McDonald's SEGA 3 video games – BILLY'S GIANT EGG

billy giant egg

McDonald’s just came out with BILLY’S GIANT EGG this Thursday and I just got one of the few remaining units. The packaging has a typo on it and only says BILLY’ GIANT EGG.

billy giant egg game

BILLY’S GIANT EGG is the second last electronic game in the Sega 3 series and I got a Cheeseburger Happy Meal but didn’t eat it (told the McDonald’s server that I only wanted the game, but I took the drink). πŸ˜‰

billy giant egg man

The manual is printed like the previous iterations of the McDonald’s / SEGA collaboration – it’s a single sheet of paper with instructions on how to play the game – in this case BILLY’S GIANT EGG, another Sonic franchise character.

billy giant egg clamshell

BILLY’S GIANT EGG also comes in a clamshell design and has two directional buttons in the shape of eggs. The premise of the game is to get Billy to collect fruits while the egg gets bigger and bigger (three sizes) while avoiding hazards.

billy giant egg play

Here is a screenshot of the action – BILLY’S GIANT EGG was way too easy for me. I finished the game on the first try and consistently managed to get through all three levels and hatch the egg. It was a total contrast to the previous unit’s hard gameplay.

Collect 20 fruits to advance a level and hatch the egg!


McDonald's SEGA 3 video games – TAILS SKY ADVENTURE

tails sky adventure

McDonald’s came out with the 3rd iteration of their McDonald’s / SEGA video game franchise partnership and this time it’s free with every purchase of a Happy Meal. I collected the first McDonald’s / SEGA collaboration [] as well as SEGA 2 [ and I wasn’t about to miss the third.

tails sky adventure game

TAILS SKY ADVENTURE is the first electronic game in the Sega 3 series and David was kind enough to get it for me while I was in the hospital (it was the very last set). It came with a Cheeseburger and Corn Happy Meal if that interests you, which I don’t think it does. πŸ˜‰

tails sky adventure man

The manual is printed like the previous iterations of the McDonald’s / SEGA collaboration – it’s a single sheet of paper with instructions on how to play the game – in this case TAILS SKY ADVENTURE, a Sonic franchise character.

tails sky adventure clamshell

TAILS SKY ADVENTURE opens up like a clamshell phone to reveal the game which has two directional buttons and an action button. The premise of the game is to shoot down rogue squadrons by moving left and right and pressing the button while navigating TAILS to victory.

tails sky adventure screen

Here is a screenshot of the action – it’s a little harder than the previous games, or perhaps I’ve just lost a lot of my hand eye coordination from the benzos and antipsychotics I’m taking coz I couldn’t even finish it after the sixth attempt!

Bring down the enemy ships! Good luck!


McDonald’s and Sega2 mini video games promotion

sega2 compilation

The Sega2/McDonalds mini video game promotion has ended. McDonald’s
released a new mini video game made by the Sega team every week on
Thursday. It’s a joint promotion that continues where the first one
left off, thus the name Sega2. The mini video games retails for RM 6
each with every McDonald’s meal purchase. There were six different mini
video games in total, and it’s all reviewed and linked here:

Sega2 Mini Video Games #1 – Sonic Skateboard []

Sega2 Mini Video Games #2 – Cream Flower Catch []

Sega2 Mini Video Games #3 – Tails Soccer []

Sega2 Mini Video Games #4 – Shadow Basketball []

Sega2 Mini Video Games #5 – Amy & Rouge Tennis []

Sega2 Mini Video Games #6 – Knuckles Baseball []

The Sega2 series is a definite improvement over the first Sega series. I’ll love to see a third promotional run.

Sega2 Mini Video Games #6 – Knuckles Baseball

knuckles baseball

This is the last mini video game in the Sega2 mini video game
promotional tie in with McDonalds – Knuckles Baseball. It just came out
this morning and it’s the sixth and final one in the series.

knuckles packaging

The packaging of this one has a slight difference from its previous
five predecessors. This one opens up at the top and bottom instead of
from the sides.

knuckles game

Here’s what Knuckles Basketball looks like. It has a dark orange
color scheme, with the usual transparent cover. It only has two up-down
directional buttons though, to make Knuckles go in three possible
positions to catch the baseball.

knuckles manual

The manual indicates that this is a simple game, and true enough, I finished it on the first run.

knuckles bg

Here’s the pre-printed color background. It shows a baseball field and Sonic as the batter.

knuckles gameplay

I caught your curve ball Sonic, try harder!

