Give it to me from behind!

federal 1

Belakang mari! I was screwed in a very uncomfortable place (no, not in the back of a Volkswagen) while driving home on Federal Highway a couple of nights back. I was cruising along, minding my own business, when I saw this car on my ass, tailgating me like it’s going out of style.

I wasn’t in a hurry, so I switched lanes. I saw him tailgate another car and forgot about the entire thing coz I figured that was the end of it. Huge mistake…

federal 2

This speed racer wannabe was stuck behind two slow moving cars so he swerved over to my lane. I was in the slow lane at that time so I was going at a leisurely 80km/h…too slow to accommodate for his (still accelerating) speed. I stepped on the gas to avoid being rear-ended by him. It was real pedal-to-the-metal stuff. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to believe in braking.

Nope, not him. Braking is not in his repertoire of moves. He drove straight up my ass and I felt the impact so I slowed down and pulled over to the emergency lane. I saw him slow down too so I got out of the car. This was Mistake #2.

federal 3

The black car – it looked like a Civic or a similar build sedan – slowed, saw me get out of the car…and promptly sped off. I expected him to stop and his nefarious tactic of waiting for me to physically get out of the car before speeding off caught me by surprise. I didn’t even get his plate number.

I inspected my car and it wasn’t as bad as I thought, not even under direct sunlight the next day. Thus, I didn’t bother to lodge a police report. I took it to the workshop yesterday and the true extent of the damage was finally revealed to me when the mechanic showed me the boot compartment.

The boot wouldn’t close at all after the impact but I thought that was just due to the latch being broken. It was flapping around, making disconcerting noises like some flightless bird trying to take off but I didn’t think much of it.

federal 4

I was surprised to see that the car actually drove INTO my boot, even going so far as to damage the spare tyre…in my BOOT! It’ll take me 3 days to get my car back. The bill?

RM 980


Don’t Drift and Drive

drift drive

I met with a rather untimely accident on Friday night while driving back from Suanie’s house. We were at Mist on Friday night and got home at around 4 am Saturday morning. If you recall, it was raining Friday night and the roads were wet.

There is a stretch of road from Suanie’s place that I always have the urge to drift. Yes, it is possible to drift on automatic transmission; you just pull the emergency brake. I’ve always made it a point to drift at this particular stretch of road coz the curve is beautiful. I usually keep my speed at a safe 60 kmph while doing that though.

Always one to tempt fate, I was driving home on a wet road when I hit that stretch. Instinct kicked in and I pulled the emergency brake. Alas, I did not realize that I was driving in excess of 140 kmph at that time and the road conditions were not favorable to stupid stunts like this.

drift right

I felt the car drift and spin out of control. I went a full 360 degrees before my rear hit the sidewalk, went up and landed in a ditch. I didn’t actually feel much inside the car so I thought I just hit the sidewalk and thanked Aries (inside joke) that nothing untoward happened to me.

drift left

I tried to drive out but it seems that my rear wheels were not gripping anything at all so I went down to investigate this peculiarity.

It turns out the entire rear of my car was in the longkang. Sheesh!

I shall draw the sequence of events as it happened:


Well, there’s nothing left to do so I called Suan and asked if she knew a tow truck. She said she’ll find out but before that a roving car assistance squad (WTF?) came to my rescue. I didn’t even know such things existed.

drift attach

Apparently, some enterprising soul thought it would be good for business to send out roving squads of cars in search of traffic accidents. They provide all sorts of assistance with a hard sell to get you to send the car to their workshop. I declined and asked for a tow truck instead to get me out of the damn ditch.

drift pull out

The tow truck couldn’t attach the cable to the back of my car since doing so would cause unimaginable damage to the car while pulling it out. Thus, he came out with this ingenious idea of attaching the cable to my front right tire rim (!).

It worked. Check out the video.

Damage: RM 160

drift no damage

I’m officially broke this month. I mean, seriously. My car is surprisingly sans visible damage but I haven’t crawled under to see what can of whoop ass I’ve opened up to the suspension and other stuff underneath the car. πŸ™

The mysterious physics behind my vehicular self-accident

car scraped

I’ve always trusted in my judgement when driving, despite my less-than-stellar history of vehicular safety. I have, in my slightly-more-than-a-decade-long driving experience, ran down a person, totally crashed my car, and have a static road sign pole run into me. Nevertheless, I’ve always believed in the rule of “If the front can pass, the side can too”. 

