A selection of Hors d’oeuvre

chocolate cubes

This is one of the most awesome chocolates I’ve ever had – it’s made of over 80% cocoa, very dark and bittersweet, with a dusting to finish it.

chocolate cocoa

I think a whole bunch of us in Singapore had way too much of these. I know I certainly did, totally ruined my appetite for dinner.

hors d oeuvre

This is pretty good too – it’s a layered chocolate cake and almost impossible to dissect but let me attempt to describe it – it contains layer after layer of moist and fluffy pastry covered with chocolate. I was impressed, it was so light it felt like I was eating mostly air.

lobster shots

Lobster shooters. I liked this one too – awesomely concocted pieces of lobsters with the accompanying sauces and garnishes in one ready-to-drink (eat?) shot.

liquor chocolates

This were the chocolates that had liquor in it – it’s infused with Bailey’s Irish Cream. I preferred the original high cocoa content chocolate cubes instead but a lot of others liked these. 🙂

Fassbind Kirsch liquor chocolates

fassbind kirsch choc

Fassbind Kirsch chocolates is another product line in the liquor chocolate industry that is made from real alcohol.

fassbind brand choc

Fassbind is a little known brand and kirsch is classified under
“brandy” if I’m not mistaken. It tastes like good brandy. Fassbind
Kirsch can be found in its original state at 41% alcohol.

fassbind kirsch filled chocs

The liquor filled chocolates comes in the form of standard block
milk chocolates filled with the liquor in question – in this case, it’s
Fassbind Kirsch.

fassbind kirsch syrup

It’s important to note that the centers are filled with liquid
liquor, so please don’t make the mistake of biting into it and letting
it spill all over…like me. 😉

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