No sleep for the wicked

I can’t go to sleep. My fears about failing is keeping me awake at night. Jesus Christ bananas.
I feel that if I don’t get up and study, I’ll fail for sure, and I’ll regret not cutting back on
sleep and studying instead. Then I go into full out panic mode and entertain very weird thoughts
which I will share with no one. I wonder why the thought of failing makes me feel so bad and
depressed and desperate. What a guilt trip. Hmm…I need to chill out for a while and try again 30
minutes later. Get things in focus. *breath in* *breath out* *breath in*

Days till I get my digital camera: 1

This is not good

This is my Java Unit Test. I got 5 out of 20. 3.0 for Part A, 2.0 for Part B and a total of 5.0.
Since this is worth 10 marks towards the final result, this means I got 2.5/10. That comes to 3
“real marks” after rounding up. Not a very good number by anyone’s book. I did notice that the
marks had been liquid papered due to a calculation error(?). It used to be 3.5 for A and 3.0 for B.
That gives 6.5 as the total, which is 4 real marks after rounding up. If I fail by one mark I’m
going to think about this paper.

Days till I get my digital camera: 2

If anyone noticed a numbering discrepancy, its coz I counted Saturday (the day I get my digicam)
as one day too, which isn’t quite right. Thus, I’ve cut the days by 1.

Hitting the slopes

Went to check my pigeon hole after I got back from classes today and found a card from my
girlfriend (you’re the best, dear), my Optus bill (Hmph…) and a brochure from Mt Buller. Winterfest is from 7/6/02 – 27/6/02 but I’ll be
back home then, so I’ll probably go after I come back here during the second semester. Christmas
Week (29/7/02 – 2/8/02) is the best time to go. There will be heaps of people during that time
though, so be prepared to queue for the ski lifts. Ah…I’m looking forward to it already.

Place your hands here

Days till I get my digital camera: 3


Bloody 9:30 AM fire drills…the alarm just went on and on and on and on. Beep! Evacuate the
building! Beep! Evacuate the building! Beep! Evacuate the building! Beep! Fucking hell
(me) Beep! For fucks sake! (neighbor) Beep! Oh, shut up! (another neighbor) Beep!
Fire drill people, get up get up. (overenthusiastic resident advisor) Beep! Only a handful
of people actually walked down to the designated area. I sure didn’t, I was taking a nap, so I just
stuffed my ears with my pillow and tried to ignore the irritating alarm. Besides, if it were real,
the message would have been – Beep! This is not a fire drill! Beep! Heh…happened last semester
when Richardson Hall (the one closest to us) got smoke logged. Why do they schedule the fire drills
in the morning anyway? It just irritates everybody.

Days till I get my digital camera: 4

Like a chicken with it's head chopped off

I’m feeling rather pan because I’ve got heaps of assignments due and finals are on the 10th
of July and I’ve been really slack this semester. Arrrrgggggghhhhhh *runs around in circles* It
will feel good when all this is over and I pass all my subjects. It will be better if I get credits
coz pass doesn’t look really good on paper. Well…going to head off to the library later to borrow
some more books. I feel that I need to study every second of the day now if I hope to pass all my
subjects. I’m not worried about Unix Programming, Systems Design and Documents Imaging, but Java
and C++ is giving me a bit of trouble. Hmph. Oh well, at least I slept from 4 pm till 2 am last
night, so I’m all ready to hit the books. Libraries are mysterious places, don’t you think. Every
time I walk into a library, I feel like something weird and mystical is going to happen. Like
behind every shelf of books there is a time portal all ready to transport an unsuspecting library
goer to the 14th century. I did discuss this issue with my friend and he said that it’s probably
coz I don’t go to libraries much. It seems that the mysterious-ness disappears after you go to
libraries for a while. Hmm…must be something about the smell of old books. Possibilities!

The books I checked out from the library the day before. Lugging them back was no mean feat, I
tell you.

Days till I get my digital camera: 4

Sleep deprived

Just came back from a tiring day at school. I didn’t sleep last night to finish my Unix
programming assignment and I had to leave for a 10 am class. It’s just my luck that the tutor told
us it was okay to pass it up before Friday at 4 pm. I stayed up to finish my Documents and Imaging
Systems assignment earlier in this semester and the submission date was postponed as well due to
the lecturer leaving for Brisbane for a seminar. And the same thing happened with my Database
Systems assignment last semester. I wish that the assignments that get postponed are the ones I’m
having trouble with as opposed to the ones I’ve finished. Oh well, at least I have a bit of time to
add some features. Anyway, I saw that Chocfest 2002 (Melbourne Chocolate Festival) is being
held this weekend. I might drop by since I’m heading to Flemington this Saturday anyway.

Today is a rainy day, which makes the ground muddy. People like me shouldn’t wear light colored
clothes on a rainy day. That’s coz I track mud all over my pants. I saw several people wearing
white pants which weren’t stained with splashes of mud, so I’m force to conclude that there must be
something wrong with the way I walk. On a side note, Unix is the only thing I know of that can
reduce a grown man to tears. Manly tears, that is. ;)

Off to the washing machine you go.


I happened to chance upon a loaf of bread that has been uneaten for about a month behind my desk
when I dropped my wallet. I knew I bought a loaf of bread some time ago and didn’t finish it, but I
haven’t seen it around so I assumed I chucked it away after the use by date has gone by. Apparently
not. It fell down the back of my desk and sat there unnoticed until today.

Pretty innocent looking from afar

A closer look through the packaging reveals that something is not quite right. Holding my
breath, I removed the air tight tag on top:

A peek through the top of the bread packaging. It didn’t smell bad at all. I could only detect a
slight cheesy smell but I didn’t breath in deeply anyway. Didn’t want the spores to get into my
nose and lodge inside my brain and slowly mutate me into a cauliflower. Pretty intricate flora
designs can be seen here. Some greenish stuff, some whitish stuff and some blackish stuff. A work
of art by nature.

Astraware Contest

Received an email today telling me that I have won a prize in the

Astraware Bejeweled Birthday Giveaway
[]. Basically
anyone that enters the “contest” will win a prize.

I got:

Zap! 2000 – A game for Palm, which I already have (albeit mine is a warez
version). But it’s still nice to win an official version. After clicking
on the link:

I was told that a mail will be sent to me with the registration code.

I received a mail with a download link and my registration code. This is
version 1.5 of Zap! 2000, which has three versions – grayscale, 256 color
and 16 bit color. Apparently, v1.5 is supposed to run faster on the m505
and other Palms.

Synced it to my Palm and registered using the reg code that was provided.

Zap! 2016 on an m505.

Roll me a blunt and pass that brew…

Going to head down to the Flemington Shooting Range next weekend, probably
on Saturday. They have a firearm shooting range, basically you get to
shoot with a 9 mm Semi Automatic (15 rounds of ammo), .45 Caliber Semi
Automatic (12 rounds of ammo) and a .357 revolver (12 rounds of ammo). It
will be a good stress reliever too. :)

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