Adriano Zumbo limited edition Tim Tams

new adriano zumbo timtams

Adriano Zumbo has teamed up with Arnott’s Tim Tams to create three (3) beautiful new flavors for the 50th anniversary of Tim Tams. Yeah, it’s the iconic Tim Tams 50th birthday! I was quite chuffed when I read about this in the Coles blog – I had planned to get heaps of Adriano Zumbo macarons to bring back during my trip to Sydney earlier this year, and now I can get even more less-perishable items from the master pâtissier!

I’ve loved Tim Tams ever since I started studying in New Zealand when I was 15. It was my go-to snack when I was doing college and uni in Melbourne and I’ve always been on the lookout for new flavors. This is even better – it’s a collaboration between Arnott’s Tim Tams and Adriano Zumbo! I’m going to call them zumbotams. smirk

adriano zumbo tim tams

The three new limited edition flavors only comes in the Treat Pack (5 biscuits) format. It’s much smaller than the regular 9-biscuit pack and the new packaging was introduced not that long ago – I’ve seen the AUD 1.89 packs in our previous trip to Melbourne last year. I bought as much as I could stuff in my suitcase and brought it back home to eat with my better half. 🙂

The three limited edition Adriano Zumbo Tim Tam Flavors are:

Salted Caramel

Salted Caramel

This is my favorite out of the three. Adriano Zumbo’s Salted Caramel Tim Tams are deliciously done – it tastes quite salty, they definitely did not skimp on the salt here. You can immediately taste the fleur de sel as soon as you bite into it and the aftertaste it leaves is savory. This is a perfect Tim Tam for those who don’t really like sweets coz it comes off as more salty than sweet.

However, this can also be a problem for some people. My better half didn’t like this at all – too salty, she said. I did though, I enjoyed it tremendously! I’ve always liked salted caramel – so much so that I can’t eat regular caramel anymore, I’ll miss that salty bite and this limited edition Adriano Zumbo Tim Tam has that in spades.

Choc Brownie

Choc Brownie

My better half’s favorite flavor! It’s a chocolate brownie inspired Tim Tam and Adriano Zumbo has done well in making a Tim Tam taste like a brownie. Chocoholics would love this to bits – it’s a very sweet zumbotam. 😉 It’s rich and thick!

I personally did not really like the combination of flavors – I felt it was a little too one dimensional. It’s sweet piled on top of sweet but everyone’s taste buds are different (which is why I like the savory salted caramel so much and gave all the Adriano Zumbo Choc Brownie Tim Tams to my dear) so this might be just the right amount of sucre for some.

Raspberry White Choc

Raspberry White Choc

Now this is one interesting flavor, and it’s the one most commonly seen in the Arnott’s Tim Tams x Adriano Zumbo collaboration. The Raspberry White Choc Tim Tam by Adriano Zumbo is coated with white chocolate and there’s a line of fruity raspberry compote filling inside the biscuit. I bit off the top bit and the bottom bit and did the Tim Tam Slam with it and it tasted pretty good that way!

I just love drinking cold milk through a Tim Tam. This is a rather divisive flavor though – I notice that people either love it or hate it and the latter usually describes it as too artificially flavored. I did find the combination of raspberry with white chocolate challenging to my palate but it’s a really interesting flavor.

tim tams adriano zumbo

I enjoyed the opportunity to sample all the three different limited edition Tim Tams by Adriano Zumbo. I thought it was quite a successful collaboration and having the famous pâtissier create new flavors for Arnott’s is ingenious! Too bad these only comes in the 5-biscuit Treat Packs – but I guess that’s a blessing in disguise too, lest I be tempted to eat the entire pack all at once! 🙂

Interesting fact: Tim Tams were named after a horse that won the 1958 Kentucky Derby.

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14 thoughts on “Adriano Zumbo limited edition Tim Tams”

  1. Thanks for the one you gave me, Huai Bin. My girl enjoyed it so very much. I’m looking forward to the red velvet one now – week after next when my cousin comes over from Oz. Hopefully, she will bring me a packet or two.

