Chan Sau Lin fish head

fish head

I remember having really good fish head in 2005. I was working in Kuching at that time and one of our partners brought us to the famous Chan Sau Lin fish head during a business trip here. As luck would have it, we went to the very same place yesterday.

chan sau lin

It’s now moved from Jalan Chan Sau Lin No 3 (thus the Cantonese moniker) to Jalan Chan Sau Lin No 5. The place is huge, with a semi-outdoor (meaning it’s ventilated but covered) court and an air-conditioned area.

tai sam lou

This is what’s left of the famous hot and sweltering fish head at Tai Sam Lou with the famous tree – a faded photo. The tree stump is apparently still there.

chicken steamed

I don’t go around to these parts pretty often and a lot of people say that the fish head has deteriorated. They do serve a pretty mediocre plate of pak cham kai (steamed chicken).

curry fishhead

We ordered two fish heads – one is the curry version which I didn’t like at all. The curry gravy overpowered the fish. I like my fish to be as close to natural as possible.

fermented soy fish

The other one we had was the fermented soy sauce fish head. This is delicious! The way it’s cooked left the fish head relatively unmolested and there’s bird’s eye chili on top to add that additional zap to the palate. Succulent and tender, it left me digging into the head for stray pieces of fish.

me fishhead

Here’s a cheesy shot of me. The new place is at Jalan Lima off Jalan Chan Sau Lin in Sungai Besi. Don’t ask me for the GPS coordinates coz I broke my phone in Phuket but you can call 017-224 2133 for Hoi. I gleaned all that from the card I took from the place.

Lunch cost us RM 99 for four people, including a dish of bean sprouts I didn’t bother to take. πŸ˜‰

The famous Tai Sam Lou fish head review

csl3 fish head shop

I went to the renowned Chan Sow Lin No 3 Road fish head shop for lunch. It’s located somewhere in KL and I’m told that it’s very famous for their fish head dish.

csl3 fish head shop flagship

It seems that the fish head is their signature flagship dish as everyone there is having it…

csl3 fish head shop cooking

The Tai Sam Lou (literally Big Three Road in Cantonese) is a roadside restaurant of sorts, with a side area for cooking…

csl3 fish head shop wood side

…and a wood structure to the side, which I assume is the living quarters of the proprietors.

csl3 fish head shop rice

The rice came out first, its just ye ol garden variety rice…

csl3 fish head shop belly pork

…and we also ordered kay yok, which is belly pork with yam. It’s
really good – the pork is fatty and hearty and the yam was nice too.
It’s a great addition to the meal for people who like meat.

csl3 fish head shop bean sprouts

There is also the obligatory vegetable dish…this is bean sprouts.
The unusual thing about the dish is the size of the bean sprouts.
Jesus, the things are huge! Bean sprouts on steroids or genetically engineered (GE) bean sprouts, whichever you like to think of it as. πŸ˜‰

csl3 fish head shop fish

Finally, here’s the flagship dish of the restaurant – I present to you, the Spicy bean sauce gravy steamed fish head with bean sauce and soy sauce. I don’t recall the Cantonese name for it, but it sounded something like chiong ching something something yu tau.

csl3 fish head shop rice fish sauce

It really is good! It’s lightly steamed with spicy ingredients, but the freshness of the fish still manages to shine through.

csl3 fish head shop fish macro

The Tai Sam Lou fish head shop is a great find indeed…couldn’t have done it without a local.

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