Deep fried battered burgers!

battered burgers

This is one of the most sinfully delicious finds that I’ve had the pleasure of eating recently. I was at the Langkawi pasar malam and chanced upon this deep fried burger stall.

deep fried burgers

Let me reiterate the awesomeness of that sentence just in case it didn’t quite sink in.

fried burger

It’s an entire burger that’s been dipped in batter before being deep fried in glorious churning oil until it’s golden brown.

deep fried burger

It’s just RM 1.50 but the patties seem to have been sliced in half.

artery clogging

This burger will clog your arteries faster than you can eat it. :)

One Tree Hill Restaurant review

one tree hill

One Tree Hill Restaurant is located at the ex-campus of Lim Kok Wing
college. It was converted into an eating establishment recently and
there was some debate to the actual name of the said eating
establishment (One Hill Tree, One Branch on a Tree and so forth were
evocated, mostly by me) until we got there. My dining companion told me
I’m dyslectic.

one tree hill restaurant

One Tree Hill restaurant is nestled nicely on top
of a hill and there is ample parking space. It is one of the new
Magenta styled themed eating establishments except One Tree Hill has
one hell of a menu. “Diverse” was the word my dining companion called
it. There was Asian cuisine, Italian food, as well as more general
dining fare people here associate with “Western Food”.

one tree hill al fresco

One Tree Hill has a shaded al fresco dining area out in the front.
It’s nice but perhaps a little impractical for the Malaysian climate.
It may be good at night though, and it’s shaded under tent-like
structures at least.

one tree hill bricks

The bulk of the One Hill Tree dining experience is stage left. There
are nice brick textures to the structure of the restaurant and it
imparts a general feeling of coziness. The interior of One Hill Tree is
completely air-conditioned and reservations are recommended.

one tree hill interior

One Hill Tree has a full bar and serves alcohol as well as a variety
of wines and has seating accommodations to cater for just about any
number of people. The tables for two are nicely done, it’s not too
small like most dining establishments but it’s cozy enough to allow for
meaningful conversation at the same time.

one tree hill painting

There is an oil canvas in featured in the dining area of One Tree
Hill and I thought it looked very much like the mansion where One Tree
Hill is currently now based. The restaurant is perhaps better described
as being a mansion converted into an eating establishment.

one tree hill natural lighting

One Tree Hill has one wall that has see-though glass for sunlight to
come in. The area is curved so it allows what little light that filters
in is able to permeate the entire dining area. It has a nice view of
the car park and surrounding areas.

one tree hill view

This is the view from the window at One Tree Hill restaurant. The
lush gardens and trees featured is quite pleasing to the eye (lots of
green ;)) and that’s probably where the name of this restaurant came
from – there is a huge single tree that stands out from the rest of the

one tree hill shrimp salad

Shrimp Salad (RM 15)
Delicious shrimps, apples and potatoes tossed in our special cocktail dressing served on a bed of crispy lettuce.

It’s good. It’s a little over-dressed (too much 1k Island Sauce) but at least it’s cold. ;)

one tree hill chicken kiev

Chicken Kiev (RM 25)
This is what my dining companion had. It’s good, I had a bite of it and it contains ham (?) in between the chicken fillet.

one tree hill chicken kiev inside

I cannot name my dining companion due to certain issues of circumstance so don’t ask. :p

one tree hill burger

One Tree Hill Beef Burger (RM 23)
Mouth watering grounded patties of lean sirloin with crispy lettuce,
cucumbers, tomatoes, chilli and tomato sauce, dill pickle and a touch
of creamy mayo. Comes in a sesame seed bun.

It also contains a note that all One Tree Hill burgers are accompanied by their home-made coleslaw and French fries.

one tree hill roasted lamb

Roasted Lamb (RM 32)
This came recommended from our waitress and it did not disappoint. Its
good roasted lamb in slices and the presentation is great, with baby
corn and other miscellaneous items adding color to the dish. We shared
this one and this is the best item on One Tree Hill’s menu to date.

One Tree Hill restaurant comes highly recommended from me – the service is good, the ambience is great, and the company is immaculate. ;)

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