Swiss Delice Supreme Noir Authentique 78% Cacao vs. LINDT Chocolat Cree a Berne

swiss faceoff choc shop

This is a face off between two premium Swiss dark chocolate (Chocolat Swiss Noir) – Swiss Delice Supreme Noir Authentique 78% Cacao vs. LINDT Chocolat Cree a Berne. I wanted it to be a straight Swiss dark chocolate comparison so…

cote dor

…the Cote d’Or Belgian extra high quality dark chocolate is out of this post’s scope

cote dor content

(and also coz I noticed that the Cote d’Or only contains 56% cocoa solids – a very low figure compared to the two Swiss brands I’m evaluating)

swiss delice supreme

The Swiss Delice Supreme Noir Authentique 78% Cacao is an extra dark bittersweet chocolate with a high cocoa solid content – the highest amongst the two, weighing in at 78% cacao.

swiss delice supreme noir

It retails for RM 9.90 each and comes in a thin cardboard package containing just 100 grams of chocolate. Weight for weight, it’s more expensive than the Cote d’Or brand (which I wouldn’t be mentioning except it was brought up :p) with its 2 x 200 g (400 g) packaging priced at RM 27.90.

swiss delice supreme back

The back of the package lists the contents of the chocolate and also has text that goes “Swiss Delice invites connoisseurs from all over the world to take part in a culinary journey throughout Switzerland. The delightful specialties are carefully created using traditional recipes and only the finest ingredients. Take a real taste of Switzerland home with you.”

swiss delice supreme foil

The packaging of Swiss Delice Supreme Noir Authentique 78% is impeccable – the slim cardboard packaging has a side that parts to reveal a thin block of dark chocolate wrapped in foil (which is the best wrapping for our climate – unlike the paper wrappings in Australia, our heat does not allow anything except foil for long term shelf life).

swiss delice supreme slices

The Swiss Delice Supreme Noir 78% cacao breaks apart easily at the perforations and produces neat imprinted dark chocolate in bite sized pieces. It’s about the size of the ubiquitous After 8 thin dark chocolate dinner mints for a better mind size comparison.

swiss delice supreme bite

I ate (nearly) the entire block of Swiss Delice Supreme Noir Authentique 78% (which isn’t much considering it’s only 100 g – the size of a large Mars bar) while waiting for my flight (which was delayed). There was someone sitting beside me, traveling alone too (Swinburne student – Hello Alice!), and I offered her a slice, which she accepted. She pronounced it good, as do I.

Swiss Delice Supreme Noir Authentique 78% Cacao is smooth high cocoa solid content chocolate – it has a melt in your mouth quality and its bittersweet nature is great. This is real dark chocolate – the product does not disappoint.

swiss faceoff lindt

LINDT Chocolat Cree A Berne is also another Swiss dark chocolate product which caught my eye due to its retro packaging. It looks like a product from the 1940’s – the candy wrapping is minimalist and heavily text oriented. It certainly has novelty value.

lindt chocolat

I sampled the LINDT Chocolat Cree A Berne the next day (and an important note here is that I wasn’t fully in withdrawal hell as I planned to stop my opiate consumption on Friday night and I was still VERY MUCH under the influence of Oxycontin bliss during the time of this review) at home.

lindt chocolat back

LINDT Chocolat Cree A Berne also comes in a slim 100 g package. Unfortunately, it weighs in at a (relatively) dismal 49% cocoa solids content. LINDT Chocolat Cree A Berne retails at RM 8.90 (all chocolates is this review is from the Choc Stop franchise at the airport).

lindt chocolat foil

The LINDT Chocolat Cree A Berne chocolate bar is also wrapped in foil and comes in smaller perforated chunks. I personally prefer an After 8 sized slice, much like the format of the previously featured Swiss Delice Supreme Noir Authentique 78% Cacao instead of this smaller chunk.

lindt chocolat pieces

The chocolate perforates nicely to reveal chocolate chunks with the Lindt signature on each of the chunks. I’m still harping about the size of the chunk – IMHO, I feel that premium chocolate should come in the larger format instead of this Cadbury/Hershey’s (tick according to your country) style chunk which is associated with mass produced chocolate.

lindt chocolat bite

The LINDT Chocolat Cree A Berne breaks nicely and takes well to biting smaller chunks off it. It tastes great, with a bittersweet symphony that indulges the senses. However, I still prefer the Swiss Delice Supreme Noir Authentique 78% Cacao as it has that elusive mouth-feel from the higher cacao content.

