Raw Pork Noodles a.k.a. Sheng Rou Mee

raw pork noodles

I first heard my uncle singing praises about this new place in Sibu. It was the coffee shop that we wanted to go to after my mom’s 3rd day funeral services but it was closed. My dad and I went hunting for it with my aunts the day before I was supposed to fly back to KL.

sheng rou mee

The place serves sheng rou mee which is roughly translated as “raw pork noodles”. The meat is not raw per se but it’s very rare. The meat is pounded into small, thin slices and then served in a broth and it cooks with ambient heat much like shabu shabu.

oily noodles

There are four (4) types of noodles on offer – the most popular is kampua mee, followed by oily noodles e.g. “you mien”. The latter is different from the ones in KL – the Sibu version is much thinner and absorbs the lard well. The noodles are tossed in lard oil, much like kampua mee.

wan li sheng rou mee

There you have it – Wan Li Sheng Rou Mee is basically kampua mee with a side dish of clear broth with rare pork slices inside…

raw pork soup

…and it’s delicious!

wan li pork noodles

The place was *packed* when we were there and new customers streamed in as soon as the others left. It’s RM 5 per dish, irrespective of the noodle type you choose but I’ll opt for the kampua as it goes with it well.

pork slices

It’s the latest fad to hit the town and I have to say that my uncle was spot on, it’s a nice place. Considering that a plate of kampua with radioactive red char siew goes for RM 2.50 in most stalls, paying a little extra for a nice bowl of clear broth with generous amounts of pork slices inside is apparently, a very solid business model!

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17 thoughts on “Raw Pork Noodles a.k.a. Sheng Rou Mee”

  1. Ya, I saw this place – back to back with Junction Cafe, area behind Medan Mall. Saw a lot of people eating there but we did not stop to try as what we saw the people eating did not tickle Melissa’s fancy. Will drop by one of these days.

    • It’s pretty good, their noodles and very rare pork slice soup! 🙂

      They only have one dish though, with four (4) variants of noodles – kampua, oily noodles, bee hoon and kueh tiaw. The soups are all the same.

      I thought it was really good value and delicious too!

    • The noodles are basic kampua noodles! 🙂

      It’s the soup that makes this good! The pork slices are nice and rare and service is fast since they only serve one dish!

  2. This dish originated from Sabah actually! But of late been seeing people on Sarawak selling it. Love it too! Had in KK couple of months back and crave for it every now and then. Haven’t seen any in Kch that sells on par with what I had.

    • I think I remember something like this while I was in KK! 🙂

      Was it from Inanam? Inanam is famous for their beef ball noodles and I also ate something like this over there (sheng rou mien).

      It’s really good, the pork slices are nice and tender and it complements our kampua noodles well.

      I haven’t seen it in Sibu before this too and this place is always packed!

  3. i’d love to try this. i guess it means that the pork has to be really fresh for them to be confident of serving it this way. i love meat that’s cooked as little as possible, especially for the purity of flavours. hope this recipe finds its way to KL sometime! 🙂

    • Yeah, the pork is really fresh, no foul smell at all! 🙂

      Likewise! I prefer my steaks to be rare for the same reason as well, for the more intense flavors and moisture!

      I’m sure someone will pick it up if they haven’t already…I didn’t even know it was a Sabah dish until Mel reminded me and I thought back to a dish I had in KK when I was there for over 2 years!

    • Nice! Me too, I love my noodles as well! 🙂

      The twist in this local classic is the broth with sliced pork. I’m not a huge fan of broth but it goes well with kampua mee, I’ll usually order pig liver soup to go with it but this is better!


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