Stage exit left, regurgitate


Greetings! My apologies for the lack of updates, I was sick (no,
really). It started on Friday morning when I ate some noodles with
sotong by the roadside for breakfast which made me projectile vomit for
the rest of the day…seriously, I couldn’t keep even fluids down,
despite my best attempts, and my best attempt can be a good one,
considering the things I’ve had and held down in the past. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, was absolutely knackered for the rest of the day, but
still worked nevertheless, like the productive employee I am. Heh. I
didn’t want to call it quits and take an MC because these things “build
character” or so I’m told, so I subjected myself to a day of frequent
trips to the bathroom for regurgitation. This makes two dubious quasi
“character building” events in the past week, the first being the
hypothermia (my mind was convinced anyway) incident. More about that

Back to being knackered, I finally decided to see a doctor at around
5 pm (coz being dehydrated sucks) and said I’ll be back. That’s not a
good time to go to a doctor because the clinics usually close around
that time. Thus, it was back to work and I practically had to crawl
back to Bangsar after work. It was seriously that bad, somehow food
poisoning and the subsequent hourly regurgitation and stomach cramps
tires you like nothing else. It felt much worse than multiple day
*cough* runs without food, that was how bad it was.

Anyway, got to Bangsar, crawled (a manly crawl, mind you) into the
nearest clinic and got an IM injection, a much appreciated anti-emetic
which stopped all thoughts of throwing up within 20 minutes, and I ate
a bun and slept for 17 hours and felt perfectly fine today, and went to
work and went to BB and came back and now I’m writing this. I will be
posting the Melbourne convo series soon, please entertain yourself by
looking at this in the meantime:



It’s a Christmas present from Lee Qeuh (I think – the signature is
hard to read) from the company Christmas dinner that I couldn’t attend
because I was in Melbourne at that time. There was an exchange of gifts
scheduled, I didn’t know what I gave though, since I didn’t have time
on the Friday I was about to leave so Rozana (my friend from work who
sits beside me) got a present for me by proxy instead.

Please stand by, the much delayed Melbourne series is coming right up…

The purple christmas tree at Suria KLCC

Purple haze.

I noticed this new decor at the central court of Suria KLCC today.
I was there to meet HB, he’s passing the cherry tobacco to me.
I’m veritas [] btw, and I can’t remember the last time I posted here…

I went up and down taking this photo.
It’s a large Christmas tree with a smaller one beside it.
It’s beautiful…just like you.
and it’s attached, just like you…

I don’t know what this feeling I have is…
I’m not infatuated…I don’t think of you all the time…
It’s not a crush, I’ve felt this way for a while.
I don’t harbor any thoughts of being with you.


The best I can describe it is affection…
I like your eyes, the way you smile and the way you talk to me
It reminds me of something in my past

It’s certainly not love, and this feeling is purely platonic
It’s strange though, I hardly talk to you
I hardly even think about you, unless I notice you
But the fondness is always there when that happens.

That makes me happy. πŸ™‚
You’re a purple christmas tree in a faceless crowd.

Christmas Eve 2002

<p>My night out started with a bang so to speak. I headed out at around
8 pm with Johnny, Ting Chuan and Christopher in search of something to
eat. As we were nearing town, we saw this big plume of smoke near the
town center. We headed over to investigate and was caught in a terrible
traffic jam that took us damn near an hour to get out of. There was a
big fire at Tong Sang Road and there was a lot of gawkers and the
police blocked off one stretch of road, resulting in the traffic jam.
Actually a traffic jam doesn’t do the situation justice, a better word
would be gridlock. I didn’t get near enough to get a good photo, this
is the best one I could get:</p>

<p><img alt=”xmasfire.jpg” src=”” border=”0″ height=”225″ width=”300″></p>

<p>The final toll was 20 houses burned down in the blaze, they were all
wooden so the fire spread fast and hard. The papers said 180 people
were left homeless by this. What bad luck to have this happen on
Christmas Eve.</p>

<p>Anyway, we headed to McDonalds after that for our Christmas Eve
dinner coz it was pretty late by that time already. I had Bubur Ikan
McD, a coke float and a toffee sundae. This is my Christmas Dinner:</p>

<p><img alt=”xmasdinr.jpg” src=”” border=”0″ height=”225″ width=”300″></p>

<p>Grand, ain’t it? πŸ˜‰ We went to 1 Q after that to play a couple of
games of snooker and then Christopher had to go home so we sent him
home and we arranged to meet Thai Ling, Alan and Ku Ling at Liquid
where Diana and the rest are. Unfortunately, the tickets were all sold
out and they couldn’t let any more people in coz the place was full. We
then decided to go to the Paramount disco (Happy Valley) instead coz it
was closer and the countdown was about to start. I saw my cousin there,
apparently he’s now working in the Paramount kitchen. I also saw Wan
Wen and her friend. We met Chew Yieng (her dad is one of the major
shareholders of Paramount) inside the disco and she bought us all a
round of brandy. I had a couple of beers too and we stayed there until
well past midnight. There was this old guy on the dance floor who was
really going hard out. Heh. Everyone cheered for him, you go dude!</p>