swiss faceoff noir best

Swiss Delice Supreme Noir Authentique 78% Cacao is the better of the two. It’s definitely a must try, with its high cocoa solid content – which is what chocolate is all about. πŸ™‚


Hershey's Symphony 1/2 Pound Bar Creamy Milk Chocolate

hersheys symphony chocshop

Hershey’s Symphony is a milk chocolate candy bar made by the largest chocolate manufacturer in the United States. I picked it up at ChocShop at the airport during my flight back earlier this week.

hersheys symphony chocolate bar

Hershey’s Symphony retails for RM 14.90 and is made by Hershey Foods Corporation in the US. The bar looks rather retro with its linear lines and beige background superimposed with the stylized text “Symphony” in classic red.

hersheys symphony pound

The chocolate bar weighs 1/2 a pound, a fact that is proudly declared on the lower left side of the wrapping. This contributes much to the retro look as does the scheme – it’s meant to look like sheet music (as in music sheets, not shitty music).

hersheys symphony open

The 1/2 pound milk chocolate bar opens up to reveal blocks of chocolate with the Hershey’s logo on it. I had forgotten about it ever since I left it on the office table when I came back to Kuching until just now. I had it for lunch.

hersheys symphony blocks

Hershey’s Symphony tastes like mid-range milk chocolate – with potential, but never quite achieving greatness. It was a good lunch nonetheless.


Hershey's Swoops – Irresistible slices of chocolate candy!

hersheys swoops aisles

Hershey’s Swoops is a relatively new product which is the epitome of chocolate research and psychological studies. Okay, maybe it’s not that groundbreaking, but I still think it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread! The official description goes “Hershey’s Swoops are curvy, solid chocolate slices delivering an indulgent, mouth-melting experience”.

hersheys swoops

Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Swoops retails for RM 12.90 and comes in cardboard canisters containing three snack-pack cups, each containing six Swoops slices for a total of 18 slices of chocolate. Slices of chocolate. You heard me right. Hershey’s Swoops is chocolate slices shaped and molded in the vein of potato chips (crisps). OMG!

hersheys swoops box

The back of Hershey’s Swoops has a photo of the delicious slices of chocolate in actual size. The text goes “Hershey’s Swoops are the essence of your favorite chocolate candy. The unique shape envelops your mouth in chocolate bliss. Take a moment to experience Swoops…anytime, anywhere”.

hersheys swoops cups

The cardboard box of Hershey’s Swoops opens up to reveal three individually sealed cups containing 6 slices (slices!) of chocolate. I like the snack-packs design although I feel it’s redundant since you can’t just eat one!!!11oneone (as Lay’s would put it…damn the person who invented potato chips / crisps).

hersheys swoops cup open

This is what the Hershey’s Swoops looks like. It looks like potato chip (crisps) shaped chocolate…and it’s the same size as an average tongue so putting the chocolate slice in your mouth and letting it melt covers the entire mouth with chocolate.

hersheys swoops slice

It’s an experience to behold…if you haven’t had Hershey’s Swoops yet, you haven’t experienced the amazing difference the shape can do to the taste and sheer texture. It’s like methamphetamine…you think insufflating (snorting) it is great, but wait till you smoke it! You think smoking meth is great, but wait till you bang (IV injection) it!

hersheys swoops slices

Hershey’s Swoops is the IV method of eating chocolate in the analogy above. You put the tongue shaped chocolate slices into you mouth, close it, taste the rich, milky chocolate enveloping your entire senses and…chocolate rush! OMG!

Hershey’s Swoops is really an experience to behold…it’s amazing that a commercial chocolate manufacturer can come out with chocolate that would revolutionize the chocolate industry. The chocolate slices produces a totally different experience to eating chocolate.

Disclaimer: does not condone the use of Hershey’s Swoops. It should be noted that eating Hershey’s Swoops can be addictive to people with a history of drug and alcohol dependency. Please do not share Hershey’s Swoops…it would be consumed faster than you can imagine. πŸ˜‰


Nestle Kit Kat Dark Luxury Limited Edition

kit kat dark luxury bar shelves

Nestle came out with a limited edition variant of their Kit Kat product line – it’s called Kit Kat Dark Luxury and it’s made with dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate.

kit kat dark luxury limited edition

The Dark Luxury Kit Kat bars retail in the standard Kit Kat size but instead of a wrapper, it comes in a nicely packaged box with a perforation on one end and the text “Limited Edition” emblazoned beside it.

kit kat dark luxury wafers

The Kit Kat Dark Luxury cardboard box opens up to reveal individually wrapped 2-finger wafers.

kit kat dark luxury bar

Kit Kat Dark Luxury tastes like standard Kit Kat made with dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. I didn’t find it exceptional as I do not like the Kit Kat bars over here.