Sega2 Mini Video Games #5 – Amy & Rouge Tennis

amy tennis

Amy & Rouge Tennis is the latest game in the Sega2/McDonald’s
joint promotion. It just came out today and it’s the first one to
feature different covers on each side. The one above shows Amy, and the
picture behind that shows Rouge.

rouge tennis

This is Rouge. The non-mirror image packaging is novel, I postulate
it’s coz this game features two protagonists instead of one. I think
Amy is meant to be cute and Rouge meant to look like some faux bad ass.

tennis wrap

Here’s the plastic shrink wrap it came in. It’s the now standard, relatively thick covering with the name of the game on it.

tennis manual

This is the manual. I’ll be honest and say that I can’t make head or
tail (no pun intended) of the game rules. I don’t know how to play it.
This is definitely the hardest to understand game in the series – it
has the most complex game play by far.

amy rouge tennis

Here’s the mini video game in all its glory – pink motif, and a nice sticker with the characters on it.

tennis control

This one also follows in Shadow Basketball’s footstep in the
controllers – it has two left and right toggles to move the
character(s) and a blue button to hit the ball or something. I think
you switch from Amy to Rouge at some point.

tennis bg

The pre-painted background is the most colorful one to date – the
two characters are represented at top right and top left with colored
detail and the game field shows a full length tennis court.

tennis gameplay

This is not something I could finish just by repeatedly pushing the
button. I still can’t finish it. I don’t know how to play it. I can’t
finish it! Does that make me stoopid?

Sega2 Mini Video Games #4 – Shadow Basketball

shadow basketball box

This is the latest mini video game from McDonald’s – Shadow
Basketball. I reckon Shadow thinks of himself as something of a bad
ass, posing in that confrontational attitude. πŸ˜‰ Unfortunately, the
game places you on his side, so you can’t do a full on body block to
show him who’s in charge of the court here.

shadow wrap

The plastic wrap shows Shadow in either a “come get some” or “I’m
doing some serious air” pose, I can’t decide which. πŸ˜‰ The color theme
of this mini video game is black, with a see through black casing.

shadow manual

The manual now comes in the double printed English/Chinese instructions we saw in the previous game in the series.

shadow game

Here’s what the Shadow Basketball handheld game looks like. It’s on a vertical play field.

shadow controls

Shadow Basketball is the most complex game to date – it has two
yellow arrow keys to move Shadow left, right or center and a red button
for Shadow to take a shot.

shadow bg

Here’s a look at the pre-painted color background…it shows the three pointer circle of the opponent’s end.

shadow play

Shadow Basketball starts out with one robot looking defender trying
to block your shots at the hoop. Shadow can score if the robot is not
in front of the shot angle. He can also score if the robot is in front
of the shot angle, but the robot’s hands needs to be down, or “off
guard”. The robot blocks the shot when its hands are up during an
attempt at the hoop. The game increases the number of robot defenders
up to three and also steps up the speed of their repetitive blocking

I took a video of the game play, including the final stage, and the
winning animation. This is taken as macro as the first video is barely
viewable. Rest assured, this one is perfectly clear:

shadow basketball

Download: Shadow Basketball []

I don’t know why I kept referring to Shadow Basketball as Knuckles
Basketball in the video. Something must have confused me. πŸ˜‰ It’s
Shadow Basketball.

Despite the apparent complexity, it’s not that hard to make blind
shots and win. I won during the first attempt and the winning animation
shows Shadow taking shots from all three angles.

Sega2 Mini Video Games #3 – Tails Soccer

tails soccer

Tails Soccer is the third in the Sega2 and McDonald’s joint venture
promotional series. Basically, you get to purchase one with every
McDonald’s meal for RM 6. Tails Soccer comes in the now standard spiffy
Sega2 packaging, with box and all the frills.

tails soccer wrap

The plastic wrap it comes in is also the standard Sega 2 packaging,
with the name of the game and the character printed in monotone on the
outside and the game with a manual (a nice word for a piece of paper)

tails soccer man

The manual is superfluous really, its just the same three stage,
game goes faster as you up a stage, left-middle-right movement typical
of the Sonic Team Sega2 games.

tails soccer man chi

What I found unusual is that the back of the manual has the
instructions printed in Chinese (Mandarin) as well. That wasn’t the
case with the others in the series.

tails soccer game

Tails Soccer itself is molded like a console game controller, but it
seems to be meant for smaller hands than mine coz it wasn’t really
comfortable to play. There is no flip-top clamshell design this time,
just a standard mini video game design. It’s interesting to note the
similarities in the Sega2 Tails Soccer and the original Sega Knuckles Soccer []. Probably used the same chipset with minor mods.

tails soccer bg

Here’s the pre-painted background…same old, same old.

tails soccer play

Tails! God dammit, you missed the ball!

