Bintangor Day Trip

I headed down to Bintangor today with Daniel for some rojak. Daniel says
that the Bintangor rojak is really good, and sure enough, there were six
other groups of non-Bintangor residents eating rojak there. Anyway, we
took the 2:30 pm express boat out of Sibu wharf. The boat ride took 30
minutes and arrived at Paradom, where we had to catch a bus to Bintangor,
which took 30 minutes as well. There is a large fruit replica right in
Bintangor town, and Daniel says it’s a pau (a kind of large citrus fruit,
don’t know what it’s called in English) while I thought it looked like an
orange. The rojak store had a drink called Bintangor orange juice, which
somewhat supports my theory. I hear Bintangor is famous for it’s oranges
too. Anyway, I found the rojak so good that I bought two bottles of the
rojak sauce to bring back. We had an hour to spare coz the last express
boat leaves at 6 pm from the Paradom wharf, and we’ll be taking the 5:15
pm bus out of Bintangor to catch that boat. Bintangor is not a really big town, and we
managed to cover the whole town on foot in that one hour. Took heaps of
photos too.

The express boat to Paradom.

Paradom Jetty.

96500 Bintangor.

The Bintangor Orange replica.

The old part of Bintangor town.

The new part of Bintangor town.

The non working clock tower in the new part of town.

Old skool barber in front of the football field in Bintangor. Floyd the
barber is cutting the hair of the old man while two people wait for his

I see people like to hang clothes out to dry from their window over here.

The famous rojak stall in Bintangor.

The rojak. Mmm…

Bintangor orange juice.

Got a couple of bottles of rojak sauce to go before we went back.

Mukah trip report

We caught the 12:30 pm bus back to Sibu and arrived all st and hot
and uncomfortable. I took a nice long bath and promptly fell asleep and
awoke again at 6 pm and had to rush out to catch the big screen World
Cup final at the city square. Mukah was pretty fun, we stayed at a
dodgy hotel for RM 35 a night. It’s either called the Mandarin Inn or the Mandyrin
Inn, I can’t figure out which coz one of the signboard says Mandarin
while the other says Mandyrin. Heh. We checked in as soon as we arrived
at Mukah, which was about 5 pm. Sibu -> Mukah takes 2 1/2 hours. The
bus ride was quite terrible, there are heaps of potholes on the road
and we were sitting at the back. I didn’t really get carsick but I was
about to.

After checking in, our first priority was to find a place with a big
screen to watch the semis. There is a small TV in the room, but we have
to squint to make anything out so we didn’t bother. There was a cafe at
the bottom floor of the hotel, but before that, Daniel’s girlfriend’s
sister picked us up with her husband and took us to the beach.

Fisherman at work at Mukah beach in the late evening.

There are heaps of dead sea life washed up on the beach.

For some reason, I feel a slight discomfort to my posterior while
squatting on this dead log.

I was trying to get a shot of those small crabs on the beach
using my macro mode and unbeknownst to me, Johnny crept up and tried to
pull down my pants. Daniel took this picture.

Contrary to prior reports, the beach is clean and perfectly fine for
swimming. Unfortunately, we didn’t bring a change of clothes so we
couldn’t actually swim. Managed to walk along the length of the beach
and then went to the new town to get something to eat. Apparently Mukah
has an old town and a new town.

The fish at the main road in the old town.

The largest Berhenti (Stop) sign I’ve even seen in my life. I was
flabbergasted by the girth of the sign. I don’t know what Daniel was
doing, but it looks damned naughty.

Me and Daniel calling our girlfriends on the public phones due to the fact that Digi (016) coverage does not include Mukah.

Daniel is trying to give me a bit of a nudge while I attempted to dive into the Mukah waterfront.

Our hotel was at the old town and the new town is a 10 minute walk
from the old town. I managed to try ulat sago, the worms that feed at
the bottom of the sago tree. This one is fried though, I want to eat
some raw ones so we’ve decided to go to the market to get some the next
day. After dinner, we went back to the hotel, lined up for showers and
went out again at around 10:45 pm to get some supper. I helped myself
to a large serving of umai – the raw fish that’s eaten with sago pearls
and dipping sauce.

Umai – raw fish with spicy dipping sauce. Eaten with sago pearls.

Pretty tasty. But not exactly filling so we got some kebabs on the
way back too. Anyway, there are two beds in the hotel room and three of
us, so we decided to play a game of blackjack to decide who’s going to
sleep in the middle. Heh. Very funny stuff, it cracked me up so much I
had a laughing fit for 10 minutes! By the way, it wasn’t me who got the
unpopular middle place. I got 17 and decided to hold, while Daniel and
Johnny drawed and got 22 and 24 respectively. Naturally, I get an
automatic side bed while they had to play another game to see who gets
the middle. Now here’s the funny thing, Johnny got 17 and held while
Daniel (who has 18) decided to hit again to be safe. Unfortunately, the
next card pushed him over 21 and he had to take the middle. hehe.

