we ordered.
It all tasted good, the sauces were soaked up well by the bread.

la bodega tapas 1

Pollo al ajillo (Chicken sauteed in olive oil, garlic and parsley)

la bodega tapas 2

Chuletas de cordero a la parrilla (Grilled lamb cutlets gratinated with garlic mayonnaise)

la bodega tapas 3

Albondigas “Saint Climent” (Lamb meatballs in a rich brandy sauce)

la bodega paella

This is the main meal – Paella Valenciana mixta. It’s prawns,
chicken, mussels and clams cooked in a paella with saffron, peppers,
peas and rice.

la bodega paella flash

Here’s a photo of it with flash. This dish requires a minimum of two
people and a 30 minute wait, but that wasn’t a problem with us as we
all had this for the main.

paella mixed

This is what it looks like after it’s mixed. It’s counted per
person, at RM 18, so if there’s four in your group, the dish is RM 72.

paella mixed flash

Here’s a clearer photo, with flash. It’s surprisingly filling and they were generous with the ingredients. It tasted wonderful.

la bodega group

This is a group shot of us at La Bodega in Bangsar. L-R: Alice,
Richard, Louisa, Huai Bin (me). The bill came up to about RM 300, but
it’s worth it. Good food, highly recommended!

Cafe Majestic @ Crowne Plaza

cafe majestic

Cafe Majestic is the Crowne Plaza attached dining establishment. We
had two RM 40 complimentary dinner vouchers so that makes RM 80 for
three people. Thus, the dinner bill would have RM 80 deducted from it –
not bad at all. I’ve eaten here before though and I must say that my
previous experience was nothing to write home about. This time, the
gastronomical offerings fared much better.

warm buns blanket

Upon our arrival, we were greeted with warm, fluffy buns – fresh
from the oven and wrapped in a blanket to preserve the heat. It went
down well with the butter served on the side.

pineapple juice

I had pineapple juice. Juice is complimentary with a meal. The
pineapple wedge lacerated my tongue when I tried to eat it though…

chefs salad

This is the Chef’s Salad (RM 16.00++). It had
slices of ham, chicken, cheese, eggs and other things served with a
bowl of Thousand Island sauce. I didn’t order this, but I helped myself
to some and it was alright, for a salad.

crown plaza club sandwich

The Crowne Plaza Club Sandwich (RM 15.75++) tasted
REALLY good. It came with potato wedges, but the sandwich is the main
feature and it really pulled it off well. The bread was warm and
toasted, yet it retains a fluffy texture. The layers of egg, beef
slices, lettuce, chicken slices and cucumbers were absolutely
delicious. Definitely worthy of its “club sandwich” status.

grilled sirloin steak

I ordered Grilled Sirloin Steak (RM 30.00++) and I
was pleased with the choice. It came with fresh garden vegetables and
french fries and the steak was served with bearnaise sauce. I liked the
grill marks on the steak.

sirloin medium rare

I wanted it done medium rare and for once, the chef did not ignore such requests. I loved it.

ais kachang

To finish off the meal, we had Ais Kacang (RM
7.00++). It came in a large bowl topped with a scoop of yam ice cream.
The bottom of the bowl conceals a plethora of goodies – sweet corn, sea
coconut, grass jelly, the works! It was a great dessert to finish off a
great dinner!

This post was sponsored by Crowne Plaza Riverside Kuching. ;)

Kenny Rogers Roasters – Kenny's Home-Baked Fillet (White Combo Delight)

kenny rogers kl sentral

I went to the Kenny Rogers at KL Sentral with my gf this afternoon
(more about that later) and had the White Combo Delight meal, which
features Kenny’s 1/4 chicken, the home baked fillet, 3 side dishes of
your choice and a muffin at RM 22.90.

kenny white combo delight

Kenny’s Home-Baked Fillet is the Chinese New Year promotion (figured
it was since it had the “nian nian you yu” phrase on top) which is “a
succulent, firm textured fish fillet, baked with special blend of herbs
and spices, served with three choices of side dishes”.

lite easy menu

I chose the Garden Pasta Salad (“Spiral pasta, broccoli, capsicum,
carrot & onion in cheese and special Italian dressing”), Savoury
Rice (“Seasoned yellow rice enlivened with onion, carrot &
capsicum”) and Fresh Fruit Salad (“A medley of fresh mouth-watering
fruits”). I had the black pepper version for the chicken:

kenny rogers meal

This is the Real Life (TM) shot of the quarter black pepper chicken,
garden pasta salad, savory rice and fresh fruit salad (counter
clockwise from bottom).

Here’s the photo of the main feature – Kenny’s Home Baked Fillet:

kenny rogers fillet

To be honest, the fish was quite disappointing, certainly nothing to
write home about. I found it rather bland, and my gf concurs. Perhaps
the stronger black pepper chicken desensitized my palate and rendered
me unable to discern the subtle nuances of the herbs and spices infused
into the fillet. Or perhaps I should stop using pretentious
quasi-gastronomic words. ;)

choc muffin

Here’s the chocolate muffin, lest it feels ignored and decides to run away with the spoon.

Chili's @ bsc (Bangsar Shopping Center)

Chili’s @ bsc

This is the Chili’s (the Tex-Mex chain) at Bangsar Shopping Center.
This post is exactly one week late, went there last Sunday to celebrate
my first paycheck and was rather busy until now, though the Project
Manager did say to give me a break this week. ;) We went there at had
to wait a while before a table was available. It was quite full even at
early dinner time.


Parking Chili’s Customers Only – Other cars will be crushed and melted. Sign at the waiting area.

Anyway, we were seated within 15 minutes and ordered.


Triple Play. A combo of our three favorite starters. Generous
portions of our Chicken Crispers(r), Wings Over Buffalo(r) and
Southwestern Eggrolls with sauces for dipping.


Presidente Margarita. Chili’s distinctive hand-shaken Margarita made
w/Sauza(r) Conmemorativo Tequila, Cointreau(r) & Presidente(r)

What is a visit to Chili’s without their flagship drink? ;) I also had some cocktail which name eludes me right now.


Big Mouth Burgers – Old Timer. This one put us on the map … Our
original … mustard, shredded lettuce, tomato, pickle & onion. I
had it with chili and extra cheese.


This is some fajita which I can’t remember.


This is some soup of the day – forgot what.


This is something from the grill which eludes me.


This is some steak but the exact name escapes me.


There you have it. Margaritas and drinks on an empty stomach could
interact with other medications you may be taking which will result in
a poor ability to retain and recall certain events that transpired
during the night. I know I met Prem, one of the Project Managers at XM
at the bar area when I went to the toilet though.


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