Guess what? I won Magnum 4D!

magnum 4d win

I had a feeling that I was going to get lucky yesterday so I went to the SS2 Magnum 4D outlet where I usually have my lunch and got some lottery tickets. I checked at night during dinner and thought I didn’t win but when I went back home and looked at the ticket – it was indeed a winning number! πŸ™‚

lottery winnings

My number is 8179

I have *never* won Magnum 4D before.

winning lottery ticket

It came out as a Special Prize (RM 180) and I bought RM 3 of that number so I thought I won around RM 600 as I posted it up on the Facebook page last night.

jackpot winnings

I just cashed it in and it seems like the Jackpot 4 prize is much larger than I thought. I read it was just RM 68 but when the payout ticket came out it’s RM 68 (Jackpot 4 bonus) x RM 2 (Jackpot minimum bet) x RM 3 (amount bet) = RM 408.

total 4d winnings

Thus RM 540 (RM 180 Special Prize) + RM 408 (Jackpot bonus) = RM 948.

8179 is a concatenation of a family number: 19(81) + 19(79).

The first is my year of birth and the other is the year my only other sibling – my sister – was born.

It’s a small win but I’m quite happy coz I’ve successfully beaten the insane odds. I’ve also had a winning Sports Toto ticket before and stopped buying after that.

winning face

Here’s a cheesy shot of me in recognition of the original one from 2006. (see the Sports Toto link from my post back then)

I had hoped to win a couple million from the Jackpot and send my mom and dad for a vacation to the States or Europe and get my mom better treatment but there are no shortcuts in life.

claim 4d

I am officially stopping any further bets from Magnum 4D since I just want to buck the odds. I used to occasionally get the tickets but seriously, the odds are just not there. I’m glad I finally beat it. It’s not much but it’s a bonus Chinese New Year ang pow. πŸ™‚

Purchasing probabilities


A burning urge to buy 4D overwhelmed me as I was sitting at home just now. Sunday is a draw day so I decided to get my ass out of Park and drive out to SS2. I got several numbers, including various permutations on 24XX (alas didn’t think to go for XX24).

I also went for the 4D Jackpot with two separate numbers, which obviously didn’t win the RM 28 mil grand prize. Putting it close to the yee sang dish didn’t work. >.< I didn’t even get close – those wouldn’t be the digits I would have gone for. 1065? WTF? I get low probability numbers like 6661 (triple repeating – website says last time THAT came out was in 2003).

I don’t believe in stuff like this but according to the gurus behind numerology, 6661 is the dream symbol for…


Yep, karma. πŸ˜‰ Hot 4D picks for Saturday draw

toto 1118

I just had a revelation about what 4D number is going to come out tonight so I went to all three different 4D outlets – Magnum 4D, Sports Toto and Special Cash Sweep and bought the number 1118.

4d 1118

It’s going to come out tonight – go get it while you can!


Limpeh never wrong one! πŸ˜‰

Fever dreams, if you will…


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