Sage Restaurant & Wine Bar @ The Gardens, Mid-Valley KL

Sage Fine Dining KL

My better half booked us dinner at one of the best restaurants in KL during our weekend staycation at St Giles The Gardens. Sage Restaurant & Wine Bar isn’t directly affiliated with St Giles The Gardens but you can make reservations though them. They have a degustation menu (RM 398 per pax) and a gourmet menu (RM 298 per pax) when the chef is in but we were told Chef Daniel was in Sydney during the weekend.

Sage Restaurant Wine Bar

Sage KL serves a fusion of French and Japanese cuisine, and we saw a lot of interesting dishes on their website. I was quite surprised to see a lot of couples dining there. Most of the seats are for two, with several table arrangements for 4 pax in the middle. It has a view of KL for the tables flanking the restaurant and a view of the open kitchen for the tables in the center, where the chef would be working.

Sage Restaurant KL

The service was very attentive and patient, and we went for the Sage Menu (RM 218 per pax) which was the only option available. This allows you one (1) choice each of Appetizer, Main Course, and Dessert from their a la carte menu. It’s essentially a 3-Course menu with Chef’s Appetizer and an Amuse Bouche.

Amuse Bouche

Sage Amuse Bouche

This was an interesting combination of diced salmon (raw) with macerated tomatoes and a citrus base. I thought it was decent enough, we actually thought the “Chef’s Appetizer” was the amuse-bouche but it turned out to be something else entirely.

Chef’s Appetizer

Grilled Scallops with Peaches and Walnut Sauce

Grilled Scallops with Peaches

Amazing! To be honest, I was mildly disappointed by the amuse-bouche, it tasted good but it didn’t have the “Wow Factor”. This had it in spades. The scallops were grilled to perfection and we each had two (2) large medallions. It was paired with unpeeled slices of peach (which my dear thought was apples) and walnuts, which was genius – the peaches provide a sweet and slightly acidic element while the toasted walnuts mixed in a textural element.

Vieux Chateau des Templiers

I also had a glass of Vieux Château des Templiers, Pomerol (RM 65 per glass). It’s a 2007 vintage French wine. The wine list is quite comprehensive but they only sell by the bottle or half bottle. This is one of two red wines they sell by the glass – they also have 2 types of whites, for RM 62 and RM 65. It’s quite good, with depth and a nose of dark berries.


Feuillete of Anago with Foie Gras and Cèpes Mushroom Veloute

Anago with Foie Gras and Cepes Mushroom

Anago is a salt water eel (vs unagi, which is a fresh water eel) and it’s cooked just the way I like it. There’s also a generous slab of foie gras on the plate, which I ate smeared on top of the freshly baked bread that was put in front of us during the start of the dining session. The cèpes mushrooms were wonderful! I gave my dear a taste and she really liked the mushrooms too. The feuillete pastry is under everything, it’s de-constructed so they can put more anago and foie gras inside (plus it looks better). Very well thought-out dish. I was very happy with my pick.

Warm Capellini Pasta with Trio of Seafood and Seven Flavor Chilli Pepper

Capellini Pasta with Trio of Seafood

This was my dear’s choice. She gave me a taste just after I had my first mouthful and the strong flavors overwhelmed my palate! I couldn’t eat any more if I were to enjoy my milder and creamier starter. It is very yummy though – the perfect starter, if you think about it. The chillis makes your mouth water and want more and the juicy large king prawns and scallops sealed the deal. It’s quite unfortunate that they ran out of Maine lobsters that night so there’s only two types of seafood inside. This was conveyed to us before we ordered but my better half still wanted this as a contrast to my dish so they gave her more prawns.

Main Course

Wasabi Crusted Wagyu Cheek with Flat Beans and Carrot Puree

Wasabi Crusted Wagyu Cheek

Flawless! I loved the freshly grated wasabi crust on my tender Waygu Beef Cheek. The beef cheek was so perfectly cooked that I can slice through it like a hot knife through butter! There’s plenty of fat and collagen inside and this was such a rich main that I had problems finishing it. The carrot puree was slightly too wet according to my partner, but I liked everything on the dish. I just wish there was more wasabi to cut through the richness of the Wagyu cheek – the saving grace was my glass of red wine, or else I’ll wouldn’t be able to finish it.

Confit of Ikejime Sea Grouper with Abalone and Iwanori Butter Sauce

Ikejime Sea Grouper with Abalone

My better half had this for her main. It’s quite ingenious, except a bit on the small side for a main dish portion. The abalone is sliced and scattered on top of the sea grouper fillet and it tasted quite good to me. Ikejime is actually a method of paralyzing fish to maintain its freshness, which originated in Japan. A spike is inserted into the hind brain, causing immediate brain death and preventing reflex action like muscle movement which would consume ATP and produce lactic acid to make the fish sour.


Classic Crepe Suzette with Orange Segment and Grand Marnier Ice Cream

Crepe Suzette with Grand Marnier

My better half chose this for her dessert. The Grand Marnier ice cream is delightful – it actually tasted like Grand Marnier! However, the crepe suzette was disappointing. She did not even finish it and I was too full to finish it for her. I thought the Soufflé of the Day (which is also made with Grand Marnier) would have been a better choice.