I’ll be flying to KL on a business trip tomorrow morning for a 4 pm meeting and I’ll be coming back again on Saturday. I won’t spend the weekend since I have obligations in Kuching but I’ll probably head out Friday night. See ya!


Espresso Coffee Shots

espresso coffee shots

I saw some chocolate coated coffee beans at the local import
specialty shop and decided to get some, since I’m working to meet a
deadline before I go back to work on Monday. It’s called Coffee Shots and there’s a variety of different beans available – I got the espresso ones, which goes for RM 6.95 for a 50 g pack.

espresso coffee shots text

The literature goes “Coffee Shots give a lift to your day with a
delicious chocolate coated coffee crunch – ready to eat – anywhere,
anytime. We start with the finest Arabica beans from the South Eastern
regions of Brazil which we carefully sort for color, size and
quantity”. It also adds that “Just like the best espresso (short black)
from Europe, our Espresso Coffee Shots have a vibrant strong taste
giving you just the right pick me up when you need it”.

espresso coffee shots 50g

The 50 g packs have a small amount of the “European style chocolate coated coffee beans” in a bag inside the cardboard wrap.

espresso coffee shots bag

I also got a larger pack of the Espresso Coffee Shots for RM 9.80.

espresso coffee shots bean

The Coffee Shots have a coffee bean inside the chocolate, which
gives it some measure of caffeine content. I’ve been drinking coffee
while munching on these Espresso Coffee Shots the whole day in an
effort to finish up my work before the deadline. Its times like this
that I wish I hadn’t quit methamphetamine. πŸ˜‰

Excuse me, I’m going back to work – I’ll update again tomorrow.

Newman’s Milk Chocolate TV Mix

newmans tv mix choc

The most interesting about the TV Mix blue tins of chocolate from
Newman’s is the solid and well made build quality. The experience I’ve
always had with (suffix/prefix) TV snacks have always been slightly
disappointing with regarding to the aesthetics. Case in point: Arnott’s
TV Snacks with cardboard boxes. It shouldn’t need a fancy container,
really, coz it’s likely to be consumed while watching that episode of
The Sopranos, but still…

newmans tv mix latch

Newman’s, now, they went at it in a whole new approach. The Milk
Chocolate covered assorted TV Mix chocolates is housed in an impressive
Colonial style (actually I don’t know what art/masonry influence period
it came from, I just pulled that out of my ass) metal housing, complete
with a fully functional gold latching system that looks archaic, but
pleasing, at the same time.

newmans tv mix latch side

The latching gold piece with a hinge goes around the circumference
of the Newman’s milk chocolate TV Mix metal box and functions to secure
the container when it’s not supposed to be ajar. The latch piece and
cool metal box of these chocolate TV Snacks makes it a pleasure to just
put it on my lap for easy access whenever I wanted one of the chocolate
covered snacks.

newmans tv mix latch sys

The push down and flip up double action golden latch piece is
intuitive to use and did not cause any accessibility problems with the
chocolate. The solid feeling latch opens with a satisfying click and
flipped shut using the same mechanism too. The gold latch manages to
stay shut every time with no degradation in terms of wear and tear
despite the much higher than average times it was flipped open, just to
feel the latch and hear it go “Click!” πŸ˜‰

newmans tv mix lid

The other thing which stands out in the Newman’s Milk Chocolate TV
Mix casing is the felt lined blue and red recessed top, seemingly to
isolate the ambient moisture from affecting the chocolate produce. It
looks normal on the outside, but the red and blue interior lid
poly/foam adapter goes flush against the four sides of the metal
container and the latch circumference when the lip is in a closed

newmans tv mix pack

The Newman’s Milk Chocolate TV Mix opens up to reveal a wrapped
package of chocolate covered candy. Newman’s, in addition to making
precision custom containers, also makes chocolate, in case it slipped
anyone’s mind. Confectionary is their primary line of business.
Newman’s is an Australian brand, operating from Victoria; which
happened to be the same state I was staying in before I started
working, so I’m familiar with their product line. It tastes like
chocolate should…rich, creamy and (cloyingly) sweet. πŸ˜‰

newmans tv mix open

I love the variety that the Newman’s TV Mix offers too – there are
several types of nuts (hazelnuts, almonds, etc.) covered with chocolate
and a few (I counted three) surprise non-nut item to add variety. It’s
one of the things you either love or hate.

