Rebellions Coffee Bar, Kota Damansara


We were at Rebellions Coffee Bar over the weekend to see what it’s like. It’s the first time we’ve all been here, my better half had an appointment with a New Zealand Trade representative (thanks for all the stuff from NZ) and we decided on this place to have coffee. Interestingly, we were told that it looks very similar to a popular café in Auckland in terms in interior décor.

No 106 Cold Brew

I had the No.106 Cold Brew (RM 13). This is the Black version which consists of Finca Santa Teresa beans from Panama. It’s served in a 150 ml bottle (about half a pint) and came under the heading “Filter Coffee”. It came with a cork stopper and is supposed to be poured over ice cubes – this tasted very fruity and lacked the caffeine punch I’m used to.

Tafufa Cheesecake

We also had the Taufufa Cheesecake with Gula Melaka Ginger Syrup. I thought this was a really interesting slice of cake! It’s made with tau fu fa (tofu/soybean pudding) as a local twist, further compounded by the use of palm sugar. It’s not as rich as a traditional Philadelphia cheese cake but that’s the point. The lightness is wonderful and I like how the ginger syrup cuts through the richness.

Flat White

This is the Flat White (RM 11) which the NZT representative had. She just came back from New Zealand and it’s noteworthy to point out that flat white originated down under too, first in Australia and then in New Zealand. Rebellions Coffee Bar made it with nice latte art on top.

Lychee Rose Macaron Cake

We also had a slice of the Lychee Rose – a decadent three-layered cake with frosting covering each layer. It also had a smattering of toasted pistachio nuts and a lychee rose macaron on each slice. I shared the macaron with my better half and while it wasn’t mind-blowing (we’ve had the best macarons in France and the famous Zumbarons from Australia) the cake as a whole was quite decent.

Nutella Chocolate Bomb

My better half ordered the Nutella Chocolate Bomb (RM 16) which according to the barista is a *calorie bomb*. Haha. Yup, Rebellionz also serve chai, milk and hot chocolate based drinks under “Maybe Something Else”. There’s a ball of ice cream inside the drink which tastes like chocolate. It’s not very sweet although it seems like it would be. I like how the lip of the tall glass is smeared with Nutella, much like how the rim of a margarita would be crusted with rock salt – it’s a very nice touch.

Rebellions Coffee Bar

I thought Rebellions Coffee Bar is a nice new addition to the Dataran Sunway area with good coffee and cake. There are a lot of cafes here though and F&B outlets don’t last long – a good example would be Flaming Melt, which closed down months after opening. The traffic is horrible but if you can survive there is a captive market here.

Cold Brewed Coffee

Rebellions Coffee Bar
2-1, Jalan PJU 5/4
Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara

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15 thoughts on “Rebellions Coffee Bar, Kota Damansara”

    • Yeah, it was surprisingly good! 🙂

      It made the cheesecake very light, basically they substituted tofu in and the addition of the palm sugar is needed for body, the ginger cuts through everything. The cakes here are good but I hear it’s not made by Rebellions but from a speciality baker who does all their cakes.

    • Yup, there’s no cheese in the taufufa “cheesecake”. 🙂

      It started out as a vegan alternative to cheese cakes – no egg or no dairy products. Instead, silken tofu (tau fu fa) is used together with cornstarch and a Graham cracker base. Texturally, it passes for a cheesecake, and taste wise, in a lot of ways it resembles a cheesecake too, without the cheese of course.

  1. I must be one of the verrryyyy few people who thinks Zumbo’s macarons are waaay overrated (my husband, with his sweet tooth, unfortunately inhales them by the truckload) although I DO like his Tim-Tams!

    The Tofufa Cake looks absolutely delectable.

    • I love Adriano Zumbo’s Tim Tams too! 🙂

      They’re so awesome – especially the Salted Caramel and Red Velvet ones. I like his macarons too, they’re quite good, the best I had in the Australasia region, although not better than the Pierre Herme ones from France (we both though it was better than Laduree though).

      The Taufufa Cheesecake is surprisingly good – there’s no egg or dairy products in it too, so it’s vegan friendly.

  2. I don’t understand how do they make cheesecake with taufufa. Well this is very interesting tho and I am eager to include this place on my weekend food hunting list!

    • It’s a vegan recipe. 🙂

      They use silken tofu (tau fu fa) instead of cheese so it’s dairy-free. It tastes pretty good though, a close analog of the real thing.

    • Yeah, they don’t bake the cakes themselves though. 🙂

      It’s ordered in from a speciality home baker (I think) but they have really good coffee.

    • I loved the three-layered cake with frosting. 🙂

      The macaron is a nice touch too – it looks good and it tasted pretty good too. I bet if they had a really fast turnover the cakes would be very fresh – they publish when they come out on their Facebook.

  3. Wow awesome place. looks good. definitely quite new in KD.

    i used to work in kota damansara area for 3 years. we always joke about how long the new restraurant will last. bcoz, they usually close down after few months or maybe within a year. but this place seems nice, hope it will be around when i am back for vacation.

    • Yeah, F&B places don’t last long in the Sunway Giza area! 🙂

      I’ve seen several last only a few months e.g. Flaming Melt. I’ve seen established places like the chicken rice shop close down coz the rent was too high. They serve really good chicken rice and has a loyal clientèle but the high rent drove them away. Surprisingly, Sabah Kampung Beef Noodles is still around:

      This is a huge shop at a corner lot with not a lot of customers and I thought they’ll close down, but they’re still going.


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