Need more fries / alcohol milkshakes @ Tom’s Too / Maple Leaf


I’m not a huge fan of fries. I used to love them but somewhere along the line I stopped craving for it. However I had fries with a burger at Tom’s Too and it was surprisingly delicious! They salted the fries so much that it was saturated with sodium. *clicks on Like

toms too

Tom’s Too is the sister outlet of the renowned Tom’s in Jalan Padungan.

toms too sibu

I asked the waiter for a recommendation and he enthusiastically prescribed the Chicken Burger (RM 12.90). I thought they were well known for their beef ones and I said so but he was so adamant about the awesomeness of the chicken burger that I went with it.

chicken burger

It’s made with an entire chicken thigh and is deep fried with perfection. The chicken has a very smoky, burnt BBQ flavor which is actually quite good. If you like your food salty and packed full of sodium you’re going to love this.

maple leaf cafe

I also headed down to Maple Leaf Fusion Cafe last night to catch up with Francine. I’ve known her since 1998 and I had drinks with her at Tom’s Too, er…too. I didn’t know where Maple Leaf was at that time and she told me it’s…just around the corner. smirk

giant volcano lava

They’re apparently famous for their Giant Volcano Lava drinks, which is a huge 1 liter (or close enough) thick concoction. I had the Chocolate Lava (RM 11.90) which the waitress recommended.

midori milkshake

It just so happens that yesterday night was the introduction of their new line of Alcohol Milkshakes. They had Kahlua, Irish Cream and Midori. I went with the Midori Milk Shake (RM 26). We both assumed that its been on the menu for ages but the waitress told us it just debuted yesterday.

maple leaf

I didn’t think much of it though – it’s overpriced and there’s not enough alcohol in it – you can taste it, but you certainly can’t feel it. It’s paying cocktail prices for a milkshake. Granted, it was a very good milkshake, but as an alcohol milkshake, it needs a bit of price tweaking.

deep fried durian

The highlight of the night was the Fried Durian Cake (RM 12.90). Divine! It’s made with a crispy jala-like pastry that’s deep fried with a rich durian flesh filling.

durian cake

It’s a good thing Francine doesn’t like durian so I ate it all. There are six pieces and each bite was like a taste of heaven – it’s fluffy and light, with a creamy durian center that oozes out. It’s…perfection. πŸ˜€

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19 thoughts on “Need more fries / alcohol milkshakes @ Tom’s Too / Maple Leaf”

  1. Not really a fan of both places and definitely not a fan of their prices too. Eyewwwwww!!!!! I see that they still have their tacky no-class-at-all plastic flowers – most probably bought from Supersave upstairs. I just can’t stand those. For the prices they charge, they should be able to buy some natural flowers – a stalk per table would be good enough…or might as well not have flowers at all. Tsk! Tsk!

    • Yeah, the prices can be a bit steep. I went to Tom’s Too again – lunch for two people, two mains, two drinks, two desserts and the bill came up to RM 100. It’s really good though.

      Maple Leaf I just had another round a couple of hours ago – there were five of us, bill also came to about RM 100 but I only had appetizers. πŸ™‚

      They changed their alcoholic milkshake menu btw, added one flavor and had a disclaimer saying that it’s “light alcohol” and I was told it says “alcohol for flavor” in Chinese.

      I wonder if I had anything to do with that. *perasan


    • Maple Leaf is just about 300 meters away from Tom’s Too – turn *away* from Taman Muhibbah food court (that’s to the right if coming in from the main road).

      Go left and you’ll see Maple Leaf around the corner. πŸ˜€

      It’s in Sibu btw.

    • I’m not part of a mob and I had two pasta dishes in a row prior to this so I went for the durian cake instead.

      It was pretty good. πŸ™‚


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