I love licorice. πŸ™‚

Chocolate umbrellas

chocolate umbrella canopy

I noticed this whimsical chocolate umbrella display in a grocery
shop just now. There are two different colored display umbrellas
housing arrays of smaller chocolate umbrellas underneath the canopy.

chocolate umbrella ribbon

The chocolate umbrellas come in two flavors – strawberry cream and
orange cream. It retails for RM 1.50 each. These mini replica umbrellas
have a hooked handle and a tapering cone, making it look like an
unopened umbrella. It comes with a pretty ribbon to boot. πŸ˜‰

chocolate umbrella wrapper

Upon removing the wrapper, I found another paper-foil wrapped around
the chocolate umbrella. These things are called gizitas umbrella
chocolate & (orange or strawberry) cream.

chocolate umbrella shiny

The unwrapping of the second layer reveals a shiny cone of
chocolate, with a plastic base that acts as a handle and also doubles
as a decor.

chocolate umbrella inside

The strawberry cream and orange cream chocolate umbrellas taste
pretty much the same to me. It’s an Indonesian product, and you know
what their chocolate tastes like, no offence. πŸ˜‰ The chocolate umbrella
is made up of a cream center, followed by a layer of wafer, which is
filled with actual sugar granules (!), followed by another layer of
wafer, which is then coated with chocolate.

It’s nothing to write home about. I just thought the chocolate umbrella display was interesting. πŸ™‚

Denis Place cafe & restaurant review

denis place

Denis Place cafe & restaurant is a well-hidden gem in the old
part of town. Nestled between rows of old shop houses, this charming
restaurant manages to work with the existing infrastructure and create
a luxuriously decorated interior at the same time.

denis place interior

The ambience of Denis Place once you step into it is palpable. The
lighting is dim and diffused, and there are racks of wine everywhere.

denis place stairs

There is also a staircase leading to the upper dining section and
sections which have ceramic bowls filled with water and fresh flower
petals, as well as candles everywhere.


I love the effort spent into creating a warm ambience here…

denis place flame

Denis Place is very big on candles and flames, as you can see.

denis place wine blueberry

I had a glass of house red wine (RM 12) and a Blueberry Coolest Shake
(RM 8), which is a blueberries and ice cream blended drink. It’s nice
and creamy. My dining companion opted for the more conservative freshly
squeezed carrot juice (RM 14).

denis place house steak

She had the House steak (RM 21) for the main dish.

denis place house steak f

It’s the signature dish of Denis Place, with 250 grams of well-done
prime Australian mince meat, grilled with melted cheese and served with
fries and chilli cheese sauce. It’s alright, once you find the steak.
It’s there somewhere under the other adornments. πŸ˜‰

denis place house sandwich

I had the House sandwich (RM 15), another Denis Place signature dish. This sandwich is huge…it’s impossible to open wide enough to get a bite. Seriously, it’s that good.

denis place house sandwich f

It’s a generous triple deck of toasted bread with salad, chicken, a whole fried egg, and beef bacon, served with crinkle fries.

denis shared dessert

We shared a dessert billed as Chocolate made in heaven,
with chocolate ice cream decked with pure chocolate fudge and Oreos for
RM 9. I was amazed by the sheer portion of the ice cream serving when
it came out…

denis place choc made in heaven

Behold! The Chocolate made in heaven in
all of its glory! Just look at that sinful concoction of Oreos
slathered with chocolate fudge in a huge bed of chocolate ice cream…

Guylian Opus chocolate review

guylian opus

Guylian Opus is the Belgian chocolate manufacturer’s boxed set that
features six distinctive pieces named after the musical creations of
illustrious composers from the likes of Bach and Mozart.

guylian opus box

There are two sets of six different pieces of chocolate in the box,
mirrored and held in place in sunken receptacles. The box flips up to
reveal the composer and piece that each chocolate piece is dubbed and
what it contains. I found this unwrapped chocolate box in the pantry,
no one intends to eat it, so I did.