<p><img alt=”xmasgrp.jpg” src=”” border=”0″ height=”225″ width=”300″><br>
<i>Part of the original group</i></p>

<p>Anyway, we headed to Pool House after that, but the ambience was not
really conducive to a Christmas Eve party (they were singing karaoke
there), so we headed over to Liquid again and found out that the crowd
has thinned out a bit so we went in. We met Diana and I also saw Jane,
who was there with her group of friends. The music there was pretty
good and I met a lot of people who I used to know but have since lost
touch with. There also was this girl who was dancing and offered
everyone her glass of water. Thanks! That was great for ambience. It
made things more like an MDMA-fuelled rave. πŸ™‚ Alan or Thai Ling
(forgot who) bought us another round of drinks and we stayed there till
the venue slowly emptied. </p>

<p>The rest of the guys wanted to head home, and I had another bunch of
friends who were at Heaven and I thought about joining them, but it was
late at that time and so we decided to call it a night. We had a late
supper at Taman Selera (it was still open) and then headed home. All in
all, it was a great night. Good friends, alcohol and the festive season
goes nicely together. πŸ™‚ Merry Christmas!</p>

Annual Christmas Procession 2002

Did I die and go to heaven? πŸ˜‰

Our town has a history of having a Christmas street parade every
year. This year’s had a praise and worship thing going on before the
actual parade and was held at the Sibu town square. I went there at
around 7 pm with Ting Chuan.

Silent night, holy night.

There weren’t many floats around this year though, there used to be
heaps and there was a competition to see which one was the best. I
don’t know if they still have that competition going on, but there
wasn’t a lot of floats around.

The drivers of the floats actually need guides to navigate.

The crowd watching the procession.

Anyway, after the church service was over, the procession started
with a float followed by several walking groups and then another float
and so on.

Cherubic mascots on a boat float.

A float mounted on a trishaw.

The back of a float.


A float with a nativity scene.

There were groups of various denominations and churches. There were
a lot of bands which are affiliated with church groups too like the
Boys Brigade and the Girls Brigade, to name a few.

A very satanic looking Santa Claus with huge heart shaped testicles giving everyone the finger.

I also stumbled upon my church’s (Wesley Methodist Church) group and
one of the lay leaders invited me to join their entourage. I didn’t
feel like walking though, just wanted to take a couple of photos, so I
declined. I also saw my ex-college’s group who was also part of the
procession. I saw Remy, someone I haven’t seen in several years. We
used to talk a lot in college and it’s good to see her again.

Remy and myself.

Anyway, going back to the floats, there was two in particular that
stood out. One had a giant TV screen showing Christmas carol movies
complete with karaoke style lyrics at the bottom. The other had several
girls dressed as angels standing on the float, which we all agreed were
aesthetically pleasing. Hmm…am I talking about the float or the angels?

A closer look at one of the angels.

There was also a massive police presence to provide crowd control
and several streets were closed off to traffic to make way for the
procession. There was this group with children carrying balloons. On a
whim, I stopped one cute little girl who didn’t look more than 6 years
old who had two balloons and asked her for one, and she gave one of
hers to me. hehehe Thanks dear!

Well, we were standing near the exit of the town square so we
managed to see the procession first. It wasn’t really long, perhaps the
whole parade took 25 minutes.



There was something nice that happened though. A pretty girl dressed
as an angel who was giving out sweets gave me one. I was pretty
surprised as they only gave those to children so I looked up and who
did I see but Alice Lim! She’s from my high school, I was in Form 5
when she was in Form 1, but I know her from seeing her pass by my
father’s office every day to get the record attendance book (she was
the class monitor). It’s good to see her again and I’m glad she still
recognizes me.

Alice in the parade.

Anyway, after the procession, we walked around Wisma Sanyan for a
while and came out the other side only to find the procession winding
up there. We joined and walked with the procession for a while and I
gave my balloon to a balloon-less little girl standing in the crowd.
She was shy and her mom told her to say “thank you”. Heh. That’s my
good deed for the day. My car was blocked by the procession, so we had
to wait for a while until all the groups have finished. I did see Alice
again though when the parade came back around and snapped a pic, and
she said Merry Christmas. πŸ™‚

This is a clearer picture of Alice taken 6 months ago.

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