That theory was put to the test yesterday evening as I was making my way out of my lunchbox sized assigned parking lot. I’m located next to a pillar and have had no beef with said pillar in my three months of parking here. I pulled out of the parking spot, clearing the front, just to hear the sound of concrete scraping my car. I tend to accelerate so the scraping sound continued for a rather long time before I realized it.

car peeled

I got down to inspect the damage – it seems that the close encounter with the concrete pillar requires a trip to the workshop this weekend. It took a whole piece of paint off, revealing the alloy underneath. It also “repainted” the side of my car, making it a distinctive shade of yellow that doesn’t go very well with the black paintjob.

I’m still pondering about the physics behind the unfortunate event.

Accident: 7 car pileup at Brooke Drive

brooke drive pileup

There was a 7 car pileup in Brooke Drive last night. An auto accident lawyer was called immediately.The roads were wet and slick from the rain, granted, but there was a great deal of debate as to how it actually happened. It’s very unusual for such a high number of cars to be involved in an accident in Sibu, especially when the average speed people drive at on that road is 50-60 km.

flight of the wira

This one takes the cake – the car flew over the road divider and crashed head on with a stationary truck repairing a street light. It’s amazing how little visible damage it suffered considering the flight and target (a truck, for Christ’s sake).

brooke drive accident

Six other cars were involved in fender benders behind on the lane turning left. There were a couple of police around to redirect traffic and the people involved in the accident standing around under umbrellas.

I still can’t figure out how it happened. My current theory is that the first car was speeding, lost control and ran over the road divider to the other side of the road and crashed into the stationary truck repairing a light fixture. The car behind him probably stepped on the brakes and the car behind him was rubbernecking The Flight of the Proton Wira so he crashed into the second car resulting in the other three cars behind him/her crashing into him, there are several people injured so we definitely think contacting a Ketterman, Rowland & Westlund Personal injury attorney in San Antonio, TX is a good idea as they know what the legal consequences will be.

The accident at Permata Carpark and Jaws of Life in action

man accident

There was an elderly man who ran into one of the supporting pillars
on Level 5 in Permata Carpark, not 10 meters from where our booth was.
It was one of the people from the catering service and apparently, he
had a bit of an argument with his coworkers, drove off in a huff, and
crashed into the pillar while navigating a turn.

cutting man free

Bomba (Fire Department) had to be called to extract the man coz he
couldn’t move from his seat after he crashed. One of the fireman went
into the cabin to support the structure, while the others used the Jaws
of Life to get the injured man out.

jaws of life

The contraption, if you’re not familiar with it, is a hydraulic
device that’s used to pry through tough steel (like in automobiles) to
free the trapped people in the car.

jaws of life pry

The man was finally freed after 15 minutes of prying through the
steel of the vehicle. It’s surprisingly able, that contraption, bending
and cutting through steel. He was bleeding from injuries when he was
freed though. I took heaps of photos and also shot a video and I called
Borneo Post after that to sell the photos. Well, one of the reporters
rushed here to meet me and he said he was impressed with the photos.

man free

Civil Defense personnel were also there and helped move the man to a
waiting ambulance when he was finally freed. Back to the reporter, he
came to meet me at the booth and he was interested in purchasing the
photos. However, I had expected a minimum of RM 200 to part with the
copyrights. Unfortunately, he told me that Borneo Post only pays RM 20
– 30 to photos submitted by people who are not affiliated with the
paper, so I said I’m sorry to have wasted his time coz I wanted to keep
the copyrights unless the amount could convince me to relinquish it. πŸ˜‰

It’s all good though, he says he understands and shook hands with me
and asked me more details about the accident. It was only after he left
that I remembered something I should have asked him…I would have
given him the photos for free if he would credit me i.e. put my name
and URL in the papers. It didn’t occur to me then. Oh well. πŸ™‚

Accident: Car fell into drain

petanak accident

This is a photo I took of one of many accidents in Kuching last
night due to the less than optimal weather. It was raining cats and
dogs and I wasn’t sober as usual, so like I said, I’m the last choice
for the designated driver always. πŸ˜‰ Ah Lung was driving and I was in
the car with him and Miriam when we saw this accident. He was kind
enough to turn back and let me get a snapshot of this. It’s a white car
going into a drain with a crane trying to extract the car from the mess
it got itself into. The front part was rather damaged. The photo
quality isn’t optimal due to lighting conditions (dark) and atmospheric
issues (heavy rain).

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