Cadbury’s ChocShots

cadbury chocshots

Remember the Choki Choki tubes of chocolates we had as kids? It’s
all grown up now, and wants to be referred to as ChocShots. “Choki
Choki, have some please, Choki Choki for all your kids” this is not.
This is Choc Shots by Cadbury.

smug chocshots

Just look at the naughty look on his face as he fists himself to an
ecstatic finish. Puberty is a hard time (no pun intended) for
confectionary too, you know.


Choc Shots retails for RM 1 for five of these brown phallic tubes.

chocshot action

Here’s how it works for people who haven’t eaten an equivalent
candy. Basically, you squeeze it and well…stuff comes out. And you
eat that stuff.

chocshots picit

There is something very wrong with the printed instructions at the backs. It says:

Picit ke dalam mulut.
Pencet dan masukkan kedalam mulut.

which translates to:

Squirt into mouth.
Squeeze and put it into your mouth.

That comes with a face wearing a shit eating grin as he takes the
ejaculatory substance of something from a tube. Oh, the corruption of
the fragile little minds out there…

face chocshot

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar…but look at the messy load he shot on my papers! I feel violated…

Ferrero Prestige


Ferrero Prestige is the combination box with Ferrero Rocher, Mon
Cheri and Ferrero Manderly. This is the smallest box, with three of
each. I had an urge to buy it even though I didn’t really feel like
eating it. I woke up a little past noon, went out to get something to
eat and we went to Giants coz one of my housemates wanted to get
something and we were in the area. I saw this and the evil, evil
configuration and packaging thought up by the marketing folks down at
Ferrero made me buy it. Have a chocolate while I sit on my ass and
watch a movie or something:

Ferrero Manderly, Mon Cheri, Ferrero Rocher or the other Roche product?

I can never spell Rocher properly coz of the mental association with Roche.

McSARS – Double SARS!

<p><img alt=”sarssoda.jpg” src=”” border=”0″ height=”300″ width=”400″></p>

<p>I saw this unfortunately named product while grocery shopping with my mates today.</p>

<p><img alt=”newmarsb.jpg” src=”” border=”0″ height=”142″ width=”400″></p>

<p>I also found out that Mars is having another “Free Bars” promotion.
It’s spelled “bars” instead of “baaa’s” now though, and there is no
sheep motif on the wrapper. I wouldn’t have even noticed it if it
weren’t for <a target=”_blank” href=””>this cryptic comment</a> [] on the previous Mars post, which I saw before going out.</p>

<p><img alt=”newmarsw.jpg” src=”” border=”0″ height=”300″ width=”400″></p>

A butterfly flaps its wings in China…


I didn’t think it would be possible, but it’s done. They improved on
the chunky Kit Kat bars. The bar has this 1 cm gap on the top where
there is this smooth flowing caramel. It has displaced Twix as my
favourite chocolate bar. It’s like stuffed crust pizzas for chocolate
bars! Perhaps the Pizza Hut management were having this focus group
with the Nestle management and they suddenly thought about this cool
idea – going where no man has gone before – putting good stuff into
normally banal stuff. Pizza Hut were putting sausages and cheese into
the crust of their pizzas and Nestle got around to putting caramel (!)
into the top layer of chocolate into their Kit Kat bars. Smooth flowing

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