Strange. I was listening to Digi Charat’s Welcome! 2000 track and suddenly felt slightly
depressed. It’s rather like an RPG.

You see a messy room with soothing music wafting softly out of it


You are suddenly hit by an overwhelming sense of Despair

-10 Health



or maybe not. I noticed that I have a static IP address at the halls after a reverse DNS lookup.
Eureka! I thought and modified my webcam script to load the image by FTP from my machine.
Alas…even though I have a static IP, the Monash network does not allow outside connections as I
found out. Oh well…back to my revision for tomorrow’s test.

P/S – I changed the webcam image manually anyway coz it’s getting stale.

The Porcelain God

I think I’m slightly lactose intolerant. I’ve noticed that every time I drink a significant
amount of milk or any other dairy food, I end up in the toilet. Anyway, I’ve found that coffee
granules tastes pretty good. I was lazy to wash my only mug last night so I ended up shoveling some
coffee into my mouth using a plastic fork and chasing it down with some Breaka. Pretty good buzz
and the coffee tastes good too. All roasted and rich.

Sleep is for the weak!

or something. :) I have this problem…whenever I want to go to sleep, I have to keep my
thoughts in a low key mode about 1 hour before I plan to sleep. If not, my brain will keep on
fixating on whatever that I thought of and I can’t go to sleep. Today, it started with a simple
thought. I was thinking that it’s a bit chilly. Then I thought about one time when I went to a rave
and it was real cold outside. Then my brain starts producing music. The muted bass sounds you hear
from outside a club or rave. Then my brain thinks I dropped speed. I get the surge of adrenaline
and then I can’t sleep. Jesus Christ bananas. Now I’ll have to wait another hour before trying to
sleep again. I haven’t been to a rave in a long, long time. I don’t mean the cheesy quasi raves by
big name DJs organized by clubs. I was talking about the underground stuff where everybody is just
out to have fun, leave the bullshit and the attitude at the door type of thing. The small
gatherings where no one dresses up and everyone has the PLUR thing going and everyone is just out
to drop some chemicals and dance! Man, I miss those days. Oh well, back to sleep.


Noticed that the Original Juice Co. are still using Valencia orange concentrate in their

If you can’t read that label it says:

Due to a severe shortage of Australian oranges this current season, we have had to blend some
Australian Valencia orange concentrate with our squeezed daily orange juice, as a temporary
measure. We would like to assure all of our customers, that when the new season oranges becomes
available, we will return to our normal 100% squeezed daily product.

I’ve been drinking this stuff for a long time, and I actually feel that the current batch that
has orange concentrate tastes better! It’s sweeter.

Reformatting woes

I finally got around to reformatting my computer. I was using a warez version of Windows XP and
even with an activation crack, it expired on me so I was forced to spend nearly the whole night on
reinstalling. It’s far too complicated to explain. Let it be known that I have 3 warez Windows XP

CD #1: Proven to work but scratched to the point of being unusable. Bootable.

CD #2: Proven to work only in my DVD drive. Unbootable.

CD #3: Recent burn using an ISO of a corporate edition. Not working.

Basically I took the longest route and finally gave up and reinstalled Windows Me. Mmm…it
crashes on me every 3 minutes. Nice. I would install Linux but unfortunately it does not have a
version of ICQ that works behind a HTTPS firewall. How sad.

Old trusty

Chasing Amy

I just watched the final installment of the Jersey Trilogy by Kevin Smith. I am aware that Jay
and Silent Bob Strike Back is the last one of that trilogy but I could only find a cam (cams are
movies filmed using a camcorder in a cinema – low quality)
on it on my network. I generally
don’t watch cams coz its too blurry and I have to squint to see anything. I prefer DivX (DivX
movies are ripped from a DVD – high quality)
encoded stuff. The version of Chasing Amy I
watched is a rip of the Criterion Collection DVD. I thought it was a pretty good movie, but perhaps
I wasn’t in the mood to watch a introspective type movie so I couldn’t really get into it. For some
reason, I feel that Mallrats is a better movie. But Chasing Amy does come up with some interesting
questions about relationships. Particularly the one about men wanting to be Marco Polo. It is true
in a sense even if most people deny it. This seems to be a main theme in the Jersey Trilogy. It was
in Clerks (snowball), Mallrats (uncomfortable place) and Chasing Amy (fingercuffs). I didn’t like
Ben Affleck in Mallrats and I guess that carried over to this movie. Now I can’t watch a movie with
Ben Affleck in it without thinking that he’s going to screw someone in a very uncomfortable place.
No, not in the backseat of a Volkswagen. =D

Best line in the movie: Jay saying “Well look at this morose motherfucker…” (I love

The question that begs to be asked: When did Holden (Ben Affleck) become friends with Jay
and Silent Bob? I recalled them being not on good terms in Mallrats.

Questionable decision in the movie: Why did they have Silent Bob (Kevin Smith) smoke in
the diner? He’s not a smoker and its glaringly obvious from the way he doesn’t inhale.

Why cordless optical mice suck…

or why cordless optical mice using rechargeable Ni-Cd batteries and used by a guy who does not
wait until the batteries are discharged before recharging suck. Ni-Cd batteries are particularly
sensitive to the “memory effect” [batterybank.com]. Hmm…I
think I’ve lost track of what I wanted to say. I meant to post something along the lines of
“wh00t I found my missing battery”. Anyway, some background info. I use the Logitech Cordless Freedom
[Logitech] keyboard/mouse combo. The good thing is that they look cool. The bad
thing is that they require batteries (being cordless) and I’ve noticed that my CS skillz have
gone downhill ever since I used this mouse. Anyway, I’m digressing. The meat of this post:

1. I have 8 rechargable Ni-Cd batteries

2. 4 are for the keyboard and 2 are for the mouse with 2 as backup so that I always have a fresh

3. I lost one of them a couple of weeks ago.

4. I found one of them today when I picked up my laundry. It had rolled under a chair.

5. wh00t

Oh Joy! Thou hath not forsaken me!

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