Mandarin or Mandyrin?

I didn’t dare to use the hotel towels. Very bare amenities provided.

The toilet/sink/shower, all rolled up into a compact space.

When we moved the beds together, this is what we found under the bed.
Several old slippers, used tissues (!) and miscellaneous rubbish.

I’m being flanked by Daniel (left) and Johnny (right). My attempts to
molest them were thwarted by pillows.

I couldn’t sleep that night, I only got about 3 hours of sleep. I ended up reading Robert J. Sawyer’s Flashforward
[] on my Palm for the rest of the night. We woke up at 7 am
the next day to go to the old market and book our return tickets. I
scoured the whole market place and could only find one vendor selling
live sago worms and he was selling them in RM 10 bags containing about
50 worms. I only wanted to eat a couple, so I decided to try the new
market but there weren’t any there so I came back again and both the RM
10 bags were sold out! Grrr…I was looking forward to eating those
live worms. Anyway, I did get some salad (not the vegetable, the fruit
with scaly dragon like skin), which doesn’t really taste all that good
to me.

Salad…a kind of local fruit.

We walked to the new town and managed to cover the whole town in about 20 minutes. Mukah is not exactly a large place.

The dry market.

The wet market.

Mukah’s most prominent export – fish.

After a quick breakfast at Nelayan Melanau Restaurant, we went back
to the old town and packed up. We got some pastries to eat at the
bakery opposite the hotel and caught the 12:30 pm back.


I’ll be off to Mukah [] tomorrow with a couple of
my buddies. Mukah is a small coastal township upstream from Sibu. There is a beach there,
although it’s too polluted to swim in. I’ll be back on Sunday, going to stay there for the
night. I haven’t been there since I was really young, so it’ll be nice to go there for some
sago and umai
[]. We went to get the tickets this afternoon, going to catch the 2:30 pm bus

Getting the tickets at Sedaya bus terminal

I’m seated in unlucky 13

Anyway, me and my girlfriend went out to get some ice cream tonight. As I was sending her back,
I felt a really bad stomachache coming on, the kind that produces watery feces. I insisted on going
back home instead of using her toilet, thinking I still had a bit of time. Unfortunately, it got
really bad as I left and I had half a mind to turn back, but since I was already halfway home, I
might as well attempt the whole run. Anyway, about 2 minutes later, I got hit with a really bad
URGE to go and I was seriously considering going right then and cleaning up the mess when I
get back. Heh. It was that bad. However, my sphincter was stronger than I thought, and that wave
soon passed. But soon, another wave came and in desperation, I floored the accelerator to try and
beat the last traffic lights, but it changed just as I got to the intersection. Woe! Luckily I
managed to get home okay and rushed upstairs. Ah…nothing beats reading Time in the toilet while
taking a dump.

Flight Cancelled – Fog

I have finally arrived in Sibu at 10:10 am today. I couldn’t take the
Sunday flight out coz the fog grounded all of the incoming planes, which
were routed to Sydney. After a 2 hour wait, the airport cancelled all
remaining flights and put us up at the
Rydges with dinner and breakfast
vouchers and a cabcharge coupon (lets you get on a cab for free). The
hotel is in corner Exhibition St. and Lt. Bourke Street. Right in the
middle of the city…I would have thought they will put us up at the
Hilton opposite the airport. Heh. Rydges is not a bad hotel nevertheless,
I think its a layby hotel for cabin crew coz there are heaps of them
walking around. I got a suite with a king sized bed all to myself. Not bad
at all, although I would have preferred to fly out on Sunday. Well, there
were two flights out of Melbourne on Monday, the 3 pm and the 11:50 pm.
The MAS people said they will try their best to put us on one of those two
flights. I didn’t get to go on the 3pm coz I have a connecting flight that
couldn’t be made with the 3pm, so they assigned me to the 11:50 pm one. Oh
well. I didn’t do much though, just slept through the night and woke up at
9:30 am to line up at the MAS counter and grabbed some breakfast after
that. I slept most of the afternoon as well. Heh. MAS paid for two nights
at the hotel, but I had to check out at 9 pm to catch my flight back. The
flight was overbooked so good thing I was there earlier. Anyway, I
couldn’t get the pics up coz I don’t have image editing software at my
home computer. Will pick up a warez CD of Photoshop on my way back later.
Feeling tired now…nearly had an accident just now too. Those damn brakes
need to be changed.

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