Guylian Opus Taste notes:

guylian opus chocs

Verdi – Aida
Smooth Truffle Filling
The sphinx inspired design looks good. The truffle filling tastes good too, but it’s a little predictable.

Mozart – The Magic Flute
Noisette – Cappuccino – Roasted Hazelnut
This is one of the more beautiful and intricately designed pieces. It’s
a burst of sweet chocolate followed by a surprise hazelnut slice
crunch, with a coffee aftertaste. This one is one of the gems.

Puccini – Madame Butterfly
Crème Orange Cream
The complex light-dark shade and butterfly piece is probably the most
aesthetically pleasing piece of chocolate. The filling is disappointing
though, but that can be attributed to my personal tastes. I don’t like
orange filled chocolates.

Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata
Crème Cappuccino Cream
The design is inspired by the yin-yang symbol and has two musical notes
imprinted on it. It’s really good, the cappuccino cream filling tastes

Bach – Toccata and Fugue
This piece is a simple chocolate block with stripes of white. I don’t know what gianduja is, but it tastes like Nutella to me.

Massenet – Manon
This is one of the more disappointing offers in the Guylian Opus
series. The mousse is feathery and airy, but it’s not distinctive
enough to write home about. I won’t even consider sending a postcard.

Donizetti – The Daughter of the Regiment
Noisette – Praline – Roasted Hazelnut
It tastes like the Mozart chocolate, but there’s no hazelnut in this
one. The Guylian Opus box has two sets of each and I ate both…and
both are hazelnut-less (is there such a word?). Where my hazelnut?

Gounod – Romeo and Juliet
Nougat – Praline
This gold foil wrapped heart shape chocolate piece looks to be the
premier offering in the chocolate box set, as such wrapped pieces
usually are. It let me down…it’s just a soft nougat chocolate with no
distinctive notes.

There, I’ve finished playing Chocolate Connoisseur. πŸ˜‰

Jesus, somebody please pass me an insulin shot…

The Devil’s Kiss

the devils kiss

This afternoon was baking day at the bakery. That, of
course, is just really my girlfriend’s kitchen – she has more baking
stuff than my kitchen does, coz my family doesn’t spend time doing
things like baking. We made a Devil’s food cake which I’ll like to call
The Devil’s Kiss. Yes, it was from a cake mix, but we customized it
(er…kinda), so there. :p

Recipe for The Devil’s Kiss:

moist devils food
One Duncan Hines Moist Deluxe Devil’s Food cake mix

hersheys kisses
One pack of Hershey’s Kisses

dairy whip
One can of Dairy Whip whipped cream

dunhill old master
One Dunhill Scotch Master “Finest Scotch Whisky”

and the things that the cake mix requires, which wasn’t much – 3
eggs, 1 1/3 cups of water, and 1/2 cup of vegetable oil. Nothing you
would be hard pressed to find in any kitchen (even mine).

cake mix water

We started out by pouring the cake mix into the mixing bowl and
adding in 1 1/3 cups of water. I don’t know the exact empirical figures
for “cups” so we didn’t bother with conversion to SI units like litres,
and just poured in (literally) one full cup and another filled a third

cake mix oil

Next, we added in the vegetable oil. I was a bit doubtful when I
read this…a recipe that calls for cooking oil instead of butter for
cake seems kinda dodgy. However, that’s what it says on the package, so
that’s what it’s going to be. My girlfriend handled the huge cooking
oil bottle while I took a photo – we did not bother with cups because
that would mean more things to wash up after we’re done. πŸ˜‰

It should be noted that more than 1/2 cup of vegetable oil was
poured in…the oil container is as unwieldy as it looks, and while I
sat on the frontlines to monitor the pourage (meaning, I sat on my ass
while I watched her pouring it), too much oil got into the mix. I was
going like “yeah, that looks about right, you can stop now, thanks” and
my gf was still going at and I was like “OMG, stop!” and she was still
going at it and when I finally put the digicam down and took the
cooking oil bottle away from her (it’s dangerous in her hands), I
guesstimated that more than one cup of oil landed into the mix. Oh

cake mix eggs

Anyway, three large eggs were cracked into the mix after that. It’s
noteworthy to say that all these preparations took a long time and we
did not follow the recipe religiously, and spent ample time doing other
stuff while the mix was lying there. I also added about 6 shots of
Dunhill scotch whisky into the mix. I was considering whether to go for
Chivas Regal or this one, and decided on this one, because it tastes
better than Chivas.