Sega2 Mini Video Games #2 – Cream Flower Catch

cream flower catch

Cream Flower Catch is the second one in the McDonald’s and Sega mini
video games promotional tie in. It comes in a nicely designed cardboard
box with a yellow motif, showing whom I presume to be Cream from Sega’s
Sonic the Hedgehog series.

cream mcd
The box has the McDonald’s logo, it’s “i’m lovin’ it” tagline…

cream sega
…and the SEGA logo as well.

cream wrap

This is the contents of the box – a nice plastic wrap with the
manual and the mini video game. The Sega2 series is much better than
the first Sega promotion – the new ones all have a box with colored
printing and a higher quality plastic wrap. The first ones only come in
a small plastic wrap.

cream clamshell

Cream Flower Catch also features the same flip top, translucent
clamshell design that was in Sonic Skateboard. However, Cream Flower
Catch is longer, with a very vertical design and a yellow based theme.

cream back

Here’s a look at the back of the Cream Flower Catch mini video game
– it shows all the internal circuits, including the battery. There is a
red on/off toggle switch as well. It’s a definite improvement from the
more boring first iteration.

cream manual

The manual from the Sega2 series remains similar to the original
Sega mini video games though – it’s just a piece of one-sided printed
paper, with minimal instructions. The game play is typical of handheld
systems – the usual repetitive motions with everything moving faster
with each level increase.

cream open

This is what Cream Flower Catch looks like in its open state – the
yellow top flips up to reveal a sticker on the back of the top with
Cream and her…er, friend. There are two red buttons to move Cream
left, middle or right.

cream bg

The Sega2 series maintains the standard of a pre-painted color
background with grayscale game play elements superimposed on top when
it’s switched on.

cream play

Go catch the flowers, Cream!

Sega2 Mini Video Games #1 – Sonic Skateboard

sonic big

The Sega/McDonald’s promotional tie-in is back again, and it’s
better than ever. The aptly called Sega2 series is the second batch of
mini video games from the original Sega mini video games
[]. The first one in this series is Sonic Skateboard.
Sonic is the flagship intellectual property of Sega and Sonic
Skateboard looks to be one of the better mini video games in this
McDonald’s and Sega promotion with its see through flip top clamshell
design with all the internal ICs visible.

sonic skateboard clamshell

I did not actually know about the second promotion until it was too
late – Sonic Skateboard had already sold out! Luckily, the store
manager has one in her possession and was willing to part for it for RM
50. She assured me that it was in mint condition, but it didn’t come
with the nice packaging and manuals, so I offered her RM 30 instead and
she agreed. The normal retail price is RM 6 with any McDonald’s meal.

sonic skateboard open

The design seems to be the same as the first batch of Sega video
games which came out last year – a grayscale screen with pre-painted
backgrounds and two buttons for movement control.

sonic skateboard bg

The game play is still the basic simple arcade style handheld video game which can be finished in 10 minutes.

sonic skateboard game

There are three levels to Sonic Skateboard. Basically, the game play
requires you to use the two red buttons to move Sonic to one of three
possible positions – left, right and center. You have to avoid the
landmines while controlling Sonic, who’s on a skateboard on a half
pipe, while collecting rings. It’s simple and fun.

bernice video

Download: Sega2 Sonic Skateboard video []

sonic skateboard

Here’s a video of me playing the first mini video game in the joint
McDonald’s/Sega promotion. The person who’s taking the video is
Bernice, one of my coworkers.

Fender Bender @ Jalan Channel


I saw this while driving back – two cars collided whilst jockeying
for space. I’ll put up the morning photo shoot photos soon. I gotta
catch up with the PPS Beta 1.5
[] launch, which I missed, and all my mails and also
the blogs that I haven’t read in a while, it would be good. πŸ™‚ Updates
regarding the hard disk, sadly it made that disturbing clack clack
clack clackety clack sound upon startup today, and I’ll leave it to
rest for another day (superstition) before crossing my fingers (more
superstition) and trying again. I really hope this isn’t a head crash,
that would be disastrous as all my irreplaceable photos are in there! I
post the flight home ones when (if?) the hard disk issue resolves
itself, which I hope it will. Oh well, I’m going to post up the photos
from the morning. It’ll all be up in a while. I’ll have to change the
front page template too, because my bandwidth is being raped (for the
lack of a better adjective). It’s just 6 days into July and I’m nearing
2 gigs of transfer. I’ll probably set the days to display at 10 days, 7
days or 6 days, depending on what turns out better. I can’t afford to
put 14 days back on the front page anymore, my apologies. πŸ™‚ Oh yeah, I
saw this McDonalds – Sega promotion going on where you get to purchase
a handheld electronic game for RM 5 (A$ 2.50) just now. There’s 5
limited edition ones to collect, one new one will come out each week. I
just love things like that so I’ll head down tomorrow with my gf for
lunch or something. An interesting fact: It just takes 2-3 minutes max
to reach the Sibu town center from my home in good traffic conditions.
Heh. I’m supposed to be living in the suburbs too. πŸ™‚

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