Tiny Noodle with Oyster Flavor

tiny noodle oyster

I found this on the shelves while grocery shopping. We were there to buy stuff for sandwiches and ended up buying two different ramen instead. This is one of them! It’s made in Taiwan and retails for RM 7.90 per packet.

tiny noodle oyster flavour

You just gotta love the translation – tiny noodle. smirk It’s basically instant oyster mee sua.

cooking mee sua

The packet is huge! It’s meant to be cooked in a single session for 3 servings with:

  • 2 individual packets of noodles
  • 2 flavor sachets
  • 2 oil with spice sachets
  • 2 packets of starch


The instructions are all in Chinese and it calls for 2,000 cc of water, which is 2 liters. I was a bit surprised at the ratio, considering the tiny (heh) amount of noodles but it’s correct. I measured the water out using 4 x 500 ml bottles.


The starch needs to be prepared separately using a bit of water to dissolve the powder. It’s added in at the last moment, producing a starchy mimic of Taiwanese oyster mee sua.

adding starch

It really can’t compare to the oyster mee sua at Shihlin but it’s not too bad for instant noodles. Adding a salchichon slice or some pork floss does wonders in improving the flavor! :D

oyster mee sua

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Bak kut teh ramen with drumstick and egg

Bah Kut Teh Recipe #2: Bak kut teh ramen with chicken drumstick and egg


This is the second meal that we usually have after a bak kut teh cooking session. Remember the first recipe of chik kut teh with oily chicken rice? You’ll still have a lot of leftover BKT soup after that so here’s a quick and easy meal for breakfast!


Take a chicken drumstick out of the fridge and dump it straight into the leftover soup. I didn’t defrost it so as you can see, the intense change from freezing cold to boiling hot warped the bone of the chicken. Heh! You just need to boil this on high heat for 3 minutes for the chicken to cook.


Next, transfer the cooked chicken drumstick and a bit of bak kut teh soup into a smaller cooking pan. I do this to avoid stray bits of noodles from going into the main BKT pot. Crack an egg into the new pan of soup for a more complete ramen meal. It’s probably wise to use low heat now if you like your eggs to be firm and yet have a runny yolk.


The final step is to open a packet of ramen and put the brick of instant noodles into the soup. The best thing about this is that the BKT soup is more than tasty enough to stand on its own and as a bonus, you have extra ramen flavor sachets which you can use in the future. I love eating 3 packets of instant noodles with 4 packets worth of flavor sachets. :D


Let it cook for about 3 minutes and you’ll have a healthier version of ramen – a hearty bak kut teh broth ramen with chicken drumsticks and an egg. You can also try adding crab sticks if you like your breakfast ramen with more condiments. It’s delicious! :)

FF Tom Yam Shrimp instant noodles in a plastic bowl

ff noodles shelves

FF Tom Yam Shrimp flavored instant noodles is a
product of Thailand. The unique packaging displayed on the shelves
caught my attention since it doesn’t come in the disposable Styrofoam
containers that ramen usually comes in, but a solid boxy plastic

ff noodles office

FF Tom Yam Shrimp flavored instant noodles retails for RM 2.80 each
and the container can be best described as a solid plastic bowl with
rounded edges. It looks more like a box than a bowl and the entire
package is sealed. The raised round bowl type protrusion on both sides
of the ramen box serves the same purpose as a bowl – to provide

ff noodles open

The disposable plastic bowl of FF Tom Yam Shrimp instant noodles
opens up to reveal individually wrapped packets of noodles, freeze
dried vegetables, a small sachet of oil and a foil sealed pack of Mei
Mei flavoring. It also comes with a fork which is a Good Thing (TM). I
have much love for manufacturers of ramen who bothers to include a fork
inside the pack.

ff noodles add

This is what it looks like after I opened up the noodles and poured
in the powdered flavor sachet, the freeze dried vegetables and the
small packet of oil. I had it for breakfast today since we have hot
water at our office and I chanced upon this box of instant noodles
which I brought to the office and forgot all about. The use by date is
2007 so I reckon it’s still alright, even though it’s been there for

ff noodles hot water

I filled up the plastic bowl with hot water from the water cooler
(yes, water coolers dispense hot water as well) to the indicated line
and closed the lid to wait out the designated 3 minute waiting time for
it to simmer the way instant noodles does best with the enclosed
package holding in the steam from the hot water.

ff noodles simmer

I found that the solid plastic bowl design makes it cook faster
since the lid is heavy and thoroughly enclosed the bowl compared to the
more common Styrofoam containers with a foil lid which is resealed. The
resealing process in the standard Styrofoam type instant noodles
compromises the structural integrity and a weight is usually necessary
to ensure that steam does not escape.

ff noodles done

The FF Tom Yam Shrimp instant noodles design with the “total
enclosure” plastic bowl lid is heavy enough to prevent heat and steam
from escaping…providing you with a more evenly cooked instant noodle
which tastes delicious!

…and did I mention that I love a disposable plastic fork in my noodles?

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