The best burger in Sibu (and possibly Malaysia)

burger sibu

Secret Garden Grill. Hands down. I was rather unimpressed by the place but damn, does the kitchen come out with one fine and juicy burger!

secret garden grill

I went out with Arthur to have dinner here. I was thinking burgers or Ming Mei Shi and went for the former coz we were just talking about Maple Leaf’s burger.


Secret Garden Grill does have a rather interesting photo wall though – there are photos of local happenings dating back to when the local Dayak tribe didn’t wear bras (which, if you’re interested to know, doesn’t happen any more unless you’re in a bedroom smirk).

secret garden sibu

Back to burgers, they have a double cheese, double beef patty version that I was tempted to order but since it doesn’t have egg (which can be an add-on), I went for the Secret Beef Burger (RM 14.90).

arthur wee

What makes it so special? It’s the handmade juicy patty which is easily an inch of dribbling juicy beef, the perfectly done egg, and the buttery grilled bread that’s just right.

secret garden burger

I had trouble stuffing this into my mouth but it’s a very rewarding and slightly orgasmic event to chew and see the juices from the rare/medium beef patty squirt out.

best burger sibu


fish chips

Arthur had the Fish & Chip (RM 12.90)

caesar salad

…and we shared a Caesar Salad (RM 8.90) for some greens to round off the meal.

yoghurt drink

I also had the Mixed Fruit Yoghurt Drink (RM 3.80 – marked down from RM 7.50). I thought it was alright, though this place seems to have slashing prices right, left and center. The burgers are awesome though – best in Sibu, and I’ll call it out on KL too.

hb arthur wee

Dessert was Mille crepe at Noodle House – we had two versions, the Double Chocolate Mille crepe and the Rum & Raisin Mille crepe.

mille crepe

I prefer the former coz it tastes chocolatey, I couldn’t taste the rum in the latter, probably coz I’m desensitized. Haha!

horlicks dinosaur godzilla

Horlicks Dinosaus vs Horlick Godzilla

noodle house

Noodle House was packed as usual – bumped into an old classmate there (Hello Peter!). It’s a nice place for food and drinks.

hb burger

Thanks for dinner and desserts before I go back Arthur! It’s truly an epic burger. 🙂

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25 thoughts on “The best burger in Sibu (and possibly Malaysia)”

    • Yeah, there’s lot of interesting things in Sibu! 🙂

      I’m sure you’ll enjoy a trip here.

      It’s not actually very far (about 2 hours) but it’s quite a different place from KL and other West Malaysian states. 😀

  1. Slurpsssss!!!! Now, I’m salivating… I didn’t tell you this that night but I was abstaining from meat – the season of Lent (but more out of habit than anything else…as I’ve gone past the age of having to fast or abstain to do penance during this season every year) and that was why I had the fish.

    But no worries! My daughter was green with envy when I told her all that transpired and you can bet we’ll be back there very very soon…for the burger! I hope the spicy grilled chicken one will be available – I super love that one! Wanna tag along? Wink! Wink! Muahahahaha!!!!

    You’re most welcome, Huai Bin. Gee! Had so much fun dining and spending time with you that I think I’m gonna miss you now that you’ve gone back. Looking forward to the next time you come home…

    • Ahhhh! I didn’t know that buddy! 😡

      Sorry about your Lent, I shouldn’t have gone then.

      Yeah, that burger really is the best I’ve had in Sibu and it could beat a lot of KL ones too. The patty is so tender and juicy and it squirts meat juice out. The egg is done perfectly and the bun too!

      I wish I had gone for a double patty.

      Yup, I’ll be missing you too buddy, see you next time (which will be very soon – election).

      Take care! 🙂

      • It’s ok – that Lent bit. I wouldn’t want to miss it – last chance before you go back and anyway, I’m past the age already, no need to fast and abstain…so it was perfectly all right. Good for me too actually as everyone’s in the house is into that…and I am forced to follow suit…as far as possible. Wink! Wink! LOL!!!

        • Cheers buddy! 🙂

          Haha! Yeah, I can imagine that. I was wondering why you had the fish too but I didn’t ask.

          See ya during elections mate!

    • It’s a really good burger! 🙂

      You should have ate it when you’re in Sibu.

      I’m always like…burgers…meh, I can always have them in KL, so I’m not that into it.

      …but this has made me a believer. It’s the best burger around Grace! 😀

  2. I’m salivating over this. The beef patties looks juicy, and it would be great to chew it in the mouth. Dinosaurs and godzilla is two interesting name for a giant horlicks drinks!

    • Yeah, it’s a really good beer burger! 🙂

      The Horlicks Dinosaur is the bigger one surprisingly, the Horlicks Godzilla is smaller but appropriately named coz it does look like the head (and served in a tall glass) of Godzilla, from the scoop of ice cream.

  3. The burger looks small but TALL. I bet I can gobble that down in no time 😛 Haha.. I doubt I could! But it seriously looks good and now you are making me crave for some good juicy burger! >_< The drinks have very interesting names!

    • Yup, that’s the thing about this burger. It’s really tall!

      I can’t imagine how the double cheeseburger with twice the amount of patties would look like.

      Yup, the drinks are in Noodle House, a great place for Sibu food if you’re strapped for time and wants to eat everything in a single place. They come out with great “fusion style” kampua too. 🙂

      I gobbled the burger down quickly too. Haha!

    • Yeah, the burger is really good! 🙂

      It’s a thick patty made in-house and they don’t overcook it so juices will dribble out of the burger – perfect for wiping up with fries. It’s so delicious I didn’t even let that go to waste. Haha!

      Cheers Eiling!

  4. Fixed the link to Maple Leaf!

    I was just told that it’s not actually pointing to Maple Leaf (well it was, I was in a hurry when I wrote this, wrong kind of Maple Leaf – it wasn’t a burger).

      • Haha! It wasn’t, I was rushing and there were two results for Maple Leaf – I thought I got the right one and didn’t bother to check until someone told me on Facebook message.

        I left it there for so long somemore. 😡

        I don’t write about those things anymore. Wrong kind of burger, that’s actually a biscuit (disco biscuit ;)).

        Cheers buddy!

  5. That is the best burger in Malaysia?! Seriously…you need to fly down to Kuching and try out burger stalls especially from Burger Times! Expensive? Nope. It is not. It fulfills you to the MAX! Mayonnaise and black pepper sauce as well as its chilli are all home made. Amazingly delicious!

    But since you mentioned Sibu Secret Garden Grill is the best, then I should try it out too. Only a few days left to my countdown for Sibu Flight.


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