Fresh Berries with Champagne Sabayon and Vanilla Ice Cream

Fresh Berries with Champagne Sabayon

I liked the vanilla ice cream, which is made with real vanilla pods. The fresh berries were altogether too sour and the champagne sabayon made it even more so. It’s a very tart dish and while it looks slightly more appealing than my partner’s choice, I had trouble finishing it too and left the rest uneaten. The dessert were the only disappointments during our visit.

Sage KL

We were also served a choice of tea, coffee or hot chocolate and petit fours (chocolate and nougat dusted with cacao powder) were presented to us at the end of the meal. The service was flawless, the food was well thought out and executed, and we had a delicious dinner at Sage. However, the only downside were the desserts – both of our desserts failed to impress and we were left wanting.

Petit Four

Nevertheless, we had a great night and we enjoyed most of the food that was served here. The bill came up to RM 535++ for the both of us, inclusive of a bottle of Sole Sparkling Water and my glass of wine (which was charged separately). Thanks for the wonderful dinner, dear! <3 It was a great experience and I can see why Sage Restaurant & Wine Bar is consistently voted as one of the best restaurants in KL.

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21 thoughts on “Sage Restaurant & Wine Bar @ The Gardens, Mid-Valley KL”

  1. Thanks for a peek inside. The place looks a bit deserted though but, at those prices, it should…it’s a meal not many can’t afford (me included). I would definitely love your appetiser of foie gras and eel. I agree that the crepe suzette doesn’t look very enticing but I think I’d like the fresh berries…I enjoy tartness in my desserts! 😉

    • Yeah, it’s not full capacity but there are quite a few tables that came late. 🙂

      The price is a bit on the high side, it’s true. However, a meal for two can cost close to RM 150 for both of us (e.g. sang har mee at SS2) so this is just double that and since this is a treat instead of a daily indulgence, that’s alright.

      I loved my foie gras appetizer too! It’s so creamy and delicious, perfect with their in-house baked bread. The berries I’m not so keen, it’s so tart the balance is completely thrown off, this is among the most sour strawberries and raspberries I’ve tasted. Haha.

    • Yeah, it’ll definitely be a treat! 🙂

      They have meals starting from RM 218 per pax, it’s ideal for date night since the ambience is nice. You can have a table near the middle if the chef is there or a side table if you want to look at the night scenery of KL. Cheers!

    • Yeah, the Wagyu beef cheek is awesome! 🙂

      It’s just a bit too rich, can be jelak if you eat too much of it, the wasabi is a nice addition to cut down on the richness, but I needed my glass of red wine to finish it, which in a way is a testament to the quality of the beef cheek.

    • Yeah, I’ll say whatever you wear to the office would be fine. 🙂

      They don’t have a very strict dress code e.g. jacket, black tie etc. Reservations are a must though, I don’t think you can walk-in to this restaurant.

    • Yup, the food is really good! 🙂

      I’m glad we ate here during our staycation, awesome starters and mains. Desserts were slightly disappointing but we’ll choose different ones next time. They also have lunch for quite a bit cheaper than the dinner prices, RM 120 per pax if I’m not mistaken, it’s a good deal.

    • Yeah, it was a nice dinner! 🙂

      This is one of the top rated restaurants in KL and they consistently win awards each year so the quality of the food is established. The ambience is really nice too, you can have a view of the open kitchen and chef’s workstation when he’s in or a side table with a view of KL.

  2. the places looks great. the food looks awesome. this place have quite a good review. unfortunately i didnt do my booking when i was in Malaysia, and it was fully book. sob*

    • Sage has won awards every year, quite consistently. 🙂

      Yeah, it’s been around for quite a while. The prices were much lower back in the days, maybe 1/2 of what it is now but it has increased throughout the years to be RM 218 per pax minimum. No worries, you can always try next time. You need to make advance reservation to dine here.

  3. i’m intrigued by the wasabi-coated wagyu beef! it’s definitely a pairing that’s unusual and thought-provoking, especially in how it’s presented here. and it does sound like a very rich dish, especially when it follows a combination of anago & foie gras! 😀

    • Yeah, it’s the best main of the night! 🙂

      I liked my appetizer too, but it was the Wagyu beef cheek that had the French-Japanese influence I was looking for. I love the use of wasabi to cut down on the richness of the beef cheek, and you’re right, having a rich starter didn’t help either. Haha.

    • It was a very nice dinner! 🙂

      I think their reservations department can be a bit messy though, my better half made a reservation, I checked when we checked into the hotel via St Giles The Gardens but they apparently lost the booking so we made a new one and they still had problems finding us when we arrived but it was all sorted out so it’s all good.

  4. The Wasabi Crusted Wagyu Cheek and Champagne Sabayon looked so fabulously attractive and mouthwatering for me. I love Chefs who do very Artistic and Chic food presentation where the dishes served were often very good. It would be worth the $$ spent. Sage is so well known for its finest quality.


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