Wonton Noodles @ Restaurant Pun Chun, Bidor

Wonton Noodles

This is the first place we stopped on the way up to Penang. We, in this case, was a bus-load of 25 people, all related, going on the largest family trip I’ve ever participated in (or seen, for that matter). Restaurant Pun Chun is famous for their wonton noodles – the huge wontons are made with a little bit of pork mince and a HUGE prawn.

Restaurant Pun Chun Bidor

Their wonton noodles has been hyped up way in advance by the rather dodgy looking tour guide (provided with the bus, don’t look at me). I’ve actually eaten here before, not here as in Bidor, but at a branch of this particular cafΓ©. They’ve expanded to Klang Valley and their franchise in Kota Damansara is very close to where I live.

Pun Chun

Restaurant Pun Chun is also famous for their duck leg noodles, which is what we usually eat in Kota Damansara. It’s a soup based dish (although the noodles are served separately) but since we went so early in the morning, they didn’t have drumsticks/leg. The only cuts were breast and thigh so I passed on this. The soup is pretty good though, it’s what we call pek tin yok – a combination of 8 different herbs.

Wonton Mee

We had both the dry and soup version of wonton mee (RM 6.30 per bowl/plate) which comes with four (4) wontons per serving. The dry version has noodles tossed in soy sauce while I thought was nicer. The large prawn inside each wonton is a treat to behold – juicy and succulent, truly delicious when paired with some of their pickled green chillis.

Shrimp Wonton

It looks like a bit of a tourist trap with the aisles of chicken biscuit snacks and other popular munchies from Bidor but their wonton noodles are really quite enchanting. I would stop here again next time I drive up this way.

Short Mention:

Oh ya! I totally forgot to bring my Invisalign for this trip. I’ve been behind coz I forgot to bring them back to Sibu too (damn last minute packing) but the good thing is, you can still wear your current ones until you go back to your orthodontist. It’s not ideal but here’s a tip for anyone on Invisalign or planning to get on the treatment and travels a lot like myself – if you forget to pack your aligners, just wear your current one until you get back e.g. I’m on my 9th set of aligners and it’s the last one I have at home.

That means I’ll have to drop by Imperial Dental Bangsar to get my next few aligners. Since I forgot to pack them for this trip to Penang, I can just take a short 4 day break and wear them as soon as I get back home. If it’s been longer than a few days and the current ones won’t fit, go back one set i.e. start wearing your *previous* aligners (8th in my case) for a few days before going back on your current set of aligners. That’s why it’s important to keep your past aligners! πŸ™‚

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10 thoughts on “Wonton Noodles @ Restaurant Pun Chun, Bidor”

  1. I love Wanton Mee with pickled green chili! I must add a little of that white vinegar into my Mee (both soup and dry) for that extra oomph.

  2. is this the place with the famous duck soup noodle served with dry wan tan mee? i always drop by bidor to have this, but i think is a different restaurant. looks different.

    • Yup, it’s the same place! πŸ™‚

      Same restaurant, they have two seating areas, one near to the merchandise. We also shared the duck soup noodles but I didn’t order it coz they didn’t have duck leg, only breast.

  3. Lovely wantons! Big and full of meat. I would love those and the clear soup too. Our pian sip is eaten mainly for the skin – it is all skin with a very thin glaze of minced meat but then again, they’re two different things – one’s Foochow and the other is Cantonese, I guess.

    • Yeah, I love this one coz of the huge prawns! πŸ™‚

      They’re juicy too, lots of places overcook them and it becomes slightly dry, but not this place. The wonton mee is really good. Pian sip is more filling, coz of the excess skin, both are good, in different ways.

    • Yup, I’ve eaten there! πŸ™‚

      I think it was during the first year when I came over to work, a coworker brought me there to eat. Lots of add-on options too.

    • Yeah, this is really good wontons! πŸ™‚

      I’ve had wantan mee in Hong Kong too, it’s different, can’t compare with theirs but locally, this is considered quite good, among the cream of the crop.


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