I ate someone’s sweat


Okay, I was on my way back home late last night when something very disgusting happened. I’ve posted about it on Facebook but I wanted it here for posterity…

…coz it’s really disgusting. 😑

I’m still a bit grossed out by what happened last night – this security guard I was trailing to get directions on where my car is took off his cap and brushed his sweaty hair before I could tap him on the shoulder and say excuse me.

Obviously, this resulted in surprisingly copious amounts of sweat being flicked to my face and inside my open mouth. (!!!)

I got the directions but it left a bad taste in my mouth. πŸ˜‰

Beautiful blisters pregnant with pus

blisters pus

I was making coffee when I accidentally spilled boiling hot water all over my hand. It had the side effect of creating a rather large blister between the web of my thumb and index finger.

huge blister

The blister was filled with pus – it looked ripe for lancing when you form a fist.

draining pus

I poked it with a needle and the pus squirted out like it was pressurized. It’s a good thing I took off the white shirt I was wearing. Heh.

broken blisters

Good as new! πŸ™‚

Best photo for lunch hour viewing!


It just makes your lunch all the more tastier doesn’t it? I’m
feeling so hungry right now after taking this photo, I really have to
run down to the food court and get something to eat. I’ll reply the
comments when I get back, this photo from the Ground Floor male toilets
of Kenanga International is really whetting my appetite!

28 days

Original image

All the toilets of Stairway 8 seems to be not working. The tanks must have
burst or something because I can hear constant gurgling behind the toilet.
Thus, the water pressure is less than optimal, making flushes practically
impossible. I took a shit this morning and it damn near took me 3 whole
minutes of constant pressure on the pump to flush away the assorted shit
and toilet paper. The water pressure has degraded since then and someone
disposed a menstrual blood stained piece of toilet paper on the front of
the bowl. Since water travels from the back to the front in most toilets
and the water pressure is seriously lacking today, this resulted in that
period stained toilet paper laying undislodged for the rest of the night.

Close up

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