DJ Ferry Corsten @ KL Live

system f kl live

DJ Ferry Corsten a.k.a. System F came down to spin at the new Heineken bottle launch at KL Live. The entire place has been transformed into something that looks like Emerald City from the Wizard of Oz.


Even the invites look awesome!

emerald city

It was all Heineken green – the entrance was emblazoned with an asymmetrical neon light feature that gave off a new and different, exclusive even, ambiance once you stepped into the threshold and embraced the pumping music inside.

dirty nelly

I arrived early and had dinner at Dirty Nelly’s – it’s right beside KL Live. I opted for the Sausage with Mustard Mash and Sweet Sour Red Pepper. It’s described as a “jumbo pork banger” but I was taken aback at the sheer size of it when it arrived.

It almost made me feel inadequate. 😉

ee lin

Thanks for dinner Heineken! Cheers to Ee Lin from the brand team for picking up the tab.

heineken k2 launch

Anyway, I was surprised by the sheer amount of people inside. KL Live was packed. I met a lot of new people and got reacquainted with plenty of old friends that night.

june desmond

It was awesome!


I happened to be wearing a white shirt that day, and after a lot of festive merry-making to the beats of Lap Sap (the opening act), DJ Ferry Corsten came on stage and got the entire crowd cheering.

dj ferry corsten malaysia

There were bouncers in front getting everyone to stand back while the crowd pushed forward to take photos. I had wisely *cough* positioned myself in the front before DJ Ferry Corsten’s set was on so I was right in front. I didn’t know why the bouncers were keeping people away until he came onstage, the music started, and fireworks and flames went off in a dazzlingly well choreographed moment.


I was caught by surprise by the wonderful pyrotechnics display that I didn’t manage to take a shot of it – some of the debris landed on my (white) shirt. So that was why the bouncers were keeping people away from the stage – there was going to be pyrotechnics . Heh. *hindsight 20/20

DJ Ferry Corsten kept the energy going high and with the free flow of Heineken beer going, the crowd was moving right along to his beats. He played a great set.

heineken k2 malaysia

It was the launch of the new Heineken bottle with nifty new practical and aesthetic features detailed in my Heineken contest post and Heineken threw a huge party with an international DJ just for it.

dj ferry corsten

It’s just how Heineken rolls, being a premium beer.


You’ll be seeing these new Heineken bottles replace the old ones right about now. I nicked the photo below from Heineken’s Facebook photo album to better illustrate it. 😉

heineken girls

Oh and before I forget, there’s a contest going on with truly awesome prizes! The 3 grand prizes includes a trip to Sensation in Taiwan! You need 50 points to stand a chance to win and there are 3 ways to gain points:

1. Toasting Friends

You basically send your Facebook friend a new Heineken bottle and if they send it back to you, you’ll get 1 point. I’ve detailed this in my previous post and you can refer to the app for more details.

2. Check-in via Facebook

check in to win

This is where you check-in via Facebook when you go out for a drink at participating outlets.

check in

Here’s an example. You can earn a maximum of 1 point per day and you’ll need to verify the check-in via the app after you’ve done it. Don’t worry if it doesn’t appear immediately, each check-in can only be verified after 12 am on the next day.

outlets sibu

There’s a list of participating outlets – I see a lot of familiar places in my hometown of Sibu. Heh. You can filter via state to see which are the ones that will earn you points.

3. Scan Heineken ads with iSnap

the star mobile

This is an interesting one – if you have an iPhone or Android smartphone, download iSnap (it’s part of The Star Mobile app) from iTunes Store/Google Play respectively. I have it on my Sony Xperia S. Search for a Heineken ad in The Star newspaper and scan it. It’ll earn you a staggering 5 points! 🙂

The prizes that I mentioned? The grand prize is a trip to Sensation in Taiwan! It’s held in Kaohsiung and there will be 3 winners for this dance music festival! There’s also 200 personalized editions of the new Heineken bottle to be won. Imagine how cool it would be to own that! I won’t even drink it, it’s the kind of stuff you display.


Go to the Heineken app and start collecting points now and you might be on your way to Taiwan! 🙂


I had an great Saturday night at KL Live. I had a few beers from the new Heineken bottle (which is the real star of the night), enjoyed mingling about and Heineken was thoughtful enough to provide water (Evian, no less) to rehydrate yourself after dancing. 🙂

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22 thoughts on “DJ Ferry Corsten @ KL Live”

    • Heh! Well it’s like the toast landing buttered side down thing, you only remember it coz you remember the times when you dirty your white shirt but not on the equally numerous times you did not.

      Yeah, the party was awesome! 🙂

    • Hello Fiona!

      Oh, you know Pam too? This is actually the first time I met her although I didn’t know it was her then. I only realized later before we went for lunch the weekend after. 🙂

    • Yeah, gotta love all the little attention to detail that Heineken does for all their events! 🙂

      Love DJ Ferry Corsten who was spinning – great set. 😀

    • Heh. Yup, gotta love Heineken events – they do it well and there’s even a contest for after, a continuation of sorts where you can go party at Sensation in Taiwan! 🙂

    • Yup, a lot of people were here for the Heineken bottle launch.

      Hey, there’s a contest for a trip to Taiwan! How did your previous one go? 🙂

      • Nahhh!!! Blardy scam!!! Wasted all my time & effort. No more contests for me for a long long time… Just hope for free handouts from Vincent Tan once in a while – got enough last week for my air ticket to KL return and got some more this week to cover my hotel. Hmmm…unless he gives me some more, I will have to look for some kind souls to pay for my food and provide transport to take me around… Hint! HInt! LOL!!!

        • Oh well, sorry to hear that. This one is most definitely legit though. I’m hoping to go Taiwan myself. 🙂

          Hey, not too bad. You’re on a winning streak eh?

          Heh! Sure, sure, of course dinner is on me, I owe you heaps of dinners. I know the date you’re coming, just buzz me. 🙂

          P/S – Driver services included.

  1. HB, great show. We have a Dirty Nelly in our neighborhood in San Francisco with lot of pub food. What kind of drink you had with that meal? I would thought dark ale.

    • I was drinking Heineken (and water when I needed to rehydrate) the entire night. 🙂

      Yeah, gotta love that. Hey, you’re from Taiwan right?

      The epic rave Sensation is going to be held there this year and Heineken is running a contest for a trip there. 🙂

    • Yeah, it was a lot of fun!

      Hey, you can also party in Taiwan if you win the contest. I hope I do, would be fun to go there. 🙂

    • Yeah, it’ll have been awesome if you were in Malaysia and partying with us then Leanne! 🙂

      Heh! You know what, that *was* the first time I met Pam, only I didn’t know it at that time.


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