    Back safely in KL now, eh? Hope the flight was good. Sure was great to see you again, always enjoy your company – didn’t want to drag you out so much this time as your mum’s no longer around and your dad would be left on his own at home – good that you two could spend some time together. Wouldn’t be so bad if you sis and her family were home too. But, no worries – we’ll see each other again soon. Take care . Cheers!!!

    • No worries mate! 🙂

      I think you’ll enjoy his latest Red Velvet too! We have gotten ours too, thanks to a friend who sent it from Melbourne. It’s a good thing I have a lot of friends in Melbourne (coz I studied there too) so I can get Australian stuff with ease, and US/Canadian imports too.

      Thanks for the goodies you passed us, we both enjoyed the mochi buns! It totally changed my mind about mochi buns – this version with an egg wash is good.

      • Most welcome, I love ’em too. Hope you enjoy the kek lapis as well. Can’t buy much since you said you did not buy checked-in luggage…and you would be buying a whole lot of kompia.

        • Yup, the kek lapis is awesome! 🙂

          Thanks for the two kek lapis, we enjoyed them very much.

          I brought back a whole lot of kompia and other stuff too – came back with a suitcase of nothing and went back with a full suitcase and two carry on bags, good thing the security here is quite lax.

  2. Thank God I’m not in Australia again at the current moment or my acquaintance from matriculation would definitely plead with me to buy him this. I hope it’ll still be available when I’m there during end-summer.

    Ah, yes, Tim Tams. I definitely loved their chocolates when I was in Auckland, hehe! I don’t know why, but there’s always something different between the ones sold in Australia and here. =/

      • Yeah, I remember telling you about how the Indonesian Tim Tams have so much palm oil (instead of proper cocoa butter) mixed in that it tastes horrible to me. 😡

        Also, the acidity of Java beans makes it unsuitable and the chemical stabilizers to keep the Tim Tams solid in our hot weather makes them totally unpalatable – I just don’t like the ones from Indonesia.

        Australia makes the original, and the best! 🙂

    • I know what you mean! 🙂

      It’s a good thing Facebook wasn’t invented yet when I was in uni, or else I’ll be swamped with requests too! I started blogging in uni though, so people had my email address and when I come back each year, I’ll get requests for so much stuff that I had to pack a large suitcase!

      MAS was very good then though, one time I was over the weight limit by 30 kg (!!!) and they let me though coz I was a student.

      Yeah, the ones in Australia and New Zealand are made by Arnott’s in Australia while the Tim Tams over here are usually made in Indonesia, unless you get them in import speciality grocery shops. There’s a lot of difference in the taste – they add a lot of stabilizers (for our hot weather) and the cocoa beans they use in Indonesia is different, plus they chuck in a lot of palm oil.

      • To be honest, I’ve not had Tim Tams in the years after I left Auckland. I’m mostly surviving on the Arnott’s Water Biscuits and the occasional splurge of Milk Arrowroot.

        If you didn’t mention it, HB, I’d have thought that the ones sold here are from Australia… and I think my acquaintance has the same idea too. O.o

    • Haha! Too bad I only have four (4) packs! 🙂

      I had a 1 kg weight limit, each pack is 165 grams (instead of the 200 grams of the original packs) so I though I could slip in 5 packs but decided to play it safe and ship 4 packs of the Adriano Zumbo Red Velvet limited editions over.

      It’s a good thing too! It weighed 0.912 kg!

      I asked my friend to put the 4 packs in a box and put crumpled paper around it so it’ll survive the journey so we’re the proud owner (at least for a while until we gobble them all) of 4 packs of Red Velvet zumbotams. 😀

    • It’s really good though! I really like salted caramel! 🙂

      Adriano Zumbo just came out with another new Tim Tam flavor called Red Velvet. I got them mailed to me from Melbourne – it wasn’t cheap though, cost us RM 120 in total for a pack of 4, each pack works out to be RM 30 but that’s coz it’s heavy and postage from Australia is expensive due to the conversion.

      The new Red Velvet ones are awesome – much better than these. I’ll write about it soon!


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