ruby bongkersz

STP called me up this morning, awaking me from my slumber, to inform me that bongkersz a.k.a. Bong Chan Siong from KL has arrived. I called Mary up and told her to meet us at Ruby Restaurant to give bongkersz a dose of Sibu hospitality.

ruby butter prawns

bongkersz has been craving for the butter cheese prawns from Ruby Restaurant and STP brought him there to indulge in The Good Stuff (TM). I arrived fashionably early due to my driving skillz (of which my repertoire includes running red lights and driving in excess of the speed limit) and Mary arrived fashionably late due to her being the tau keh nio that she is. ;)

stp coffee

This is STP’s famous ice blended coffee which I didn’t partake in, preferring to go for Heineken instead. Catch on Wednesday, there’s a surprise in store for football (soccer) fans. :)

us bongkersz

L-R: STP, bongkersz, Huai Bin (me), goolooloo

ruby xx

Mary is probably going to do an XY Chromosome post on bongkersz and we’re having this friendly competition going on, so I dragged the nearest XX Chromosome (which happened to be the waitress) for a photo shoot. ;)

ruby xx me

I have been told that my XX Chromosome entries are biased to a certain extent towards people of a similar ethnicity and I’ve addressed that issue in the annals of – it’s not about racial relations but a more pragmatic reason – there are just more Chinese in Sibu than other races.

I have put this up once and for all to debunk the myth that the XX Chromosome category favors aesthetic looking people from a certain race. It doesn’t. XX Chromosome in is pro affirmative action. =D

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17 Responses to “The Sibu bloggers welcomes bongkerz”

  1. Good grief! So this was what the mice were doing when the cat was away!!!

  2. Wah .. so fast up on the net .. you guys are really, what’s the word again? Effective?

  3. High Efficiency :)

  4. the waitress, she was a bit blur blur when you took her photo.. hahahaha! turned out good eh the photos? :D
    ps: lol.. full name???

  5. XX Chromosome in is pro affirmative action. =D
    LOL HB :>

  6. O.M.G……!!!!
    The prawns and the blended coffee look nice!
    So do the waitress…..hehe…
    Yea, notice in the picture that the waitress was abit blur…

  7. Mary is late all the time meh? Hurry Up girl :-) Love the food…..Hmmm, 5 more days till I leave MSP Airport and land in Kuching 2 days later… gotta love the international date line… AI!

  8. Now tell the truth Huai Bin. What have you done to that poor waitress? Why she looks a bit shy shy one? Must be you showed her your dick!

  9. “I have been told that my XX Chromosome entries are biased” HAHAHA

  10. suituapui: Our apologies for ruining your good name at the restaurant while you were away. ;)
    cibol: Mary is even more efficient. My efficiency is impaired by an upcoming contest I’ll be running on the blog.
    goolooloo: Haha! Probably should use the first word on my blog. Later people misunderstand. ;)
    bongkersz: Yeah, she didn’t know what I wanted to do. Heh! Was pretty sporting of her though.
    It was great meeting up with you, my friend.
    j..: Hmm…now you’ve gave me a really, really good idea for XX Chromosomes. Thanks! :)
    nkwai: That’s STP’s patented ice blended coffee. I’m sure it has a lot of caffeine in it but I went for beer that day.
    Skwermy: Well, she’s not always late. She had something to do that day and I gave her the wrong directions. My mistake. She’s pretty efficient really, got her to borrow me something and she told me I can pick her up immedietely. Very high efficiency. ;)
    Oh yeah, you lose a day flying back to Malaysia. I’ve always found that pretty interesting. 7 days till you’re back. You planning to go to KL end of this month?
    jerk: Yeah, I did. She was pretty impressed by the size of it. Awed would be the correct term.
    Rufus: Yeah, I’ve been told as such. I’m going to do one really different one soon. ;)

  11. drool, how come din find me 1? stp! ha ha

  12. clementwpy: You have to forward your grievances to STP himself, since I wasn’t the one who organized it. :)

  13. Enrique’s STP? Sewage Treatment Plant? Juz kiddin… Neways, nice blog.

  14. Well, clement, Ruby was not in the original plan. We were supposed to meet at Grace for dianpianngu…but it was already past 11 and there was still no sign of goolooloo. Lost her way in Sibu, believe it or not! And it was getting hot (Coffee shop no aircon!) and since the taukehneo was in the town area, we decided to adjourn to Ruby…and HB could have his Heineken (How to spell, ah?)before he started showing signs of withdrawal symptoms!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  15. yojimbo512: Thanks for reading! :)
    suituapui: Heh! It was actually my mistake. I told Mary teng meng ngu place and she thought it was the one in town instead of the one at Grace.
    Yeah, I was getting the shakes already. Delerium tremens. ;)

  16. yojimbo512: Thanks for reading! :)
    suituapui: Heh! It was actually my mistake. I told Mary teng meng ngu place and she thought it was the one in town instead of the one at Grace.
    Yeah, I was getting the shakes already. Delerium tremens. ;)

  17. tq 4 everything…i’ll appreciate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but u all must remember…1 day,,,u all will gone n leave dis world….dat tyme u will feel how i feel!!!!!!!!!its alrite now dat i shame wif all your fault….whom will be punished is u!!!!!!!!!!!!tq for make me famous….wow!!!!!! dis is da world!!!!!!!!!!i luv u all n ‘mom’ trust yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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