drinking makes baking fun

I also took the liberty of adding some whisky into myself at this
point. The recipe calls for 30 seconds of stirring, and I felt that
having a drink in my hand would make the task much more pleasurable. πŸ˜‰
One does get sick of cheap alcohol, so this premium scotch is a very
welcome drink instead and makes the baking process much better. It goes
very well with clonazepam too, but don’t add that into the baking mix,
for Christ’s sake.

cake mix stir

Thus, I stirred the mix for about 30 seconds (or until I was tired of stirring, didn’t know which came first, really).

prepped cake tin

Now, we realized that we need to find an appropriate receptacle for
our cake mix, so we searched for one. The candidates were: a small
circular cake tin, a long bread mould tin and a square cake tin. We
chose the last one and used butter to grease the inside and finely
powdered it with flour as per the cake mix instructions.

cake mix beat

The cake mix, which now contains the original Devil’s food mix,
three large eggs, water, vegetable oil, and scotch whisky was processed
with one of them cake mixers for two minutes or so. The box said two
minutes anyway, we did not time ourselves, we just looked at the very
hypnotic swirls until we shook ourselves and realized that the cake mix
seems to be smooth.

unkiss kisses

I then proceeded to prepare the Hershey’s Kisses by unwrapping it
from the foil and pulling out those damned liners. I like to call this
“unkissing the kisses”.

cake mix pour

The cake mix was poured into the cake tin…

cake mix kisses

and Hershey’s Kisses were dropped into the mix at random spots. I
used up the whole packet, there is bound to be one in every square inch
of the cake.

enter oven

Finally, we realized that we have not pre-heated the oven and did
so. It should be noted that I did not want to do any calculations to
change Fahrenheit to Celsius so I let my girlfriend set the heat
settings to what “should be about right” for a cake. The cake mix is
finally inserted into the oven.

We waited…

and waited
and waited…

exit cake

and I finally took the cake out of the oven with this nifty cake tin lifter when it looked right.

cake not done

My girlfriend poked a hole in the middle with a toothpick and it came out moist, so back to the oven it was…

devils food cake

I present to you…the final product! We had waited for about 15
minutes and took the cake back out again. My gf then proceeded to poke several
holes across the cake while laughing hysterically. My
cake…sabotaged… :p Oh, by the way, the crack in the middle is
apparently the result of taking it out before it was fully done and
putting it back in again. The temperature differential shock tends to
make it go that way.

The Devil’s Kiss []
Requires Apple Quicktime. Unzip the file for the video clip.

devils food nitrous

The movie clip shows me eating the cake with some nitrous oxide,
er…I mean, some whipped cream. It should be noted that whipped cream
uses nitrous oxide (N20) as a propellant:

nitrous oxide

However, if you’re expecting to get recreational hits of nitrous off
a whipped cream bottle, you’re going to be very disappointed. It’s only
a small canister, and the dispensing system will produce whipped cream
no matter now tenderly you manipulate the nozzle to produce nitrous
oxide. You’re not going to get anywhere near recreational doses off
this, and it’s not for the lack of trying. I did, and the best I could
do was get a minute amount into my lungs and my exertions expended the
nitrous canister of the whipped cream container…which made it produce
sludge instead of whipped cream. Oops…my bad. I didn’t realize it had
such a small amount of nitrous in the bulb. Stick with nitrous
canisters and crackers and leave the whipped cream container alone. πŸ˜‰

devils food cake slice

Here’s a shot of a slice of The Devil’s Kiss with some…er, cream
sludge. It tasted pretty good actually, but it was a little too rich (I
think it was the oil). I’ll tell you something interesting…it seems
that some of the Hershey’s Kisses were preserved intact in the final
cake! The scotch did not shine through though, probably due to the
overpowering chocolate taste. Nevertheless, it was a great experiment
and it yielded a rather tasty cake. πŸ™‚

I had wanted to name it The Devil’s Kiss with Angel’s Cum on it, but
I didn’t think that would be a very appealing name for a cake so I’ll
settle with The (Drunk) Devil’s Kiss (unofficial name) or Devil’s Food
Cake with Hershey’s Kisses and whipped cream, for a more orthodox name.

Thanks to Renee of shiokadelicious! [] for baking tips.

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