My birthday conspiracy (which makes for reasonably good reading)

It’s times like these that I think there’s a higher power somewhere looking out for me. smirk It just so happened that I was back in my home town during my birthday (which coincides with Ching Ming) so I didn’t have much to do on Saturday night. I thought I’ll give a friend of mine a call and get some ketamine and treat myself to a nice k-hole for my birthday.

He didn’t pick up when I called him.

(I learned later this was a blessing in disguise)

Right after that, I went down and my dad asked me to pick someone up from the airport. That’s highly unusual, especially since he didn’t say who (my sister and her family had already gone back).

I pressed him for details and it turns out that my better half (whom I love to death) is coming to Sibu to celebrate my birthday with me. My dad had known since Tuesday (!!!) when she contacted him to arrange this conspiracy surprise.

The phone rang right after he told me – it was my friend, calling back. He said he missed my call since he took his daughter out and asked me what was up. I said nothing much and hung up.


If you have skipped the beginning of this tale, this is the same friend whom I was about to arrange to get some ketamine for a personal birthday treat to myself.

What would have happened if my dear had arrived smack dab while I was in a dissociative state where I was thinking more about 4th and 10th dimensional beings and pondering the reality of our existence?

(or maybe that she was some kind of ketamine induced visual and auditory hallucination)


Like I said, there is a God.

I’m kidding. That’s a heavily Photoshopped picture of salt (sodium hydrochloride) crystals packed in baggies to look like the real thing. It was pink Himalayan salt to boot, which had me adjusting all the contrast and levels and RGB details to make it look white and similar to ketamine crystals.

(either that, or I really digged out the real thing from my photo archives from years and years back action)

This is a highly elaborate running inside joke that I have with my dear, I seriously have quit all recreational substances, pharmaceuticals and anything that might even remotely alter my state of mind. No wink wink, nudge nudge stuff, this is for realz yo. I don’t even drink much anymore.

There’s no ketamine.

I love my dear to bits and she’s everything to me – I have always been true to her and haven’t touched anything mind-altering for almost three (3) years, ever since I have been with her.

Sarawak Laksa

Me and my dad picked her up from her airport and we went to Aloha Cafe to eat her favorite Sarawak Laksa.

Payung Cafe

The three of us also had a very nice dinner at Payung Cafe at night.

Braun Buffel Birthday Gift

She came bearing gifts too – a Braun Buffel wallet and a UNIQLO shirt.

Braun Buffel Grey Wallet

My wallet has been a sad specimen for a long time and I think she noticed that and got me a really expensive and nice grey one from the German premium leather designer.

Frankfurt Passport Stamp

I love that she has a passport stamp of last year, when we flew to Germany and France – it’s dated 5th of April 2014, my birthday.

Sibu Passport Stamp

This year, she has a stamp on 5th of April 2015 but this time in Sibu. It’s small things like this that means a lot to her and a lot to me too coz it shows how much she cares that she spends every birthday with me (despite telling me she will not this year coz she’s busy with GST to make the surprise better).

I love you dear. I’m glad you flew down all the way to surprise me and planned it with my dad. Thanks for all the gifts and most of all for gracing my birthday with your presence, even if it was just one day.

Birthday 2015

It’s the best birthday ever! You make my life better and you make me a better man by just being in it. <3

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42 thoughts on “My birthday conspiracy (which makes for reasonably good reading)”

    • Thanks Suanie! 🙂

      No, actually you can just bring you MyKad. But they’ll give you a slip of paper for 3 months (maximum) entry which you need to keep (can’t lose it or you’ll have problems going out) so sometimes it’s easier to bring your passport.

      My better half brought hers coz she wanted the stamp to show my birthday.

  1. So sweet of Ling to fly all the way for your birthday – you’re a lucky guy! Bearing all those awesome gifts some more. Hmmm…your dad was in cahoots with her, eh? Hehehehehehehe!!!!

    Stay clean now! You owe it to her and your dad and all who love you! It would break everyone’s hearts, I’m sure. Can delete that friend’s number from your phonebook for good…

    • Indeed! First time my dad didn’t tell me about something. Haha! 🙂

      I’m very lucky to have her.

      Yeah, I’m totally clean, it’s a joke. That photo is actually from 2012.

  2. Eh I really did see the ketamine in the first photo this morning? What happened to that? Your “photoshop” effort wor… ;#)

    • Thanks Sue! 🙂

      Appreciate the birthday wishes and support. Have always loved talking to you ever since I met you from ages ago through the blog. Catch up soon! <3

  3. dude your blog is infested with the Chinese gossipy old uncle aunty types who never read you back in the days and don’t even know what you’ve been though and what you’re all about
    its funny how they sound secretly gleeful while guilt tripping you lol you poor thing
    I’ve been reading you since I was 14 and practically grew up with your blog
    btw if you don’t remember me I was one of the admins of your forum together with sue m and big d
    congrats for staying on the wagon for so long
    -hands you 3 year sobriety coin chip, pops confetti-
    sorry for the long ass post
    hey your boo is good for you and you’re good for her
    I like the way you look 10 years back with your skinny scrawny light skinned ass but I can see you’re happier now
    cest la vie
    write more and,
    happy birthday hb
    -love nads-

    • Thanks for the birthday wishes! 🙂

      Haha! Well, I was on meth back in the days, I’ve quit that now. I actually found the exact date when I quit opiates when I was doing my blog anniversary (for 2013):

      Yeah, I am really happy with my soul mate.

      Oh ya, I remember you from – don’t own the domain anymore, Sue and Derek is both still around.

      Cheers for reading Nadia and thanks for all the help with the forum last time.

  4. Hi Huaibin!

    I was just wondering if it’s possible for you to share with me the name/model of the braun buffel wallet your partner got you as I think it’s the one my boyfriend wants. I don’t want to ask him about it as it’s meant to be a surprise, I don’t want him to suspect anything hehe. I would really appreciate that!
    Thank you so much! Have a lovely week ahead!


    • Hello Lara! 🙂

      My apologies for the late reply. I really don’t know what the model number of the wallet is, my better half got it for me as a present while I was in Sibu for a business meeting. You can ask at the Braun Buffel outlet though – the customer service is good, I saw a little bottle of Braun Buffel water and was quite surprised coz it’s not a commercial brand. My dear told me she got it while talking to the sales attendant.

      Hope the information is helpful and it’s still in time, I didn’t notice the comment. Cheers!


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