Hui Lau Shan Healthy Dessert

hui lau shan hong kong

Hui Lai Shan is one of the extremely popular dessert chains around Hong Kong.

hui lau shan menu

There is basically no seating – it’s like the bubble tea establishments on the street, except this offers a new twist by having “healthy drinks”. You get a number when you order and you wait for your drink to be prepared at a side counter.

hui lau shan counter

The drinks are in the HKD 20+ range and there are heaps of options you can choose from, all with a local twist.

hui lau shan hk

I notice the trend is to have a local base with various fruits on top, such as the tongue twisting Glutinous Rice Balls in Mango Cubes & Coconut Juice with Red Bean.

hui lau shan healthy drink

I ordered from the Bird’s Nest and Honey Jelly Series – this is the popular E4 – Bird’s Nest & Honey Jelly in Mango & Coconut Juice for HKD 25 (about RM 10). I added HKD 3 for a larger 16 oz drink.

Birds Nest Honey Jelly Mango Coconut Juice

These drinks are surprisingly addictive. It tastes really good. The bird’s nest and honey jelly breaks apart into soft and slurp-able pieces when you stir it with the huge straw. The coconut milk (not juice as stated on the menu) goes very well with the mango pieces (that’s your daily dose of fruit right there) and jelly.

hui lau shan drink

It’s the perfect drink while walking around Hong Kong on a hot day. 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Hui Lau Shan Healthy Dessert”

    • Hello Diana!

      Haha! Yes, yes, we went to your favorite place as well. 🙂

      Honeymoon Dessert was alright, but to be honest, a bit overrated to me.

      It’s good, but not great, you know what I mean? 🙂

  1. HB, I miss out on trying the bird nest and honey dessert and when I go back make sure to have some. Did you dine in sampan boat there one that cooked and serve customers on it. Fresh seafood and most interesting way to dine in Hong Kong.

    • You mean Jumbo?

      I wanted to eat there too! I’ve read about that place since I was a kid. Haha!

      Well, it’s a very expensive place to eat though, I’ll go next time – this trip had a Macau sidetrack so that didn’t help much. 😉

      • No! It a real sampan that cooked and serve food. Not Jumbo Restaurant it no sampan. No Reaservation had it on it show where Tony had a nice meal on this sampan in Hong Kong.

        • Oh! We tried to find that place too, but apparently places like that is very rare nowadays with the fast paced growth in Hong Kong.

          I know what you’re talking about, we wanted to have porridge there. 🙂

    • Hmm…that’s a really good question!

      I don’t know, I didn’t see it on the menu and no one ordered hot desserts.

      I assume there would be though, but then again I could be wrong. 🙂

  2. They certainly look nice. I’m not a fan of those…but the trend seems to be catching on here too – I think young people are more into those stuff… I would just stick to my ang tao cendol – so boring hor, me? LOL!!!

    • Yeah, the bubble tea craze is still going on here.

      It used to be donuts, these food trends come and go. 🙂

      Haha! No la, I thought it was healthy, fruits and all (which I hardly eat) so we got one to share.

      Honestly, we ate so much we just about burst, so most of the stuff, we asked for one portion so we could both taste it without stuffing ourselves.

    • Heh! Yeah, it is quite expensive over there.

      …but then again I come from Sarawak. Bird’s nest is really cheap (well, not really cheap, but cheaper) in Sarawak than any other state).

      It’s definitely cheaper than the prices over here – and fresher too – we can get bushels of unprocessed bird’s nest (feathers and all) from the people who pick it at a very cheap price. 🙂

  3. The desserts are mouth-watering! I didnt get a chance to taste one of those colourful awesome desserts when i was in hong kong earlier this year. There is no way i will miss it again in my upcoming hk trip, the top in my list!

    • Yup, they make really good desserts in Hong Kong. I loved it!

      I like the nai cha at the cha chang tengs as well, this would be the healthier alternative. Heh.

      It’s very popular too – the queues are always long! Enjoy yourself in Hong Kong Snowie! 🙂


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